Cityscapes On A Cloudy Day by Eugene J. Paprocki

By on June 28, 2012, in Paintings

Eugene J. Paprocki6 Cityscapes On A Cloudy Day by  Eugene J. Paprocki

Eugene J. Paprocki is a Chcago born artist who has been featured in 14 one-man exhibitions in two continents. He has always dabbled in painting, even in his childhood. He formally studied Fine Art at Loyola University in Chicago. To augment his already considerable skill, he traveled the world extensively, visiting the work of the great masters.

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Don Packwood Automotive Art

By on June 16, 2012, in Paintings

global vernissage Don Packwood Automotive Art

Painting Title: RED MAX   – Racing Monza –

Sir Stirling Moss made the point, that he wasn’t a natural driver, in his opinion, having to work very hard to be fast. On the other hand he believed drivers like Nuvolari, Fangio and Senna were naturals. What set these individuals apart was that they possessed a gift, an instinct for driving very fast. This is also true for artists in their painting. I think most people with training would achieve some skill in drawing but I agree with Moss, there are naturally gifted artists, instinctively able to achieve results that some would spend a lifetime trying.

My parents providing me with my first oil paints, brushes canvas etc. on my eighth birthday and I’ve been painting off and on for 50 plus years, being much more serious in the last 15 or so. I can even remember my first painting entitled the Lonely Tree. On completion I noticed that the tree had depth, visually 3D but I didn’t understand why? I soon realized that the balance, proportion, perspective and lighting are all equally of importance and giving the final elusion of depth and volume to the composition. 

Don Packwood
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Airbrush Art by Karel Kopic

By on June 15, 2012, in Paintings

Haircut1 Airbrush Art by Karel Kopic

  • Haircut

Karel Kopic is the only Eastern European artist invited to the airbrush exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Prague his work has been published in the airbrush magazines around the world.Karel Kopic works for major advertising agencies and publishers: Milka, Danone, Berentzen, Eurotel, Lucky Strike, Schöller, Ferrero, Kinder Surprise, Coca-Cola Company, Polygram Universal.
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Marcel Franquelin – Art Work in Progress

By on June 14, 2012, in Paintings

29glazing Marcel Franquelin    Art Work in Progress

Final Art Work

Art is illusion

I have always been fascinated by the visual impact that comes from the works of the Masters; their paintings are magic, bringing you “elsewhere”, way past the simple surface of a canvas. I was trained very traditionally at “Les Beaux-Arts” in France, and spent my life studying and teaching art.

I understand that realism is not about the truth, but rather the illusion of the truth: paint strokes, along with a well thought palette will bring magic to the viewers, making them want to touch the illusion of a three dimensional object, wonder about the life-like vision of a portrait. It is the artist’s mission to make one look “again” at the marvels of our world, to make one stop and contemplate, think, dream and imagine.

I truly believe that art is not in the content, but rather in the delivery: an idea, a vision, just like a play for theatre, can be either boring or quite entertaining, revealing or even fascinating; it is all about how well ‘directed” the representation will be. I do not intend to shock, shake or upset anyone looking at my work, I do not seek stardom, I just share my visual interests and my passion for the arts.

Marcel Franquelin

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From Film to Canvas – Realistic Paintings by Juan Francisco Casas

By on June 12, 2012, in Paintings

gal47gr From Film to Canvas   Realistic Paintings by Juan Francisco Casas

Juan Francisco Casas is one of the most influential young Spanish painters of today. He work includes large oil on canvas paintings and blue ballpen drawings where he reproduces images he takes with his camera. It would take a casual observer a close second look to discern that what he’s looking at is actually a painting and not a photograph. Not content with being good at just painting, Juan also writes and has published a lot of books including one about poetry entitled “Thesummerhaikus“.
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Extraordinary Charcoal Dust Paintings by Judith Braun

By on June 10, 2012, in Paintings

braun 6 Extraordinary Charcoal Dust Paintings by Judith Braun

While other artists use a paintbrush, Judith Braun uses her fingers. Judith makes wonderful pieces of art using nothing but bare wall, charcoal dust, and her fingers. She started out with symmetrical designs and has now progressed to detailed landscapes. Her mural entitled ‘Diamond Dust’ was painted right in front of a live audience over a period of several days.

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Half a Frida by Kristiina Wilson

By on June 8, 2012, in Paintings

los fridos by andrea marshall 600x969 Half a Frida by Kristiina Wilson

Kristiina Wilson is one of the more prolific New York based photographers. She works in both film and advertising, specifically in fashion and beauty. Photography isn’t her only vice, according to her website she’s into cats and books too. Her series ‘Los Fridos” is a hybrid of photography and painting featuring the portraits of Mexican artist Frida Khalo.

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The Tattoo Taboo – Portraits by Shawn Barber

By on June 6, 2012, in Paintings

sean barber tatooed portraits 03 The Tattoo Taboo   Portraits by Shawn Barber

Tattoos may be a sign of creativity, rebellion, or self-expression, depending on your culture. Some people simply let it be but Shawn Barber, on the other hand, has a bit of an obsession with tattoos. All of his work involve tattoos in one way or another. He has published and illustrated at least two books on the subject. His distinctive style of rendering tattooed people in the most colorfully vivid way has made his work stand out from other artists. Unsurprisingly, Shawn is also a tattoo artist.

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One Never Ends Learning in Arts

By on June 4, 2012, in Paintings

image08 600x1083 One Never Ends Learning in Arts

Looking at her paintings is like drinking genius from a glass of harmony.

Her works of art and the features of their characters diffuse vibrations of eternity. An eternity that grasps beauty with its arms, but not typical beauty, but rather an indescribable beauty that is disguised as death and radiates the most intense emotions, emotions that make your bones tremble and leave you breathless in a world without time, returning to a world begotten of pure white.
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Seeing Double – Paintings by Ho Ryon Lee

By on June 3, 2012, in Paintings

 Seeing Double – Paintings by Ho Ryon Lee

Don’t worry, your eyes are fine. Ho Ryon Lee’s paintings are intentionally making you look twice at something any hot-blooded male would take a second look. Lee’s unique technique of painting an image as if it was a badly taken photograph is quite distinctive.The popularity his work is not, in any way, hurt by the act tat his subjects are women wearing short, flimsy skirts.

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