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To Each, His Own – Amazing Ads by Felipe Luchi

Felipe Luchi is an award-winning creative director whose clients include big names such as Nissan, Nokia, Visa, Experia, Akatu, and Go Outside Magazine. Each of his ads are as brilliantly conceptualized as they are well-executed. One of my favorites is his ad campaign for Go Outside Magazine where an iPhone, a mouse, and an alarm […]

The Golden Project – Graphic Design by Antoni Tudisco

Antoni Tudisco was born and raised in Germany. He is of Filipino-Italian descent. As a child, he would barely pay attention during lessons, preferring to scribble instead. Antoni taught himself how to use Adobe Palette. Having mastered the intricacies of image manipulation, he proceeded to develop his skills in 3D design and videos. It wasn’t […]

Test Tube Chandelier by Pani Jurek

Pani Jurek has created a funky new chandelier with test tubes. Dubbed the Maria S.C. lamp, it’s inspired by Maria Sklodowska-Curie’s cutting edge work in the field of Chemistry. Marie Curie, as she is more commonly know, was awarded the Nobel Prize for her discovery of radium and polonium. The Maria S.C. lamp consists of a […]

Mushroom Lights by Yukio Takano

Yukio Takano’s miniature mushroom lights is definitely worth having on you desk. They’re pretty realistic, and in the dark, they glow like something enchanted. The mushrooms are made of synthetic material and embedded into pieces of driftwood, looking like they sprouted out overnight. Tiny LED lights are incorporated into the mushrooms which gives them their […]

Puns + Bad Decisions = Hilarious Artwork by David Olenick

David Olenick’s art combines clever wordplay with cute imagery to create entertaining illustrations a lot of people would want to wear. David finds the funny side of everything from lame excuses, bad decisions, to basic human behavior. You can almost forgive his nasty puns (An adorable hornet saying “Me So Hornet”) when he combines it […]

Designer Fashion by Ignasi Monreal

Ignasi Monreal was born in Barcelona, Spain. He studied Comic and Illustration at Escola Joso and graduated from Fashion Creative Direction at Instituto Europeo di Design. He is currently a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. His work has been published in magazines such as Vogue Spain, V Magazine Spain, and Harper’s Bazaar Spain.

Brains and Beheadings – Silhouettes by David A. Reeves

David A. Reeves is a native of Rhode Island and is currently studying photography at NSCAD University. He has won the Student Award in the Nov/Dec issue of Canada’s Applied Arts for his series “My Limbo”. He carefully photographed cardboard silhouettes of zombie invasions, ninja face-off, Batman rescues, and scenes from the video game Limbo. […]

Daring Designs by Marcela Gutiérrez

Marcela Gutiérrez is a fashion designer as well as an artist. She originally studied architecture but deviated to graphic design after a few years. It was then that she realized that fashion and illustration are her true and consistent passion. She graduated as a fashion designer from the prestigious  Central Saint Martins in London. She […]

Intricate Snow Art by Simon Beck

Designing three soccer fields worth of sow is no easy feat but Simon Beck does it and loves doing it. He fashions geometric shapes in the snow simply but walking around with a pair of snowshoes strapped to his feet. This means anywhere around 10-20 hours of walking. Using snow as a medium when its […]

Race Cards – The Innovative Inventions of Dor Keenan

No, that’s not a typo. Race cards are pullback-style racing cars made of plastic playing cards. Designed by the innovative, young Industrial designer Dor Keenan, it allows you to race cars while playing solitaire at the same time. The playing cards were made through the process of vacuuforming (vacuum forming). The tops are the card’s […]

Bringing Inanimate Objects to Life by Kristi Malakoff

Paper money and postage stamps are just some of the two-dimensional media that artist Kristi Malakoff loves to use. Having grown up on Disney movies and books by Roald Dahl and C.S. Lewis, Kristi has always been intrigued by notions of fantasy and the possibility of escape from dreary reality into new, marvelous worlds through […]

A Whole New Level of Paper Art by Bovey Lee

Paper is perhaps one of the most common art medium. You can make marks on it, you can fold it into fantastic shapes, you can dye it, you can make paper mâché with it, and you can cut it. The possibilities are endless, but when it comes to making art out of paper cutouts, Bovey […]

Skin Collages by David Adey

No, this isn’t some macabre collage made of human skin. Using a collection of craft punches, budding new graphic artist and designer David Adey put together this breath-taking work of art entitled “Swarm”. The individual pieces are attached to a foam panel using pins. It took him around 250 hours to complete it. David has […]

Quilled Anatomical Cross Sections by Lisa Nilsson

Quilling or paper filigree is the art of using rolled strips of paper to create decorative designs. There are several ways to design by quilling, and artist Lisa Nilsson takes up the challenge with the idea of anatomical cross sections of the human body, which can be found on her Tissue Series. With photographs of […]

Mini-Munny Madness by Hi-FOUR Creatives

A Munny is a white, featureless vinyl doll that you can dress up and design as you please. It is one of the famous platform toys of Kid Robot. Last year, seven creative young designers from Vancouver were tasked to design their very own Munny according to their own taste and results are fantastic. Each […]

Gijs & Van Vaerenbergh’s Reading Between the Lines

Last year, two up-and-coming Belgian architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh started their architectural collaboration that was to grace the countryside of Borgloon in Limburg, Belgium. The design of the church was based on the local church and consists of 30 tons of steel and 2000 columns. According to their website, the church they […]

National Flags With A Twist

The Crave Sydney International Food Festival is a much-anticipated annual event in Australia. Last year, they hired WHYBIN; a topnotch advertising agency. They came up with the idea of creating food flags. Since making a flag out of food was deemed too easy, they upped the ante by making food flags with specific types of […]

Steampunk Accessories by Rob Smith

It takes more than just bits of wood and old watch parts to make a statement with your accessories. Rob Smith took these easy-to-find materials and by dint of sheer talent and creativity, hand-made these rare items. Each one is unique and is made with recycled wood and parts of old pocket watches. Rob doesn’t […]

The Ferdinand Porsche GT3 Is The World’s Slowest Speed Car

Hannes Langeder is very proud of his accomplishment, and for a reason! He spent six months and 1,000 hours constructing the pedal-powered eco-friendly replica of a Porsche GT3 RS using plastic tubing and gold-painted aluminium foil. With a weight of just 99.6 kilograms, the super car is capable of reaching up to 10mph at a […]

Awesome Hands For Awesome Crafts

What else could be worth the time of an artist but the work of his own hands? Brighton-based designer Kyle Bean impresses his audience the remarkable craft of handmade models. The effort of this kind of artist never fails to show through the art itself, as genuinely produced with the passion for the creation of […]

Motocicletas Extraordinarias por Mikhail Smolyanov

Estos conceptos de motocicletas muestran un extraordinario nivel de estilo e imaginación. La mezcla de las motos clásicas con las motos actuales. Algunos diseños han sido encargados por fabricantes de vehículos, que planean convertir la máquina al metal.

Awesome Unique Iphone Covers for Sale!

I know everyone wants to strive to have some thing unique or different from the norm and this is the place where you can find items of that description. From something classy like the Audrey Hepburn one you see above to something a bit more funky such as the Bob Marley one you see directly […]

Most Expensive Car Ever Sold – Bugatti Type 57S Atlantic

Considered by some to be the most beautiful pre-war car, the Atlantic body Type 57S featured flowing coupe lines with a pronounced dorsal seam running front to back. Just four Atlantics were made. Only two of the cars survive. One is in the collection of Ralph Lauren, the second was owned by Dr. Peter Williamson, […]

Jaw-Dropping Wall-E Case Mod

This is the coolest case mod ever seen. It took 18 days for a unknown Russian guy to accomplish this real life Wall-E. Now that’s a beautiful way to make your computer worth more than it actually does. Follow the carefully detailed step-by-step construction here!