Thought Provoking Photography by Tyler Shields

By on April 23, 2014, in Photography

x ray Thought Provoking Photography by Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields is a triple threat; he’s a writer, film director, and awesome photographer. His passion is in creating images that will ultimately make people ‘feel something’. In this series, the viewer is presented with rather shocking images where “somebody looks like they’re about to die, and sometimes somebody looks like they’re about to live.” During an interview, he said: “My hope is that it pushes people to want to explore what they’re actually capable of more. If these images make someone want to make better images, or want to live more or see the world in a different way, then that’s perfect to me.”

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Bee-Assisted Sculptures by Aganetha Dyck

By on April 22, 2014, in Sculpture

aganetha 4 Bee Assisted Sculptures by Aganetha Dyck

Aganetha Dyck is a Canadian artist who has a long-standing interest in bees. She has even conducted a research on the global ramifications of the disappearance of bees due to the colony collapse disorder. Through the years, Aganetha has created numerous bee-assisted sculptures using specially designed apiaries and figurines, sports equipment, shoes, and other unexpected objects. CathiWherry, a curator commented on Aganetha’s work. She said: “They remind us that we and our constructions are temporary in relation to the lifespan of earth and the processes of nature. This raises ideas about our shared vulnerability, while at the same time elevating the ordinariness of our humanity.”

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Floral Field Guide – Drawings by Noel Badges Pugh

By on April 21, 2014, in Illustrations

flowers 3 Floral Field Guide – Drawings by Noel Badges Pugh

Noel Badges Pugh is an artist and scientific illustrator with a knack for accurately drawing various flora and fauna.His work is reminiscent of the old school illustrations found in old textbooks. One of his more recent series is a field guide on different kinds of bees and wild flowers. What makes his work unique is the unforced realism of his creations. He’s not trying to trick your eye into believing they’re real, but his drawings are accurate to a fault. Noel keeps an extensive Tumblr account where he posts all his recent works.

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Light as a Feather – Paper Sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera

By on April 20, 2014, in Sculpture

Diana Beltran Herrera24 730x486 Light as a Feather – Paper Sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera

Diana Beltran Herrera has studied design, experimental painting, and ceramic sculpture. She is originally from Colombia but moved to Finland, and then Bristol for her art studies. Her most recent series feature birds made out of carefully cut and arranged pieces of paper. Some of Diana’s subjects are caught in mid-flight while others are carefully posed on perches. According to one website, she ‘…seeks to explore the chillingly disengaged relationship between humans and nature in modern society. Using paper as her primary medium she is able to present notions of temporality and change, emphasizing the process of transformation that continuously occur in nature as well as mankind.’ Diana is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Fine Arts over at the University of West England.

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Before They Pass Away – Feature Photography by Jimmy Nelson

By on April 19, 2014, in Photography

beforethey 0 Before They Pass Away – Feature Photography by Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson is a professional photographer who first gained international acclaim when he published his unique visual diary of his travels in Tibet. He has since delved into the world of commercial advertising and photography. His most recent success came on the heels of his series entitled “Before They Pass Away”, a photographic documentary of 31 secluded and visually unique tribes located in some of the most isolated parts of the world. He said: “The purity of humanity exists. It is there in the mountains, the ice fields, the jungle, along the rivers and in the valleys.There is a pure beauty in their goals and family ties, their belief in gods and nature, and their will to do the right thing in order to be taken care of when their time comes.”

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Inked Fauna – Art by Alice Macarova

By on April 18, 2014, in Illustrations

macarova 30 Inked Fauna – Art by Alice Macarova

Alice Macarovais a budding young artist from St. Petersburg, Germany.She specializes in elaborate ink and watercolour art which usually features animals. One of her most recent work is a pack of playful fox cubs framed in stylized vegetation. She was first brought to the attention of the online community by a friend of hers who admired her illustrations. A few years down the road and we’ll probably be seeing her work for sale in galleries.

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Nature Photography by Idrus Arsyad

By on April 17, 2014, in Photography

4 Nature Photography by Idrus Arsyad

Idrus Arsyad is a very talented amateur photographer from Indonesia whose expertise is in nature, landscape, and wildlife photography. According to him, he taught himself to process his work to enhance his subjects and make his work more interesting. The way I look at it, his work is interesting enough even without extensive post-processing. He loves to capture birds sparring in mid-flight – not an easy feat. You’ll need a great sense of timing and a whole lot of patience is definitely needed.

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The Secret Life of Insects – Illustrations by Paula Duță

By on April 16, 2014, in Illustrations

Pauladuta 211 The Secret Life of Insects – Illustrations by Paula Duță

Paula Duță is an exceptional illustrator who specializes in insect etymology.Her passion for drawing is obvious in the pains she took to highlight each detail of her subject. Wings, antennae, compound eyes, legs, thorax, – none escaped her scrutiny. Paula is actually an interior designer who describes herself as an ‘altogether happy person, dedicated to her work and enjoying life’. I’m looking forwards to seeing more of her awesome insect illustrations in the future. Paula currently lives and works in Romania.

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Cool Futuristic Illustrations by Robert D. Brown

By on April 15, 2014, in Illustrations

Robertdbrown 6 Cool Futuristic Illustrations by Robert D. Brown

Robert Brown is the artist responsible for these awesome illustrations featuring the best of both worlds. On one hand, he does superb renditions of technologically advance utopias, on the other hand, his renditions of derelict dystopias are eerily accurate. Robert is currently based in California USA where he owns his own studio, Robert D. Brown Inc. He specializes in matte paintings, concept art, and set extensions. His list of clients include big industry names like Disney, Sony Pictures, Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Asylum, and The Mission. He also has numerous other independent projects. His passion is bringing his client’s vision to life.

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Hilarious 3D Artwork by Djanii

By on April 14, 2014, in Illustrations

Djanii3 730x537 Hilarious 3D Artwork by Djanii

Djanii is a hilarious artist who specializes in creating work incorporating “trompe l’oeil” (French for trick of the eye). He was inspired by street artists and the cartoons created by Ian Stevenson. Djanii recreated Steve’s work in an anamorphic style. He did it to remind himself that “art shouldn’t be so damn serious all the time”. He also did a fantastic 3D image of Ramon Bruin’s skull and butterflies.

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