Cut and Fold – Aerial and Fashion Photography Mash-up by Joseph Ford

By on January 27, 2014, in Photography

joseph ford aerial fashion 1 Cut and Fold – Aerial and Fashion Photography Mash up by Joseph Ford

Joseph Ford is the artist behind these creative mash-ups that seamlessly combines aerial photography with textiles. The series was inspired by Joseph’s recent trip to Mauritius, Morocco, and Sicily where he spent his time flying around in a helicopter taking aerial shots of the terrain below. According to one website: “The combination of images creates a fascinating interaction, highlighting the appeal of each image, which would have been less remarkable on their own.” Joseph has a degree in French and Italian at the University of Cambridge. He got his first break as a photographer in 2004 with an advertising campaign for TBWA Paris. When not abroad for photo shoots, he lives in Brighton, UK.

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Doggy Distortions – High-Speed Photography by Carli Davidson

By on January 26, 2014, in Photography

shake 3 Doggy Distortions – High Speed Photography by Carli Davidson

“Shake” is Carli Davidson’s latest photo book featuring comical shots of dogs captured in mid-shake. It features a total of 130 high speed photos of 61 dogs in various stages of water-induced shaking. The series was inspired by the photographer’s own dog ‘Norbert’ who happens to be a generous drooler, and vigorous shaker.Carli has been known for her heartfelt portraits of pets and wildlife while working with the animal care team at the Oregon Zoo.

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Stunning Fashion Photography by Ransom Rockwood

By on January 25, 2014, in Photography

Ransom Rockwood 13600 799 Stunning Fashion Photography by Ransom Rockwood

Ransom Rockwood is a young and upcoming fashion photographer whose work has been gaining a lot of followers online. The bold colors and sharp images are fast becoming his trademark style. I love his minimalistic approach. No flashy clothes, heavily applied make-up, or noisy backgrounds. Ransom also dabbles in landscape, wedding, and portrait photography. Most websites on the internet tout him as the “one stop photography experience for all your commercial needs” for his “professional demeanor, ability to deliver, and skills both behind the camera and with post production”. Even without that oft-repeated praise, I’d hire him for his sheer talent alone.

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Through the Eyes of a Rebel – Peaceful Landscape Photography by Takk Bulkington

By on January 23, 2014, in Photography

Hidden in autumn leaves by Takk Bulkington Through the Eyes of a Rebel – Peaceful Landscape Photography by Takk Bulkington

Until a few years ago, Takk Bulkingtonhad no interest whatsoever in photography. He described himself as a “man of letters”. His main occupation was literary in nature and he ignored the visual landscape around him most of the time. All that changed a few years ago when he ‘inherited’ his friend’s half-broken Canon Rebel DSLR. One look through the Rebel’s lens was all it took to hook him into photography. He became an outstanding amateur photographer with a keen eye for beautifully composed landscape shots. Takk is currently documenting the landscape of his hometown in Shiga and Kyoto, Japan.

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The Ultimate Close-up Shot – Photography by Fernan Federici

By on January 22, 2014, in Photography

Fernan Federici8 The Ultimate Close up Shot – Photography by Fernan Federici

Fernan Federici is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge who specializes in synthetic biology. He also happens to be an avid photographer. I guess he decided to mix work with leisure when he took dozens of pictures of plant and animal cells under a high-powered microscope in what is probably the ultimate macro shot. The images look a bit like aerial landscape, or alien creatures, or weird glow-in-the-dark designs.

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National Treats – Photographic Series by Jonathan Icher and Anastasia Parquet

By on January 19, 2014, in Photography

fat flag national food stereotypes jonathan icher 4 National Treats – Photographic Series by Jonathan Icher and Anastasia Parquet

Every country has its own iconic dish. Photographer Jonathan Icher and make-up artist Anastasia Parquet took this to heart and created their own mini-series featuring flag-painted models eating stereotypical food. The American model attempts to scarf a whole burger in one go, the Japanese model has a sushi in her mouth, the Italian model is fairly dripping with pasta, while the French model with long wavy locks is doing a rather lascivious pose with an innocent croissant. The series emphasizes Jonathan and Anastasia’s generous use of bold, contrasting colors paired with exceptional photography.

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In Pursuit of Laughter – An Unusual Photographic Series by Bob Carey

By on January 18, 2014, in Photography

the tutu project bob carey 20 In Pursuit of Laughter – An Unusual Photographic Series by Bob Carey

Cancer is no laughing matter. Which is why Bob Carey, a middle-aged photographer, puts on a pink tutu and gets himself photographed in landmarks all over the country. Bob’s wife, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer and in an effort to make her laugh, Bob threw his pants and dignity away in exchange for a ridiculously pink tutu. His undignified but endearing endeavor is not in vain as Linda has been known to say that the more she laughs, the better she feels. Apparently, Linda is not the only one who feels this way as The Tutu Project (as Bob likes to call it) evokes a lot of laughter in the breast cancer patient community.

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The Ol’ Switcheroo – Photography by Hana Pesut

By on January 17, 2014, in Photography

cody molly 800 The Ol’ Switcheroo – Photography by Hana Pesut

Hana Pesut is a Canadian photographer who dared to have random, fashionably dressed couples do the ol’ switcheroo. It’s great that the couples were obliging enough to comply with her request even when they’re having their pictures take right out in the open. I’m not sure who enjoyed the project more, the subjects or the photographer. In every shot, the couples are smiling just as widely before and after the switch. I love the way they mimic each other’s poses before the switch. The guys seem to be just as comfortable in a dress as their wives are in a suit. Switcheroo is an ongoing project that will someday be turned into a book.

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Classroom Portraits by Julian Germain

By on January 16, 2014, in Photography

29 Classroom Portraits by Julian Germain

Julian Germain is an internationally published photographer who is currently based in Northumberland, UK. He studied at the Royal College of Art in London. He is now one of the editors of the magazine “Useful Photography” as well as a trustee of the Baltic Center for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. His series, Classroom Portraits started in his own native England and quickly grew to include classrooms from all over the globe. Julian raveled to over 20 countries and took pictures of more than 450 classrooms. He admits that in each photo, he actually has two subjects: the students and the classroom itself. He said: “In no case was this ever a gathering of kids getting together especially to have their photograph taken. In every case this is a real math lesson, a real science lesson, a real religious instruction lesson, and the lesson happens as normal.”

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Haunting Scenes by Tomasz Zaczeniuk

By on January 14, 2014, in Photography

648230ee070a82affc5eb5373d19f4b6 Haunting Scenes by Tomasz Zaczeniuk

Tomasz Zaczeniuk is a 35-year-old artist who’s on his way to being a full-time freelance artist. He specializes in digital photo-manipulation as well as photography. Most of his images have a foggy, misty, or cloudy atmosphere that gives it a vaguely haunting feel. Armor-clad knights, ghostly boats, lighthouses, and castles are just some of Tomasz’s subjects. For him, the two most powerful things that affect the senses are image and sound. Which is why each of his pieces have a musical soundtrack. He said: “It’s strange but I can not think about the image without music. Every vision has a music background, (a) song that I was listening to all the time I was creating image.”

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