Graphic Design Archive

A Splash of Color – Digital Art by Ruslan Khasanov

Ruslan Khasanovis a relative novice in the art world having graduated from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts just in 2008. This Russian-based artist loves to experiment with various techniques and styles. He specializes in illustration, photography, and graphic design. He also likes working with typography and his colorful, splashy, liquid series is […]

Man and Superman – Artwork by Zerj19

Edmar Cisneros is the man behind Zerj19. He is a  23-year-old artist from Mexico and one of the artists in Slashthree. Slashthree was founded in 2007. It is a non-profit international art collective representing artists in over 40 countries world wide. They provide a platform for artists to collaborate, extend their networks, give and receive […]

A Trick of Memory – Artwork by Makoto Saito

Makoto Saitoused to be a graphic designer, and a very good one at that. Five years ago, he became a full-fledged artist when he held a solo exhibition at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan. Saito’s subjects are all dramatically distorted. The distortion depicts the imprecise way that images are stored […]

On the Streets of Paris – Street Art by Christian Guémy

Christian Guémy is a Paris-based street artist who has been featured in Pondly once before. It looks like he has a fine new crop of artwork dotting the streets of Paris. His alias C215 is creatively incorporated into each work, rendered as a cube into an inconspicuous corner. He nay describe himself as a stencil […]

If Fantasy Met Reality – Digital Portraits by Sue Marino

Sue Marino is a graphic designer from Arundel, UK. She specializes in women’s portraits that bring out the strength and character of the subject. Her subjects include, but are not limited to: a fairy, an elf, an enchantress, and a mermaid. Sue captures the emotions on their faces perfectly, be it compassion, mischief, introspection, or […]

Demons and Angels – Graphic Illustrations by Alexander Fedosov

Alexander Fedosov is slowly gaining an audience with art fans everywhere. This Ukranian artist has impressed a lot of people (including quite a few critics) with his otherworldly graphic illustrations. Hiding behind the alias ‘Holllow’, Alexander’s work looks like a pro’s. he might be a professional graphic illustrator for all I know, since there is […]

Crazy Caricatures by Jag Nagra

Jag Nagra gets paid to play. When asked what she does for a living, she answers: “I’m a part-time Daydreamer, part-time Designer.” She discovered a passion for Graphic Design and Typography while studying  at the Art Institute of Vancouver. Right now, she is starting to explore the world of photography and she hopes to capture the essence of each person […]

Future Memories by Catherine Nelson

Catherine Nelson has had extensive experience in both film and television. She was one of those who created the impressive visual effects for films such as Moulin Rouge, Australia, 300, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Shefelt that taking ordinary pictures limited her expression of self and started taking her photos to another level through […]

Fantasy and Fables – Art by Sasha Fantom

Sasha Fantom is a mysterious digital artist from Ukraine whose work has been loudly lauded on deviantART. He has been at his craft for only three years yet his level of mastery is amazing. According to him, his inspiration comes from his desire to escape the dullness of reality. This probably explains why the subjects […]

Digital Art by Marcela Bolivar

Marcela Bolivar is a new, up-and coming graphic designer who lives and works in Cali, Colombia. She graduated as a cum laude from the Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes Cali. Marcela’s focus has been on digital art since 2004. The photographs that fall into her hands are transformed in to surrealistic images that somehow convey […]

Digital Flowers by Silvia Cordedda

Silvia GufoZucca Cordedda is a digital artist based in Italy. The digital flowers shown here are made entirely of digital lights.I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they turned out to be endemic in Pandora, something the Na’vi could wear in their hair. Don’t ask me how she found the time to faithfully re-create these […]

Weird Wired Illustrations by Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis is an award winning visual designer who lives and works in Athens, Greece. He is also the manager of Tsevis Visual Design, a modest graphic design studio. He has an impressive list of clients which include: TIME, Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Fortune, Sports Illustrated (USA), Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, […]

Impressive Illustrations by Glen Preece

Glen Preeceis a UK-based artist whose illustrations are impressive not just because of their theme (although the theme is a big factor), but also because of the quality of the rendering. With the skulls, sultry expressions, and the vivid hints of blood, the concept behind his work may be little too dark for some tastes. […]

A Leaky Proposition – Surreal Art by Igor Morski

Igor Morski is a Polish illustrator and graphic designer whose surreal work is as thought evoking as they are beautifully rendered. Anyone wishing to glance at his work will find themselves staring. It’s the kind of art that would make a casual observer do a double-take. His work includes, among other fantastic things: a naked, […]

Eye-Catching Digital Art by Joerg Litschko

Joerg Litschko is a digital artist based in Germany whose trademark is variety. As a child, he started drawing with pen and paper and worked his way up to digital media. His work may at times be subtle, the colors dull and muted. There are also times when the explosion of color is enough to […]

Skin Art – 3D Tattoos by Victor Portugal

Victor Portugal is a Poland-based tattoo artist who is renowned for his dark and surreal approach to tattoo design. Born in Uruguay, he lived in Spain for some years before settling down in Krakow, Poland where he operates his own tattoo studio, Dark Times Tattoo. Its one thing to create a design on paper, another […]

Childish Lore – Drawings by Yang Qi

Yang Qi is a budding new artist who hails from the People’s Republic of China. A glance at her work is enough to tell that this young  artist has a lot of talent. Her drawings range from childishly whimsical to the sensually provocative. No matter the theme, every one of her drawings is rendered with […]

The Digital Art Work of Cindy Grundsten

  My main interest is to create. In my years, I have created different things. I have worked among others with clay during a period. And I have created beautiful floral arrangements with dried flowers. I have also sewn vintage decorative teddy bears at one time. When I was a little girl I drew all […]

Stunning Comic Illustrations by Stjepan Sejic

Stjepan Sejicwanted to be a lawyer when he grew up. Fate and fortune willed it otherwise. While working as a lifeguard and fruit seller in his youth, Stjepan stumbled upon a few comic books. One of them was a copy of Witchblade. He got inspired with the characters and the artistic style. Using his already […]

Colorful Closet Graffiti by French Artist DeckTwo

Graffiti may, in general, be described as consistently chaotic. These closet graffiti are no exception. The work of a mysterious graphic graffiti artist from France known only as DeckTwo, these closets were given a very thorough going-over with spray paint. The over-all effect might lead some to sensory overload, but after a while, the viewer […]

Realistic Graphite Art by Ileana Hunter

Ileana Hunter is a Norwich-based graphite artist whose realistic drawings are inspired by the hidden lyricism of mundane objects and the fluidity of the human body. What’s amazing is that she has had no formal training whatsoever. She’s completely self-taught and yet her art speak volumes about her talent. She started whimsically, while she was studying Psychology, and […]