Illustrations Archive

Fascinatingly Fanciful Art by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo

Dan Elijah G. Fajardo is a full-time, Filipino graphic artist currently based in Manila. He has a child-like attitude towards art that spurs him to create simple, yet moving pieces centered around fantasy and science fiction. Dreams, childhood memories, space, stars, and fantasy fascinate him. Dan pencils a sketch before making his ideas come alive […]

Portraits in Pencil by Anna-Maria

Anna-Maria is an elusive Swiss artist whose pencil portraits of Hollywood personalities are as stunning as they are sexy. It also helps that she features Hollywood hotties like Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, and Jake Gyllenhaal. Anyone can make a portrait but hers capture the raw sensuality of the actors, without descending into nudity. Anna captures […]

Realistic Graphite Drawings by Armin Mersmann

Armin Mersmann immigrated to the United States in 1965 with his parents. His father, a famous oil painter, was responsible for raising him in an artistic environment. He feels as if his career as an artist was simply inevitable. According to him, he never made a conscious choice to be an artist, it’s just what […]

Peaceful yet Passionate Pastel Portraits by Emma Uber

Emma Uber’s pastel portraits give an impression of contained passion. The nearly expressionless faces of her subjects clash wonderfully with the bold smears and drips of bright colors. Her portraits draw the viewer’s eye and makes it linger. Emma comes from a graphic design and photographic background but she has always found the time to […]

Photorealistic Wax Pencil Drawings by Christina Empedocles

Christina Empedocles uses wax pencils to create these captivating drawings. Not that you’d take them to be drawings at first glance. Christina renders her subjects so flawlessly most people will take one look, declare it a photograph and scream “Faaake!” when told they’re actually drawings. Aside from being incredibly detailed, the play of light and […]

Picturesque Pencil Portraits by Ken Lee

After being barraged by a slew of digitally manipulated images, it’s rather refreshing to have a look at art made entirely by hand. Ken Lee is a budding portrait artist from the UK. His pencil portraits perfectly captures the essence of his subjects, be it sensuality, passion, or innocence. This is one new artist we […]

Ink on Paper – Drawings by Alex Konahin

Alex Konahin is a Latvian artist who uses nothing more than ink, pen, and paper to make great art. His drawings are  meticulously detailed. The images may not have color but they do possess depth and symmetry. One of his works, a beautifully rendered skull, is commissioned by a clothing company called Heretics.

Photorealistic Pencil Drawings by Paul Lung

Paul Lung is a business design consultant who spends most of his free time making pencil portraits that would put a DSLR camera to shame. He uses a 0.5mm technical pencil to draw stuff that catches his fancy. Mostly it’s realistic renderings of his family and friends, even himself; but there’s simply something about wildlife […]

Comic Illustrations by Liam Brazier

Liam Brazier is a young and extremely talented freelance illustrator and animator who is currently based in the UK. He is most well known for his colorful and geometrically illustrated comic book heroes. He also does a bit of humorous cartoonish drawings on the side. His work has been displayed at the Museum of London, London […]

Extraordinary Works of Art with Charcoal on Paper by Robert Longo

Robert Longo is a New York based painter, sculptor, and musician. Needless to say, he’s no mediocre artist with middling talent who uses controversial subjects as a claim to fame. It doesn’t take an art critic to see that his work is extraordinary, both in detail and in execution. Most of his recent works are […]

The Face in the Mirror – Realistic Drawings by Heikki Leis

No one wants to be caught in an awkward moment but Heikki Leis has so vividly captured the inconsequential moments of our everyday lives in his series “Everyday Reflections“. In this revealing series, people are caught making themselves presentable for the day. The whole gamut of early morning hygienic practices run from the awkward (head […]

Disney Characters from Jirka Väätäinen’s Point of View

Cuteness is a prerequisite to being a cartoon character, ergo, they look nothing like real people. The eyes are always disproportionately big. Several other features may be exaggerated as well. Jirka Väätäinen, a Finnish artist, got tired of them looking too…well, cartoonish. So he went out and did what any self-respecting artist should do. He made […]

Extraordinary Whiteboard Art by Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor is a Data Manager by profession, artist at heart. Each day he devotes at least 2-5 minutes sketching on his whiteboard with his personal supply of dry erase markers. Each of his pieces take around six weeks to finish. He keeps them around for a few more days before starting on a new […]

Animal Portraits With A Bic Pen by Sarah Esteje

Animals are on the list of most preferred subjects in any type of medium. Most likely because apart from humans, animals can also be used to express emotion, whether of the artist or of the subject in the art itself. Sarah Esteje, with the skillful use of a standard Bic Pen, draws them with fine […]

Icons’ Portraits by Krzysztof Lucasiewicz

His name may be a mouthful but the pencil portraits he makes are definitely worth a second look. With bold strokes and subtle shadings, Krzysztof Lucasiewicz brings to life today’s most-talked about celebrities. He doesn’t limit his subjects to pop icons either, he also makes portraits of ordinary people. Now, there are many pencil and paper […]

Portraits by Olga Shvartsur

Graphite, pencil, paint – a true artist creates art with whatever is at hand. This is certainly true of Olga Shvartsur who makes great portraits using all of the above. Some of her stunning portraits are even drawn on the  iPad using painting and illustration applications. In this day and age, you’ll have to keep […]

Inspiring Drawing by Rod Luff

Rodrigo Enrique Luff was born in El Salvador and is living in Sydney. Rod is capable of integrating a wide range of subjects with his distinctive style, within his chosen media of oil painting or drawing.

Digital Illustration by Innes McDougall

Innes McDougall is a digital artist from United Kingdom. She is known for her amazing and intriguing illustrations of celebrities. The artworks from her portfolio invite the viewers to dream and admire their beauty.

Black and White Collages by Lyric Prince

1. Sent of Woman. Jesus as a girl. This is new work that I created (recycled, if you will) from older pictures of mine.  They all are 50×50″, and titles and more info about them available at Society6-  .

Realistic Graphite Art by Armin Mesmann

Armin Mersmann was born in Reimscheid, Germany. This artist’s works have been exposed in more than 150 exhibitions regionally, nationally and internationally. He was also awarded more than 30 times. Using graphite, his drawings are amazing and super realistic.