Graphic Design Archive

Insane Photo Montages by Josh Summers

Worlds within worlds, within worlds. Every one of Josh Summer’s photo montages should carry a label – “WARNING! PROLONGED STARING MAY CAUSE HEAD TO EXPLODE”. His is the kind of art that begs to be figured out, although you know that it’s just an illusion and that there is really not beginning nor end. When […]

Surrealistic Images by Giuseppe Mastromatteo

Giuseppe Mastromatteo is an artist, teacher, and art director. Justlast year, he launched his exhibition entitled “Indepensense” for the first time. Indepensense features digitally manipulated images that will make anyone give a double-take. Some of the models seem to have various sense organs growing out of the most unlikely places, while some of them could […]

Deliciously Sexy Veggies by Ju Duoqi

Whoever thought cabbages could be alluring? Ju Duoqi, a promising young artist from Beijing, China saw the seductive potential of the humble cabbage. It’s easy to be sexy when you’re the right shape, a cucumber or a chili doesn’t even have to try. Cabbages, on the other hand, need all the help they can get. […]

End of the World Calendar and More by Tind T.

Tind T. is a silkscreen printer who is just as creative as he is mysterious. I’m assuming the proper pronoun is ‘he’ as I have no reason to believe otherwise. Tind T. has this to say about himself on his Designers Couch account “i swallow inks and i spit prints”. That being said, his silkscreen […]

Cutting Edge Digital Art by Michael Oswald

Canvas, oil paint, watercolor, paper, pen, and ink may never go out of style; but a new generation of artists raised in the digital age could certainly hold their own against the artists of old. Anybody with a PC can tinker with a digital image. On the other hand, digitally manipulating photos to such a […]

Negative Space and Famous Figures by Noma Bar

“Guess who?” That is the mini-game Noma Bar seemed to want to portray in his somehow themed designs on the concept of negative space. Famous figures have been minimalized into a few specks of relative objects here and there, thereby creating icons which prove to the viewer that yes, these people are actually prominent enough […]

Giuseppe Salerno’s Arcano

After four months of careful calligraphy, Italian graphic designer Giuseppe Salerno finally unveils his new typeface. Arcano is perhaps the most detailed typeface out there today. Each letter is composed of symbols, icons, and jewels delicately hand-drawn on Japanese calligraphy paper with a quill pen and Chinese ink. Giuseppe, a.k.a. Resistenza is already planning on a […]

Creative Word Images by Ji Lee

Ji Lee from New York gives a creative touch to typography with witty representations of the letters in a word, giving meaning to itself. Simple ideas, yet very intelligent concepts, make it a tease to the eyes of the viewers.

Neo’s Graphic Designs

Florian Nicolle a.k.a. Neo, is a freelance graphic artist who has worked for big names like the Los Angeles Times, ESPN classic, NIKE, and Warner Bros. He tries to create an image that retains the freshness of the first paint stroke with lines that are free and spontaneous. This French artist uses a fast techniques, […]

Psychedelic Digital Art by Kendall Franklin

Kendall Franklin is a 19 year old psychedelic digital artist from Las Vegas, NV. He started a psychedelic digital art project back in February of 2011 and has made over 300 different pieces since. The visual aspect of the psychedelic experience is very interesting and intriguing to him and his goal is to capture that in every piece he […]

Just Some Stick People? Think again.

Viktor Hertz is a freelance graphic designer from Sweden who turned the thicker-version-stick-people pictograms into the art of posters introducing movies. The concept is to sell the movie with minimum eye candy yet tickling the curious mind of the viewer about what the movie is all about.

Los Mejores Anuncios Publicitarios por Ferdi Rizkiyanto

Ferdi Rizkiyanto es un director de arte que sobresale por la riqueza de sus anuncios de publicidad. Sus fotomontajes tienen un gran significado y la capacidad extraordinaria para hacer reír al tratar de un asunto serio. Su trabajo es con fines publicitarios y se destaca por su gran creatividad.

Face Photomosaics – MosaicYourself

MosaicYourself – Be part of the picture MosaicYourself makes photomosaics from the faces found in your picture library using facial recognition. So the tiles of the resulting mosaic are the faces of the people on your pictures!! Isn’t that amazing? Visit us at Visit our image gallery at

Digital Art by Ze Paulo

Jose Paulo Amorim Reis aka Ze Paulo is a Portuguese artist who is passionate about fashion photography, creativity, advertising, photo-manipulation and digital art.

Day To Night by Stephen Wilkes

For more than two decades, Stephen Wilkes has been widely recognized for his fine art and commercial photography. With numerous awards and honors, Wilkes has left an impression on the world of photography.

Nice Graphic Design by Christian Goldemann

Christian Goldemann is a German graphic and webdesigner. His work is promoted on different design platforms and blogs. While playing with digital art, he uses his typography, illustration and photomanipulation skills to compose his work.

Digital Illustrations by Rob Shields

“My latest work is heavily influenced by the classic mysticisms of humanity. Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? The pieces do not attempt to answer or even pose these questions directly. They are merely offered as a space where the viewer can establish his or her own personal relationship with […]