Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing – Images by Philip Rostron

By on January 13, 2014, in Photography

Philip Rostron 650x388 Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing – Images by Philip Rostron

Philip Rostron describes himself as an Imagemaker, a term he invented himself. Originally from England, he honed his craft in Canada before moving into the United States to establish his very own creative studio, Instil Productions. His studio is best known for collaborative problem solving. Together with a team of dedicated and talented artists, Philip produces some of the best advertising images in the market today. His passion lies in finding the perfect visual solution that will best communicate the marketing idea. For him, the idea is everything.

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The Rider on the Pale Horse – Photography by Patrick Gries

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gries 1 The Rider on the Pale Horse – Photography by Patrick Gries

“Evolution” is an extraordinary series of photographs by Patrick Gries. It was created in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History. It’s a collection of over three hundred black and white photos of fully articulated skeletons. The stark images are made more striking by their life-like poses. The animals are posed as if they were poised to pounce, run, jump, swim, walk, and gallop. Born in Luxembourg, Patrick studied at the École Normale and moved to New York where he developed an interest in contemporary American photography. According to one website: “(Patrick’s) technical ability to capture complex environments and convey a subject’s context has made his work muck sought-after by cultural institutions.”

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Beautiful Bettas – Awesome Fish Photography by Visarute Angkatavanich

By on January 8, 2014, in Photography

fish 2 Beautiful Bettas – Awesome Fish Photography by Visarute Angkatavanich

Visarute Angkatavanichis the photographer behind these exceptional close-ups of Siamese fighting fish. Scientifically known as betta splendens, they have been selectively bred for over a hundred years for their aggressiveness, color, and finnage. Today’s specimens are a far cry from the drab brown fish found in the rice paddies of Cambodia and Thailand. Visarute kept a few bettas as pets when he was a boy. Years later his interest in the species was rekindled when he noticed the different varieties for sale in a pet store. He said: “I love to take their motion in many ways of lighting to show their elegant pose.”. He also added that fish photography is his true passion. In almost all of his shots, he makes it seem as if the fish is floating in midair. The close-up shots do justice to the fish’s bright colors and flowing fins. Visarute currently lives and works in Thailand.

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A Natural Order – Collected Images by Lucas Foglia

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LucasFoglia ANaturalOrder 07 A Natural Order – Collected Images by Lucas Foglia

Lucas Foglia didn’t have an ordinary childhood. His parents were part of the “back-to-the land” movement who strove for self-sufficiency. They had a farm where they grew and preserved their own food. They traded their surplus for what they couldn’t grow. He went to the prestigious Yale School of Art where he was mentored by Gregory Crewdson. After graduation (from the prestigious Yale School of Art, no less), he bought a camper and set off for the Appalachians. He said: “Photography for me is a mechanism to learn about things. I wanted to see if I could find the absolute, if there were communities or individuals who lived off the grid and were wholly self-sufficient.”. After five years of looking for that absolute, he published one of the most insightful photo books of the year. Entitled “A Natural Order”, he tells the story of a hidden America, one where people lived without money, drank from clean mountain streams, and built houses from trees grown on their own land.

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Epic Photography by Benjamin Von Wong

By on December 28, 2013, in Photography

i W8RGHZn X2 Epic Photography by Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong is notorious for epic photography. The more challenging the project, the more he enjoys it. His background in engineering gives him an edge when it comes to creative problem solving. His style may be described as hyper-realistic with a generous amount of humor and fantasy mixed in. He’s one of those photographers who has the unique talent of capturing moments that can both amaze you and make you laugh. In an inter view, he said: “The reason I create images that are epic and fantastical is to share my dreams … the reason I share the process is to take you with me on the adventure… and the reason I share my thoughts and emotions is to show you that I’m  human, just like you. I’ve never felt more alive (than when doing a tricky piece of photography)… because doing something that matters makes all the difference.”

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Big Appetites – Christopher Boffoli

By on December 26, 2013, in Photography

 Big Appetites – Christopher Boffoli

Big Appetites is the brainchild of photographer Christopher Boffoli. It’s a series featuring miniscule figures interacting with perfectly chosen food items. The series has been published both in print and online in more than 100 countries. Its worldwide appeal may lie in the fact that everyone has to eat – no matter your race, creed, or color. In an interview about his popular series, Christopher said: “I think it is especially resonant with children because as a child you live in an adult world that is out of scale with your body and proportions. . . Combining what are essentially food and toys makes the work instantly accessible to virtually everyone.  Regardless of language, culture and social status, almost everyone can identify with toys from their childhood.  And whether you eat with a fork, chopsticks or your hands, everyone understands food.  Sitting down to a meal makes us feel most human.” Christopher is also a journalist, filmmaker, and writer. He is currently based in Seattle.

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Jaw-Dropping Landscapes by Inviv0

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secrets of morocco by inviv0600 398 Jaw Dropping Landscapes by Inviv0

Inviv0 is not a photographer, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. He is actually a student studying medical neuroscience. All of his awesome landscape photos were taken while he was traveling. Originally from Istanbul, he is currently based in Berlin where he continues to wow his online audiences with his jaw-dropping urban landscapes. Admittedly, a lot of post-production editing is done before the final product is unleashed but you simply can’t deny his artistic eye. His favorite camera is the Nikon D90 because it’s lighter, smaller, and more budget friendly (in case it develops a sudden urge to take a swim). He also has a Canon 5D which he says is actually the better camera of the two.

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The Search for Truth – Conceptual Photography by Benjamin Zank

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Benjamin Zank 30600 600 The Search for Truth – Conceptual Photography by Benjamin Zank

When Ben Zank was 18 years old, he discovered a functional Pentax ME Super (35mm) SLR in his grandmother’s attic. A few clicks later, he hooked on photography. These days, he practices his craft in New York City, specializing in conceptual fine art. His work has a touch of whimsy and fantasy in it. He loves playing around with light and shadow. Mist and fog also feature prominently in his work. His current equipment is a far cry from his grandma’s Pentax SLR. He used to shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II until it fell to its death in a swamp. After his Canon’s untimely demise, he switched to a Nikon D90. Ben also took up the 365-day challenge and posted his work on his Flickr account.

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Dinner in the Dark – Unique Food Photography by Vanessa K. Rees

By on December 22, 2013, in Photography

CakeForRealFB Dinner in the Dark – Unique Food Photography by Vanessa K. Rees

Vanessa K. Rees is an award-winning photographer whose list of clients include prestigious names like Food & Wine Magazine, H.Bloom, and Ralph Lauren. She loves all kinds of photography but she’ particularly drawn to still lifes, food, and lifestyle photography. Her passion for getting the lighting ‘just right’ drives her to use up to eight different light sources for one shot. Most of the time though, only one or two light sources does the trick. She said: “The best thing I ever did for my photography is put the camera down and start collecting props. I love telling stories with props. When the right lighting is paired with the right props, magic happens.” Vanessa currently lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend and a fat yellow cat.

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I See You – Insect Macrophotography by Alexandr Svetlovskiy

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makro fotografija 17 I See You – Insect Macrophotography by Alexandr Svetlovskiy

Alexander’s last name has two spelling alternatives. One is Svetlovsky, while the other is Svetlovskiy. Given his name, it’s not altogether surpising to find out that he’s from Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine. He’s a prolific photographer whose expertise is not limited to insect macrophotography. He also has extensive portfolios featuring jewelry, food, and interior design. If you’re interested in knowing more about this uber-talented artist, you can check out his website in the link below. Unfortunately, it’s in Russian but if you can always have Google Chrome translate it for you.

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