Peaceful Paintings by Martin Beaupré

Martin Beaupré is a Canadian artist who loves working with several media to give his work a restful, almost Zen-like aura. He uses oil paint, modeling paste, sand, Swarovski crystal, and ink to achieve unique textures. Martin looks for inspiration in his travels to Asia, particularly Thailand and Japan. In his work, there is a reason […]

A Flower’s Soul by Brendan Fitzpatrick

Brendan Fitzpatrick is a Singapore-based photographer who has twenty ears’ experience under his belt. He wanted to become a science fiction illustrator in his teens but got drawn towards photography. He loves both its stillness and its dynamism. Brendan admits that there are moments when he is surprised by images he has taken that are […]

Hyper-Realistic Silicone Sculptures by Sam Jinks

Sam Jinks is a Melbourne-based sculptor who specializes in hyper-realistic art. Most, if not all, of his work are so life-like they will make anyone look twice. While most sculptures are smaller, or bigger than life, Sam’s work are perfectly proportioned with great attention paid to the smallest detail. Veins, hair, wrinkles, and pores are […]

Skin Collages by David Adey

No, this isn’t some macabre collage made of human skin. Using a collection of craft punches, budding new graphic artist and designer David Adey put together this breath-taking work of art entitled “Swarm”. The individual pieces are attached to a foam panel using pins. It took him around 250 hours to complete it. David has […]

Pixel People by Various Artists

Using people as medium to portray a larger image is nothing new. In the latter part of the 1900s, photographers Arthur S. Mole and John D. Thomas took photographs of meaningful symbols and insignia made up of meticulously arranged military personnel. It was their contribution to the war effort during the first world war. Sometimes, […]

Watch Your Step – Modern Sculptures by Do-Ho Suh

You might want to watch where you’re stepping at Singapore’s Tyler Print Institute which recently hosted a very different kind of “Floor” show. Among the artists featured is Do-Ho Suh, a Korean artist well-known for his thought-provoking sculptures that explore the meaning of individuality and collective force. Suh’s work is greatly influenced by his father, […]

Wildlife on Wood by Julie Bender

Pyrography is the art of burning or scorching designs on a natural surface such as wood or leather. It is an old art form practiced since the dawn of man by our ancestors who were fascinated by the power of fire. With the advent of modern technology came better tools and more refined techniques. Julie […]

Anna Gaskell Takes You Down the Rabbit Hole

Anna Gaskell’s cinematic approach towards photography is enough to set her apart, but it is the way she presents her subject matter that truly defines her as a photographer. Her series Wonder and Override features a loose interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Alice is immediately recognizable in her yellow dress and blue pinafore, […]

Thomas Deininger’s Junk Art

Thomas Deininger is not just another contemporary artist. He’s also an environmentalist and it shows in his work. He recycles trash by turning them into museum-quality pieces of art. Garbage is his medium. His talent is such that his clients let him cover entire walls with trash, artistically of course. He can depict entire landscapes […]