Sooty Images – Paintings by Steven Spazuk

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netloid artist steve spazuk has been painting with fire for over 14 years4 600x763 Sooty Images   Paintings by Steven Spazuk

Steven Spazuk is a Canadian artist who has spent the last fourteen years developing and perfecting his techniques. He uses a rather tricky medium that not many other artists would even consider using. You see, Steven uses soot to paint.

His inspiration came from a dream of his where he was in a gallery looking at a black and white landscape portrait that he instinctively knew was created using fire. Sadly, his first few tries using actual fire to paint did not end well, to put it mildly. In the process, Steve also found out that he had to use thicker cardboard paper.

Eventually he was able to discover that  he could actually paint with soot, a byproduct of fire, instead of the actual fire. It was good enough for Steven and thus began his love affair with soot. This was way back in 2001. Since then, he has created hundreds of delicate soot paintings.

First, he deposits just the right amount of soot from a candle or a torch into a piece of paper. This is actually a very tricky part. Hold the flame too close and you’ll burn the paper, too far and you won’t get any soot. Once he gets enough soot on the material, he spreads it around with pencil tips and feathers to create seductively lifelike images of the human form, birds, and dolphins.

He was stumped when it came to preserving his work. He went through a great deal of trial and error with fixatives and varnish before finally figuring out the right combination. These days, he has mastered the art of spray varnish. According to Steven, when working with soot paintings, you’ll need a really fine spray and you’ll need to spray it from a perfect distance to get a nice even coat and prevent the varnish from making runs down your work.

During an interview, he said: “It was a instant love affair with the medium. All my ideas related to soot came in those first weeks. The imprints, the entomograms etc… I had a great field of work to explore, and I was aware of all the potential ahead of me. I never stopped since…”

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The World’s Smallest Canvas – Tiny Paintings by Mesut Kul

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micro art paintings mesut kul 8 600x582 The World’s Smallest Canvas – Tiny Paintings by Mesut Kul

Mesut Kul is a Turkish painter who prefers to exercise his art in some of the world’s smallest canvasses. He paints on seeds, feathers, nuts, and even butterfly wings. After all, anyone can paint on a large canvas, but very few can do it on objects so small one would need a magnifying glass to appreciate the details. He said: “I was inspired by the idea that tiny drawings can be more memorable and appreciated by the viewers. Although I create the drawings with my own eyes and a brush, others might need a magnifying glass to see all the details. The greatest inspiration to me is our world. My goal is to create a universal language by means of my art.”

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Fleeting Youth – Paintings and Sketches by Ivan Aflifan

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Ivan Alifan Jdanovカイ 32 Fleeting Youth – Paintings and Sketches by Ivan Aflifan

Ivan Aflifan is a Russian Painter and illustrator who’s currently based in Canada. His growing acclaim may be attributed to the fact that his work is excellent without succumbing to the mainstream expectations.When asked about his artistic process, he said: “Art is beyond an image of perception and creativity. Art is part of the past, present, future, where one can interpret their own view. Painting allows me as an artist to express my strengths or my vulnerability. Each brushstroke builds up a story, a life and, a passion.” Unsurprisingly, Ivan is the son of the famous Russian painter Anna Razumovskaya.

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Photorealistic Paintings by Matt Story

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Matt Story5 Photorealistic Paintings by Matt Story

Matt Story is an American artist who, at an early age, demonstrated a unique skill for rendering verisimilitude, or hyper-realism. He has worked as a technical illustrator and graphic artist in his early teens. He went into film and television production which almost drove him crazy at some point. He said: “The more prestigious and worthy a project became, the more money, the more risk, the more committees, the more people were involved and the less you, as an artist, had to do with the final outcome.” Matt’s work in film and television is currently on hiatus as he pursues hyper-realistic oil painting. Matt added: “I was lauded for ‘photo-realistic’ technique, but I was never after that, really, after what a camera impartially sees, because there’s so much more there, captured only by the human filter of memory. I try to paint contemporary life as to capture crystals of pristine memory that we all share but never describe to one another. ”

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Ice Cream Paitings by Othman Toma

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ice cream paintings othman toma 4 600x784 Ice Cream Paitings by Othman Toma

Othman Toma believes that desserts should delicious and pretty. Not content with the usual medium of oil paints, charcoal and watercolor, he set about creating awesome paintings with his favorite frozen treats. In the hands of an amateur, I’d have called it a waste of perfectly good ice cream, but seeing how good Othman’s artwork turned out, sacrificing a couple of chocolate pops is perfectly justifiable. Othma is currently melting more ice cream to paint with in Baghdad, Iraq.

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Imaginative Illustrations by Jose Emroca Flores

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illustration jose emroca 04 653x1000 Imaginative Illustrations by Jose Emroca Flores

Jose Emroca Flores is a California-based artist who spent much of his youth on a skateboard. When not building makeshift ramps from scrap wood he could usually be found drawing while listening to his favorite music. Jose attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco where he learned to develop his skills in making his imagination come to life through art. His talent allowed him to accumulate a prestigious list of clients including: EA games, Nike, Paramount, Universal, Marvel, FHM, and Maxim to name but a few. Jose is currently based in Carlsbad, California.

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Awesome Digital Portraits by Olga Tereshenko

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024 amazing portraits olga tereshenko Awesome Digital Portraits by Olga Tereshenko

Olga Tereshenko is a young, up-and-coming artist who does little to hide the fact that she’s a fan of Sherlock, Dr. House, and Tolkien. Her portraits are utterly recognizable and beautifully rendered. At only 25 years old, she has loads of potential to become the next big thing in the art world. Aside from awesome portraits of Dr. House, Sherlock, and Gandalf, Olga has also made digital portraits of contemporary Hollywood characters and actors like Maleficent, Adrian Brody, and Loki.

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Photorealistic Oil Paintings by Charles Bierk

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timthumb.php 4 Photorealistic Oil Paintings by Charles Bierk

Charles Bierk

He is currently based in Toronto, Canada.

Toronto-based artist Charles Bierk uses oil on canvas to create paintings that look like realistic pencil drawings on paper.

B. 1987. Lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

OCAD U, 2011, Drawing and Painting, Toronto, Canada.


Charles Bierk begins with a photograph of a face which then becomes source material for a monolithic, monochromatic portrait.  A second identical portrait is also presented.  But his one details Bierk’s technical process – his grid, the worn spots his hands and materials made on the source image.  Finally, the source image is photographed for exhibition.  Zac, the subject of the paintings and photograph, is beautiful and ultimately elusive but Bierk’s process is transparent.

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Skulls – Fascinating Street Art by CBLOXX

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0000f9 faf5853cb106439e9dc09c8523c52ce8.jpg srz 3071 3092 85 22 0.50 1.20 0.00 jpg srz Skulls – Fascinating Street Art by CBLOXX

Cbloxx grew up in the grim industrial town of Huddersfield in Yorkshire. She is a self-taught artist who, by dint of sheer will and talent, shed the trappings of small town syndrome by going against the flow of convention. Her day job involves working with disaffected youths, at night however, she’s a freelance street artist who spray paints a number of interesting art on walls. Cbloxx’s gritty style is a mishmash of the psychedelic, surrealism, and tribal references. Her art is created in layers with freehand drawing, spraypaint, markers, and her veery own handmade stencils.

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Cityscapes – Oil on Canvas by Jeremy Mann

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mann 4 Cityscapes – Oil on Canvas by Jeremy Mann

Jeremy Mann is a very talented painter who specializes in gritty cityscapes done in oil and canvas. According to one website: “Each of his works seems so wholly genuine, a mix of mystery and grit that brings a sublime light to iconic cities like New York and San Francisco.” Well said, except that the subjects of his paintings could very well be any highly urbanized city – crowded and teeming with life and ceaselessly busy. His style is light-years away from realism, as a matter of fact, he seems to strive for blurriness, yet each scene he captures on canvas is perfectly recognizable. When not making awesome paintings of cities, he also paints still lifes, landscapes, and the human figure. Jeremy can usually be found in his studio in San Francisco. If you’d like to gawk at his work some more, there’s some currently on display at the John Pence Gallery.

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