Female Digital Paintings by Marta Nael

By on April 28, 2012, in Paintings

 Female Digital Paintings by Marta Nael

Illustrator and matte painter Marta Nael creates fictional characters with a surreal touch and painting feel, complemented with the expression perfect for a template of an art exhibit of a fantasy game or movie. The women in her artworks show her passion in matte painting and concept art, beautiful and captivating as it is.
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5 California Surf Paintings by Kathleen M Robison

By on April 27, 2012, in Paintings
surfer painting kathleen robison 5 California Surf Paintings by Kathleen M Robison

Surfer 6x8" - A surfer feels out the froth of the wave in San Clemente, CA.

Impressionist painters are constantly drawn to the mystical beauty of the sea. Something about the earth meeting the water creates ideal subject matter for paintings, and this is ever so apparent in the Southern California coast. Kathleen M Robison is a Southern California plein air painter that paints the ocean and the sea. She realized a gap between the amount of surfers and the lack of paintings of surfers in the impressionist style. When the young groms grow up and start earning a higher income, their tastes tend to mature from burritos and skateboards to craft beer and original oil paintings. Or so it seems.

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Drab to Fab Thanks to M-City

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lastplak zbiok mcity rotterdam Drab to Fab Thanks to M City

M-City is a project by Polish freelance graphic artist Mariusz Waras. The murals are placed in strategic urban areas all over the globe. Warsaw, Gdańsk, Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bolzano, London, Prague and the U.S. are just some of the places that are home to m-city’s work. Some of his more challenging murals are drawn free-hand while others can be considered stencil-art.
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Peaceful Paintings by Martin Beaupré

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tocreateabeautifulworld Peaceful Paintings by Martin Beaupré

Martin Beaupré is a Canadian artist who loves working with several media to give his work a restful, almost Zen-like aura. He uses oil paint, modeling paste, sand, Swarovski crystal, and ink to achieve unique textures. Martin looks for inspiration in his travels to Asia, particularly Thailand and Japan. In his work, there is a reason behind every detail and nothing is left to chance. He strives to create the maximum effect with the minimum means where the void is to be embellished, but never filled. His work is filled with mountains, flowering cherry trees, geisha’s, and monks.

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Wildlife on Wood by Julie Bender

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julie8 Wildlife on Wood by Julie Bender

Pyrography is the art of burning or scorching designs on a natural surface such as wood or leather. It is an old art form practiced since the dawn of man by our ancestors who were fascinated by the power of fire. With the advent of modern technology came better tools and more refined techniques. Julie Bender is one of the foremost artists who practice this ancient art. Her works are so finely detailed that you’ll have trouble believing that the animal won’t simply leap of the panel and come right at you. Her subjects are mostly dogs, horses, and birds. She also has an entire series devoted to wildlife.
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Hyperrealistic Portraits by Bryan Drury

By on April 2, 2012, in Paintings

Bryan Drury31 Hyperrealistic Portraits by Bryan Drury

There is an unspoken rule in making portraits: Flatter your subject. This means that the artist has to present the subject in the best light possible, even going as far as editing out wrinkles, unwanted blemishes and evening out lopsided features. Well, rules are made to be broken and one outstanding young artist broke this unspoken rule in the most outstanding way. Bryan Drury’s six-portrait series are painted with photographic accuracy. He painted the portraits of six influential people with a no holds barred attitude and a painstaking attention to detail. Up close, you can clearly see each individual wrinkle, skin pore, and stubble.
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Photorealistic Minimalism by Nigel Cox

By on March 20, 2012, in Paintings

nigel cox2231 Photorealistic Minimalism by Nigel Cox

Nigel Cox grew up on the edge of Dundalk, a small market town in County Louth. He went to the Riversdale College in Liverpool and joined the Transglobe Expedition right after graduation. His exposure to “the staggering beauty of vast and often barren spaces” has affected his art. Nigel’s stye of Photorealistic Minimalism came about because of his love of large open spaces and lack of clutter at the same time, he is also fascinated by detail. As a result, the subjects of his paintings are ” are alone but not lonely; searching but not anxious, anticipating yet calm”. His work invokes a sense of inner peace and tranquility. Click here for more »

City Painting by Robert Neffson

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TS.3.16.123 600x370 City Painting by Robert Neffson

Robert Neffson was born in New York City in 1949. He began studying at the Arts Students League there when he was 12. He is known for his paintings of various cities throughout the world. There will be a solo exhibition of his work at Bernarducci.Meisel Gallery in NYC from April 5-28.
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Teresa Elliot’s Paintings of the West

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teresa elliot 43 Teresa Elliot’s Paintings of the West

At first glance, you’d think it was a picture of three boys playing in the mud. As a matter of fact, it’s one of  Teresa Elliot’s ultra-realistic paintings.  Teresa Elliot was born and raised in Texas, USA and most of her other paintings reflect a certain western flavor. Texas longhorns in particular, are one of her most frequent subjects. The cattle in her paintings are usually set against an empty background under a dramatically colored sky. The result is a realistically detailed painting of a majestic creature set against a seemingly empty and forbidding vista. Click here for more »

Play Hide and Seek with Cecilia Paredes

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cecilia paredes 73 Play Hide and Seek with Cecilia Paredes

Cecilia Paredes is not just another painter. She doesn’t just paint, she paints herself. Specifically, Cecilia, with the help of a few assistants, paints herself to blend into the wall behind her. She has a deep and abiding love for body paint and in the past, she has transformed herself into animals, plants or her surroundings using just that. This novel concept of blending with the background is part of her “Landscapes” series.

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