Jill Sylvia’s Paper Art

A paper airplane is something anyone can make. Delicate paper sculptures on the other hand, are Jill Sylvia’s specialty. She likes to make art out of lined sheets of paper. Ledgers and other official sheets are easy prey. Cutting paper may seem like an easy task until you look a little closer at how precise […]

Surreal Concepts by Albulena Panduri

Concept artist Albulena Panduri from Albania concentrates her art on imparting surrealism on objects that don’t necessarily go together had they been seen from a normal perspective. She takes things a step further away from reality by playing with one’s prospect, expressing different concepts that at times will provoke questions in one’s mind such as […]

Portraits by Olga Shvartsur

Graphite, pencil, paint – a true artist creates art with whatever is at hand. This is certainly true of Olga Shvartsur who makes great portraits using all of the above. Some of her stunning portraits are even drawn on the  iPad using painting and illustration applications. In this day and age, you’ll have to keep […]

The Poetry of Waste by Mandy Barker

UK photographer Mandy Barker developed a series of suggestive images entitled ”Soup”, which is a generic name given to the waste debris suspended in the sea. The discarded pieces of plastic are photographed by the artist one by one, on black background and then mixed in these worrying but beautiful tides of refuse, creating a […]

Vibrant Nature Photography by AtomicZen

“The goal of my photography is to illustrate the beauty of nature and hope that my photos would inspire some people to improve their photography skills in some ways. In my opinion, the more we take landscape photo, the lessen we know the world. Actually, it is a big planet, isn’t it?” – AtomicZen

Zander Olsen’s Tree Line

Zander Olsen is a Welsh-born artist whose commissioned photography has been widely published in the national press. He was also shortlisted for the prestigious Terry O’Neill Award last 2009. His ongoing project is the “Tree Line”. This eye-catching collection of photographs involve ‘wrapping’ white material around trees to create a startling, yet pleasing contrast between […]

Jim Sanborns Reveals the Secrets of Science Through Art

Artist Jim Sanborn (born 1945) creates his art around science and hidden information. His cryptographic sculptures, pieces on atomic energy and large-scale projections are fascinating throughout the mystery they evoke, combining scientific discovery with an artistic quest. His works have been exhibited all over the world, from Japan to the United States, including in front […]

Psychedelic Digital Art by Kendall Franklin

Kendall Franklin is a 19 year old psychedelic digital artist from Las Vegas, NV. He started a psychedelic digital art project back in February of 2011 and has made over 300 different pieces since. The visual aspect of the psychedelic experience is very interesting and intriguing to him and his goal is to capture that in every piece he […]

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Willard Wigan

No, that’s not a giant fly. That’s a really teeny, tiny cat sculpture. Feast your eyes at Willard Wigan’s masterpieces, but don’t forget to bring a microscope. Most of his work are so small that they comfortably fit in the eye of a needle with plenty of room left over to spare. Some micro sculptures […]