Fabulous Game Art by Andrea Femerstrand

By on June 14, 2013, in Illustrations

cda2501dcbc54640baadd9f84d2910fd Fabulous Game Art by Andrea Femerstrand

Andrea Femerstrand is a Swedish concept artist & illustrator. Her day job involves storybook-illustrations, character designs, and concept art for film and games. She also does freelance illustrations during the weekends. According to her: “I love making art with a story that’s geared towards a younger audience. Character design is quite challenging, but that’s what I enjoy the most. I am happy as long as I have the opportunity to fulfill my creativity.”  Andrea has been working under Net Entertainment (a digital gaming company) since 2011.

Dramatic Scratchboard Illustrations by Nicolas Delort

By on June 13, 2013, in Illustrations

ab05671a64ee2d810bf316e952f10285 Dramatic Scratchboard Illustrations by Nicolas Delort

Nicolas Delort strives to tell stories both big and small through his intricate and evocative, black and white illustrations. He started doodling as a hobby during high school, but the hobby turned into a full-blown passion when he reached college. He built up a portfolio, got into some art classes, and never looked back since. Nicolas shared his process:I work on non-inked scratch board. I use three tools: a 0.05 pigment marker, a sable brush and a scratch board nib. I’ll hatch/crosshatch the lighter areas with the marker and I’ll fill in with Indian ink the darker areas and scratch away. I don’t really plan the whole process though, I make it up as I go.Nicolas is based in Paris, France and is currently represented by Shannon Associates.

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Attention-Grabbing Headlines – Illustrations by Rafael Alvarez

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timthumb.php 1 Attention Grabbing Headlines – Illustrations by Rafael Alvarez

Rafael Alvarez is a multi-award-winning Brooklyn-based illustrator whose list of clients include big names like Playboy Magazine, American Express, Paramount Pictures, and Grand Central Station. Some of his illustrations may be a bit graphic for some, but he definitely gets the point across. Rafael has published several graphic novels, comic strips, and children’s books all over the world. He is currently developing interactive ebooks for the iPad.

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House Targaryen – Illustrations by Kirsi Salonen

By on May 30, 2013, in Illustrations

The Marked Traveller House Targaryen – Illustrations by Kirsi Salonen

Kirsi Salonen is a 26-year old Finnish artist who creates fictional characters and creatures in a dark fantasy style. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from South-Carelia Polytechnic Art School. Kirsi was drawn into art from a young age. Even before her graduation, she has worked with  illustrations, comics, graphic design, and game art. She said: “I enjoy making dark fantasy and mystique art the most. I would describe my style as dark and kind of poetic in a semi-realistic way. I’m not really keen learning to make photo-realistic works, rather I want to stay authentic at all times and focus on the expression side.”

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Brain On Vacation – Illustrations by John Holcroft

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Illustration John Holcroft 12 Brain On Vacation – Illustrations by John Holcroft

John Holcroft is a prolific illustrator from the UK. His work has a vintage look and feel but with modern undertones. John studied Graphic Design at Sheffield, England. He started working with illustrations in the early 1990s. Unlike most artists who stick with one style, John has reinvented his more than half a dozen times since he started painting with acrylic on canvas. His list of clients include prestigious names like Reader’s Digest, BBC, The Guardian, Financial Times, and The Economist.

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Storybook Illustrations by Varya Kolesnikova

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3236dae47b170eefb92b9881c149ccc7 Storybook Illustrations by Varya Kolesnikova

Varya Kolesnikova creates fanciful illustrations for Children’s storybooks. She has a simple, yet cinematographic way of presenting the characters in her illustrations. Her work makes favorite childhood characters come alive. The compositions leave a deep impression with youngsters. She lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Eclectic – Pencil Portraits by Eajna

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keanu reeves by eajna600 824 Eclectic – Pencil Portraits by Eajna

Eajna belongs to the growing roster of talented, yet mysterious artists who populate the realm of deviantART. She is known only by her handle “Eajna”. The only other thing we know about her is that she  hails from Hungary. Regardless of her lack of personal information, her talent clearly shows through her excellent graphite and color pencil portraits. Her subjects are somewhat eclectic, ranging from Hollywood movie stars (Keanu Reeves), to animals (a bluebird and a cat), to gaming (Super Mario).

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Ravaged Mountains – Artwork by Yang Yongliang

By on May 1, 2013, in Illustrations

yang 2 Ravaged Mountains – Artwork by Yang Yongliang

Yang Yongliang was born in 1980 in Shanghai, China. He is well-known for his black and white photographic collages depicting the devastating effects of uninhibited industrialization and urbanization. At first glance, his work looks like a peaceful traditional Chinese painting, a closer look would reveal mountains chock-full of factories, buildings, and machinery. Three of his most recent collections: Silent Valley, Moonlight, and a Bowl of Taipei were displayed over at the Galerie Paris-Beijing.
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Antiheroes – Surreal Portraits by Alexandre Salles

By on April 19, 2013, in Illustrations

son of the demon by axlsalles600 879 Antiheroes – Surreal Portraits by Alexandre Salles

Alexandre Salles is an illustrator who specializes in airbrushing, animation, digital paintings, scientific illustration, and sculpture. He has a Bachelor in Arts degree with specialization in design and has worked as a professional illustrator since 1991. He is also known as “axlsalles” on the web. Alexandre is a big fan of comic and video games and it shows in his work. He has made a lot of impressive caricatures and portraits of Batman, Wolverine, and The Joker. He works and lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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More Than We Can Chew – Illustrations by Sarah Jane Szikora

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Sarah Jane Szikora16 More Than We Can Chew – Illustrations by Sarah Jane Szikora

To say that artist Sarah Jane Szikora had a troubled childhood would be an understatement. She had eye surgery at the age of four and struggled with an eating disorder in her teens. Inspired by her past and encouraged by her parents, Sarah became an artist. She has been working as a freelance illustrator since 1991. The subjects of her work are, more often than not, food-related. When asked to comment on her “fat ladies” she said: “There is an obsession in our society about appearance, everyone is on a diet or opting for cosmetic improvements. Why is it we dislike ourselves so much?”

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