Epic Photography by Benjamin Von Wong

By on December 28, 2013, in Photography

i W8RGHZn X2 Epic Photography by Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong is notorious for epic photography. The more challenging the project, the more he enjoys it. His background in engineering gives him an edge when it comes to creative problem solving. His style may be described as hyper-realistic with a generous amount of humor and fantasy mixed in. He’s one of those photographers who has the unique talent of capturing moments that can both amaze you and make you laugh. In an inter view, he said: “The reason I create images that are epic and fantastical is to share my dreams … the reason I share the process is to take you with me on the adventure… and the reason I share my thoughts and emotions is to show you that I’m  human, just like you. I’ve never felt more alive (than when doing a tricky piece of photography)… because doing something that matters makes all the difference.”

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Big Appetites – Christopher Boffoli

By on December 26, 2013, in Photography

 Big Appetites – Christopher Boffoli

Big Appetites is the brainchild of photographer Christopher Boffoli. It’s a series featuring miniscule figures interacting with perfectly chosen food items. The series has been published both in print and online in more than 100 countries. Its worldwide appeal may lie in the fact that everyone has to eat – no matter your race, creed, or color. In an interview about his popular series, Christopher said: “I think it is especially resonant with children because as a child you live in an adult world that is out of scale with your body and proportions. . . Combining what are essentially food and toys makes the work instantly accessible to virtually everyone.  Regardless of language, culture and social status, almost everyone can identify with toys from their childhood.  And whether you eat with a fork, chopsticks or your hands, everyone understands food.  Sitting down to a meal makes us feel most human.” Christopher is also a journalist, filmmaker, and writer. He is currently based in Seattle.

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Jaw-Dropping Landscapes by Inviv0

By on December 25, 2013, in Photography

secrets of morocco by inviv0600 398 Jaw Dropping Landscapes by Inviv0

Inviv0 is not a photographer, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. He is actually a student studying medical neuroscience. All of his awesome landscape photos were taken while he was traveling. Originally from Istanbul, he is currently based in Berlin where he continues to wow his online audiences with his jaw-dropping urban landscapes. Admittedly, a lot of post-production editing is done before the final product is unleashed but you simply can’t deny his artistic eye. His favorite camera is the Nikon D90 because it’s lighter, smaller, and more budget friendly (in case it develops a sudden urge to take a swim). He also has a Canon 5D which he says is actually the better camera of the two.

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The Search for Truth – Conceptual Photography by Benjamin Zank

By on December 23, 2013, in Photography

Benjamin Zank 30600 600 The Search for Truth – Conceptual Photography by Benjamin Zank

When Ben Zank was 18 years old, he discovered a functional Pentax ME Super (35mm) SLR in his grandmother’s attic. A few clicks later, he hooked on photography. These days, he practices his craft in New York City, specializing in conceptual fine art. His work has a touch of whimsy and fantasy in it. He loves playing around with light and shadow. Mist and fog also feature prominently in his work. His current equipment is a far cry from his grandma’s Pentax SLR. He used to shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II until it fell to its death in a swamp. After his Canon’s untimely demise, he switched to a Nikon D90. Ben also took up the 365-day challenge and posted his work on his Flickr account.

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Dinner in the Dark – Unique Food Photography by Vanessa K. Rees

By on December 22, 2013, in Photography

CakeForRealFB Dinner in the Dark – Unique Food Photography by Vanessa K. Rees

Vanessa K. Rees is an award-winning photographer whose list of clients include prestigious names like Food & Wine Magazine, H.Bloom, and Ralph Lauren. She loves all kinds of photography but she’ particularly drawn to still lifes, food, and lifestyle photography. Her passion for getting the lighting ‘just right’ drives her to use up to eight different light sources for one shot. Most of the time though, only one or two light sources does the trick. She said: “The best thing I ever did for my photography is put the camera down and start collecting props. I love telling stories with props. When the right lighting is paired with the right props, magic happens.” Vanessa currently lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend and a fat yellow cat.

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I See You – Insect Macrophotography by Alexandr Svetlovskiy

By on December 20, 2013, in Photography

makro fotografija 17 I See You – Insect Macrophotography by Alexandr Svetlovskiy

Alexander’s last name has two spelling alternatives. One is Svetlovsky, while the other is Svetlovskiy. Given his name, it’s not altogether surpising to find out that he’s from Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine. He’s a prolific photographer whose expertise is not limited to insect macrophotography. He also has extensive portfolios featuring jewelry, food, and interior design. If you’re interested in knowing more about this uber-talented artist, you can check out his website in the link below. Unfortunately, it’s in Russian but if you can always have Google Chrome translate it for you.

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A Closer Look at Snowflakes – DIY Macrophotography by Alexey Kljatov

By on December 14, 2013, in Photography

macro photography snowflakes alexey kljatov 2 A Closer Look at Snowflakes – DIY Macrophotography by Alexey Kljatov

Macrophotography isn’t for everyone. It requires specific lenses and other specialized equipment to get it right. Alexey Kljatov, on the other hand, created his own rig using nothing more than old cameras, screws, scrap wood, and tape. His DIY equipment worked surprisingly well, capturing astoundingly detailed shots of individual snowflakes. The finished rig looks a bit bulky and not at all streamlined, but it does its job perfectly. With it, Alexey managed to capture the extraordinary shapes and patterns found in snowflakes. The snowflake ‘designs’ are the result of many factors such as temperature, humidity, and location. Only in Alexey’s work have I seen three-dimensional snowflakes. I’ve always thought they were flat, hexagonal discs of frozen water. I sure hope he  keeps up the great work.

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Hidden Stories – Photography by Diego Arroyo

By on December 12, 2013, in Photography

Diego Arroyo Ethiopia16 Hidden Stories – Photography by Diego Arroyo

Diego Arroyo is a Spanish photographer currently based in Amsterdam. He travels the world looking for the story that lies behind the eyes of strangers, glimpsed through a subtle smile, wink, or expression. He tries to capture these stories with his phenomenal skill at photography. Each of Diego’s shots in this series look good enough to be in the pages of National Geographic. In this series, Diego took great care to capture thought-provoking shots of indigenous people the world over. With globalization quickly taking over most of the world, images like these may be the last of their kind.

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A Change in Direction – Surreal Photography by Kylli Sparre

By on December 10, 2013, in Photography

surreal photography kylli sparre 1 A Change in Direction – Surreal Photography by Kylli Sparre

Kylli Sparre completed ballet school before she decided to become a professional photographer. She realized that ballet wasn’t the path for her shortly after graduation. She said: ““I think it does take courage [to switch professions], but for me it was scarier to stay pursuing something that is not my passion. I had this very strong feeling that I need to go and find what it is that I love.” She discovered photography a few years ago after searching for a creative outlet. Kylli hasn’t looked back since. Most of her shots have a dream-like quality to them which only serves to highlight the influence of her ballet background which can be seen in the fluid grace of her subjects.

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Enroachment – Aerial Photographs by Michael Light

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michael light 109 Enroachment – Aerial Photographs by Michael Light

Michael Light is an aerial photographer currently based in San Francisco. He focuses on the relationship between contemporary American culture and the environment. Michael uses large format cameras to take breathtaking photos of landscapes as he flies over them. The bird’s-eye-view perspective of his shots highlight how urban expansion is forever changing the landscape. Once arid deserts are being converted into neatly landscaped suburbia. Michael’s work has been exhibited both on the national as well as the international level. His work is also displayed in The New York Public Library, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, The Getty Research Library,and the the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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