Photography Archive

It’s in the Details – Emmy Lou Virginia

For Emmy Lou Virginia, photography is a way of remembering beauty – “Sometimes, I imagine that my eyes are a camera. The couple carrying shopping bags blurs out of focus, and the discarded shoelaces straggling across the sidewalk become black and white, and the girl’s hair is moving in slow motion to the wandering wind, […]

Obama, The College Years by Lisa Jack

“Obama, The College Years” is a photoshoot  of the actual US President taken in 1980 by Lisa Jack. In the photos, we can discover a young, playful and cool character. These photos have been published 30 years later by “The Time”.

Breath by Tomohide Ikeya

Tomohide Ikeya is a Japanese photographer. His photos impress by the feeling they express. His project “Breath” created in 2009 has been awarded many times.

A Digital Illustrator : Couscous Kid

Couscous Kid is the work of Mathew Thomas, illustrator and designer based in Bath, UK. Mathew’s illustrations lie somewhere between the cutting edge of the new breed in contemporary illustration and the tempting nipple of naive (words from his official website).

Scientific Approach to Motion by Harold Edgerton

Harold  Edgerton lived during the 20th century. He  was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he has created the stroboscope, an instrument used to record motions which are too fast that the eye can’t see it and make them visible.

Advertising by Tom Hussey

Tom Hussey is an American award-winning commercial lifestyle photographer. He made a project named “Reflections” which is a commercial advertising for a medicine against Alzheimer Dementia. He also photographed animals to advertise for a Zoo in a project named “Lucky Monkey”.

Humourous Scenes by Gavin Bond

Gavin Bond is famous because he works with many celebrities and did fashion, movies and TV show advertising. Here are some of another kind of pictures. Enjoy his humor through theses photos !