Mouthwatering Paintings by Ben Schonzeit

By on August 23, 2012, in Paintings

Ben Schonzeit1 Mouthwatering Paintings by Ben Schonzeit

Ben Schonzeit better serve the hors d’oeuvre away from his work, or there will be holes in his canvas. Ben specializes in realistic paintings of food. Fruit, vegetables, desserts – he’s got a delicious array of them on canvas. He was born in the middle of the second World War in Brooklyn where he still lives and works today. He numerous one-man shows have been extensively lauded by critics.

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Odd Women – Paintings by Ling Jian

By on August 15, 2012, in Paintings

Ling Jian15 Odd Women   Paintings by Ling Jian

Ling Jian was born in the Shandong Province of China in 1963. He graduated from the Qinghua University Art College and has exhibited his work in Germany, Bangkok,  Amsterdam, and Italy. the subjects of his paintings are mostly women, and the longer you look at them, the more disturbing they get. Ling tweaks the symmetry and proportion just enough to make the viewer realize that something is off about these women, but not allowing the viewer to figure out what.

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Paintings of Flamenco Dancers by BrushDancing

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flame soldx3 600x930 Paintings of Flamenco Dancers by BrushDancing

Let me introduce myself with a few examples of my recent work………

These flamenco dancing paintings are produced using oil on high quality stretched canvas…. Also available as high quality limited edition prints on textured paper…….

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One Hot Aternoon in July – Paintings by Laura Sanders

By on August 7, 2012, in Paintings

Laura Sanders16 One Hot Aternoon in July – Paintings by Laura Sanders

Water is a recurring setting in most of Laura Sander’ paintings. She describes it as  “at once mystical and mundane”.  Sandra began her obsession with water when she saw a  photograph of young girls trying to do normal things like go shopping in a big flood. Her imagination started to run away and she just went with it. Her subjects are usually her then 11-year-old daughter and her friends. Her paintings are a piece of everyone’s childhood we wish we could hang on to. That one magical day in the middle of summer when we didn’t have a care in the world.

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Classic Grisaille Paintings by Guillaume Bresson

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guillaume bresson  7627 Classic Grisaille Paintings by Guillaume Bresson

Guillaume Bresson is a Paris-based French painter who uses the old technique of grisaille in most of his paintings. Grisaille is the term for paintingexecuted entirely in monochromeor near-monochrome, usually in shades of grey. Bresson’s paintings are inspired by compositions of Poussin and deal with urban violence. Every detail of his paintings are carefully planned. From the clothes and accessories of the models, to the backdrop and poses.

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Hyper-realistic Oil Paintings by Pedro Campos

By on July 24, 2012, in Paintings

Pedro Campos 5 Hyper realistic Oil Paintings by Pedro Campos

Way back in the Renaissance, they had realism. Now, we have hyper-realism. This art movement stepped out the boundaries of mere realism and aims to make paintings look as real as the real thing. People, when told that what they’re watching is a painting and not a picture usually scream “Faaake!”. In this respect, Pedro Campos is one of the most brilliant hyper-realistic painters out there today. The quality of his work surpasses even that of dedicated photographers.

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Cinematic Paintings by Jonathan Wateridge

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 Cinematic Paintings by Jonathan Wateridge

Jonathan Wateridge is a London-based painter who takes a unique approach to painting. Very much like the artists of yore, Jonathan paints based on mock-ups and models. He has what some might describe as a ‘cinematic approach to painting. He builds a story from the thousands of pictures he takes of his sets, scenes, and actors/models.

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Brigid Marlin Awesome “Fantastical Art Work”

By on July 16, 2012, in Paintings

Carnival in Venice

Carnival in Venice 24 x 32 sold Brigid Marlin Awesome Fantastical Art Work

Brigid Marlin was born in Washington, D.C.1936. She studied painting and sculpture in Dublin, Paris and New York. In 1966 she went to Vienna to learn the ‘Mische’ technique, a process of painting which was the secret method of the Italian Renaissance painters, and revived after painstaking research by Professor Ernst Fuchs. In 2010 she took up sculpture, studying with Derek Haworth, a pupil of Henry Moore at his Atelier in Radlett.

She has exhibited in one-man and group shows all over the world. Her illustrations and paintings are in many collections among them are; Ex-President Richard Nixonís estate, Ann Oestreicher, Virginia H Rogers, J. Erdelac of General Motors, Mrs Stanley Kubrick, Lady Arran. Museums which represent her work include; the National Portrait Gallery, the House of Lords, London, Bush House, London (the home of the BBC.), the National Museum of American Illustrators, New York, and the Centre de Cultura de Barcelona, Spain.

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Fantasy Art by Agnes Boulloche

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11mascarade15f Fantasy Art by Agnes Boulloche

Agnes Boulloche was born in Paris, she spent her childhood in Morocco. These young years in North Africa made Agnes a legend and Djinn connoisseur, a lover of the uncanny. Back in Paris in the Sixties, she was a student at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, in the followed years, she entirely concentrated on oil painting on wood panels using the old “glaze” technique which consist in superimposing thin transparent layers of colours and makes it possible to combine fine strokes and luminous tints. She also uses various alchemical formulas to create her own pigments, mediums and varnishes.
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Oil on Canvas by Dominique Hoffer

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L enjeu 27x35cm. Oil on Canvas by Dominique Hoffer

At first, I am working as a professional pilot for various swiss and south african airlines (1972-1988). In 1988, I quit cockpits and dedicate myself to painting. Oil on canvas has become my tool very soon. I like to figure strange, unusual, poetic situations and atmospheres, including these four elements, most of the time : Nature, characters, animals and objects. All elements are figured in a realistic manner, but in an unreal collection.
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