Concept Art Archive

Surprising Books by Robert The

Robert The was born and is currently living in New York. He studied philosophy and mathematics. His very special books have been showed in many exhibitions, most of them were in the US.

Wonderful Public Art by Choi Jeong Hwa

Choi Jeong Hwa is a Seoul-based designer. He works across multiple disciplines like architecture, interior design, public art, graphic design, industrial design and furniture. All his artworks are creative, colorful and fascinating, just easy to contemplate.

Real Life Version of Up by National Geographic

Is it really possible to lift a house off the ground with helium balloons? In the real-life version of Pixar’s animated hit film Up, National Geographic aimed to find out, and ended up setting a world record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted. 300 colored weather balloons were used to lift up a […]

A Special Thanks to Pondly’s Facebook Fans

Several weeks ago, I wanted to find a way to thank my Facebook fans. So I asked them to post some links of their online presence, so that I could promote them on As I always keep my promises, here is the post featuring those who responded to my request! I was quite disappointed […]

Sensual Polaroid Collage by Hana Davies

Hana Davies was born in Melbourne, Australia but is currently living in Paris, France. Associating Polaroids, she creates new pictures like someone who is solving puzzles. It results in beautiful collages, full of sensuality and with a charming atmosphere.

Candy Sprinkles Art by Joel Brochu

Artist Joel Brochu created the piece using 221,184 nonpareils sprinkles that are painstakingly placed using jewelers tweezers, adhering it to a board with the help of double-sided tape and a thin layer of glue. Only six colors of sprinkles were used in the picture (Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Black, and White), giving your brain a […]

“Art Mixtape” Made With Over 50,000 Thumbtacks

Harlem based artist, Andre Woolery, has released his art in the form of mixtape: This is my first collection of pieces made exclusively from over 50,000 thumbtacks.  Pieces range in size from 2 ft x 4 ft all the way to a piece that is 9 ft x 4 ft.  The mixtape experience will […]

Dice Portrait by Frederick McSwain

Frederick McSwain used 13,138 dice to create this immense portrait of Tobias Wong, his Canadian artist and designer friend, who recently died at age 35, or more specifically, 13,138 days.

Papercuts by Joe Bagley

Joe Bagley is a paper artist who lives in Boston. All of his designs are original works, and each is cut by hand. No lasers, dies, or prints!

Body Art by Yasmina Alaoui & Marco Guerra

In the series called 1001 Dreams, Marco Guerra first photographs nude subjects in black and white. Next, Yasmina Alaoui draws the complex Henna-like patterns, by hand, mostly with pen and ink and with some watercolor.

Carved Tires by Wim Delvoye

Wim Delvoye is talented artist and decorator from Belgium who creates amazing hand-carved patterns and floral motifs tires. This collection shows that even the most unusual objects can become masterpieces in the hands of a talented artist.

Collage Portraits by Derek Gores

Derek has gained national attention for his collage portrait series, recycling magazines, labels, and found materials to create the works on canvas. The series showcases Gores’ contrasting interests in the natural beauty of the figure, the angular design aesthetics of fashion (and machinery), and a fearless sense of play.

Painting on Old Devices by Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry is a British artist. He has exhibited in the USA and Europe. He creates floppy disk paintings and art from the obsolete technology of society while exposing waste culture, life cycles and identity.

Fascinating and Cool Lamps by Calabarte

Calabarte is the pseudonym of a Polish artist named Przemek Krawczynski, whose art takes on a peculiar but incredibly beautiful form: cool lamps. The name itself is a portmanteau of two words – art (obviously), and calabash, the fruit that carries his imagination. The calabash is a bottle gourd originating in India, although Calabarte gets his […]