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Delightful Digits – Body Art by Annie Ralli

Annie Ralli started her career at BBS as a scenic artist. She painted backdrops in styles ranging from photorealistic to abstract, all this under time pressure too! She is now based in Bristol, UK where her ability to switch back and forth between styles to suit her client has served her well. She now freelances […]

The Awakening – An Aromatic Installation by Arkady Kim

Coffee is one of the world’s leading stimulant. Russian artist Arkady Kim recently broke world with his installation “The Awakening”. True to its name, the installation is made with over a million coffee beans. The subtle shadings of cream, caramel, brown, and black were accomplished by roasting the beans. Each bean was painstakingly placed by […]

Salt of the Earth – Biodegradable Installations by Yamamoto Motoi

Yamamoto Motoi’s salty installations were first inspired by the death of his sister from complications due to brain cancer. It was his way o keep her memory alive. At first, he created a three-dimensional brain as a tribute to his sister’s condition. Later he explored the myriad ways he could shape and manipulate salt. All […]

aMAZEme – Book Maze by Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo

aMAZEme is a book maze set up especially for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Its design was conceptualized by Brazilian artists Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo. The maze recreates the fingerprint of writer Jorge Luis Borges. It took over fifty volunteers five days and nights to set up this incredible maze which stands up […]

Cyborgs and Monsters – Body Art by Chooo-San

Chooo-San is a Japanese student whose creativity kinda makes the hairs on my arms stand on end. Her work makes digitally manipulated images look a lot more fake than they usually do. This 19-year old artist can turn herself into a cyborg or the stuff of nightmares with a few strokes of acrylic paint. What […]

Classic Portraits by Silent Justice

Silent Justice is the nom de guerre of a mysterious Peruvian artist who specializes in classical portraiture. His work is highly lauded by a lot of netizens. He describes himself as an artist and student in his deviantART account. His sketch portraits all reminds the viewer of the works of the great masters of yore.

Zebra + Art + Railings = Impressive Street Art by Zebrating

Zebrating loosely translated means “making the zebra”. This dynamic duo has graced a lot of railings around Mannheim, Germany with their incredibly detailed street art. Difficult as it is to make a painting on a flat surface, Zebrating raised the bar by putting their artwork on railings which can only be fully appreciated when viewed […]

Wild Imaginings – Photo Montages by Patrick Desmet

Patrick Desmet is anart photographer from Belgium, Kortrijk. He started messing around photographs in 1995 and found he couldn’t stop. Patrick’s trademark is his wacky and surreal montages of imaginary landscapes, with oddly proportioned people thrown in here and there. He said: “Creating a montage has always been one of my favorite creative outlets. I […]

Iconic Sports Collage by Jens Ullrich

Jens Ullrich is a Berlin-based artist. His large-scale, sports-oriented collages came out just in time for the 2012 London Olympics. They fuse together iconic moments in sports with elegant Grecian sculptures. The old-meets-new images are cunningly put together. They might not entirely be perfectly joined at times but the dramatic combination of motionless stone merged […]

Classic Street Art by Andrea Michaelsson and Ilia Mayer

Andrea Michaelsson & Ilia Mayer is the pair behind the street artist BTOY. This Barcelona-based duo has been inflicting their art on several walls, buildings, and vehicles. Both artists were born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. They started their project back in 2002, and they haven’t looked back since. The quality of their art has […]

A Flood of Knowledge – Installations by Alicia Martin

Alicia Martinis an up-and-coming Spanish artist whose book-based installations are becoming more and more popular in the web. One of her more recent works feature a cascade of books coming out of a second-story window and almost, but not quite, flooding the ground outside. Other works include: a giant book doughnut, books trying to burst […]

Dizzying Heights – Optical Illusions by Regina Silveira

People with vertigo or fear of heights shouldn’t go to Regina Silveira’s art exhibitions. Optical illusions like this aren’t easy to make. Even with a concept in mind, you have to have the right perspective. Regina’s  work carefully tweaks with our perceptions of depth, height, and distance. This extraordinary artist lives and works in São […]

Smart and Savvy Street Signs by Clet Abraham

Clet Abraham turns the ordinary into a statement. He lives and works in Florence, Italy where he has his own studio. According to him, his inspiration from his street signs art stem from a reflection upon our ‘common visual space’. Street signs are everywhere in Italy and he feels that some of them simply ‘verge […]

Gardens of Blooms by André Feliciano

André Felicianois a gardener of art. His colorful installations can be mistaken for a real flower garden, at least from afar. The flowers are faithfully recreated using miniature, plastic cameras. This Brazilian artist proclaims that as a gardener of art, it is his duty to cultivate ideas.

Digital Paintings by Alice Newberry

Art is Alice Newberry’s passion. She is a freelance graphic designer with fifteen years worth of work under her belt. She is one of those infinitely lucky people whose love their job. Her work is usually described as digital paintings. The term is a bit misleading as there is no actual paint involved in the […]

A Face in the Wall – Murals by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada is the founder of the New York Culture Jamming movement. He like to challenge the controls imposed on public space, the role models designated, and the type of events that are guarded by the collective memory. He does this by replacing the faces of cultural icons chosen by advertisers with the faces of […]

Smurf Trees by Konstantin Dimopoulos

We’ve heard of blue grass, but blue trees? Konstantin Dimopoulos the artist behind these unusually blue trees, was hoping to make a statement. Trees are everywhere and most of the time and their presence is taken for granted. Konstantin feels that something so essential to our survival should never be taken for granted. Instead of […]

Soda Canopy by Garth Britzman

Garth Britzman is a student of architectural design. This Nebraskan came up with a wacky and creative way to make use of old soda bottles. Inspiration may have hit him when he opened the fridge to find an almost, but not quite empty bottle of soda lurking there. Garth’s installation is as useful as it […]

Land Art – Artistic Installations in Nature by Sylvain Meyer

Sylvain Meyer art has nothing to do with digital manipulation. In a digital world, this in itself, is a rarity. His installments, dubbed “land art” are all nature-inspired. Using the nature as both canvas and paint, Sylvian creates designs with whatever happens to be handy. He has used moss, rocks, leaves, bark, and sticks.

Butterflies on Books by Rose Sanderson

Rose Sanderson has always been interested with insects far back as she can remember. As an artist, her interest in all things small and delicate shows in her work. She has incorporated dragonflies, beetles, and even baby mice on old book covers. Her latest series features various colorful representatives from the order Lepidoptera.

Glass Design by Michael Trimpol

Glass Chess Set  Michael Trimpol was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1958 and raised in Montreal, Quebec. While attending prep school in Stowe, Vermont, Michael was introduced to the art of stained glass and continued to practice this craft while attending Concordia University in Montreal. He taught stained glass and was commissioned to create installations […]

Sumeru – A Journey of the Mind by Nick Pedersen

Nick Pedersen is a new York-based illustrator and multimedia artist whose work shows a strong environmentalist theme. Most of his work show the modern conflict between man and nature set against an almost theatrical, post-apocalyptic background. His series “Sumeru” metaphorically illustrates the mental journey that is undertaken in Zen Buddhist training and practice.

Hollywood Renaissance is one of the top creative contest sites in the web today. They run photoshop contests, illustration contests, photography contests, writing contests and more on a daily basis. A glance at their homepage and you can see for yourself that the contests aren’t for amateurs. One of their more recent ones features Renaissance paintings and […]

Clockwork Love – Intricate Jewelry by Frank Tjepkema

Frank Tjepkema a.k.a. Spent his youth in Geneva, Brussels and New-York. He finally settled in the Netherlands in 1989. After graduating as a Cum Laude from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 1996, he plunged into the creative world and created quite a stir with his graduation project based on artificial nature drew. His ‘Clockwork […]