Ghost of a Smile – Captivating Digital Art by Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso is a self-taught Italian artist who wowed the world with his wonderfully detailed photographs of ink dissolving in water. It might not sound very exciting but these macrophotographs established him as one of the premiere young artists of digital media. A number of magazines and advertisers has recognized his burgeoning talent and his […]

Equus – A Tribute to Horses by Tim Flach

Tim Flach is a London-based photographer best known for his highly conceptual portraits of animals, particularly horses. A lot of hard work went into his series-turned-book “Equus”. Unlike humans, you can’t just flat out ask an animal to pose for you and the best pictures are often taken after a long period of waiting for […]

Pen Portraits On Vintage Envelopes by Mark Powell

Mark Powellis a London-based artist who journeyed on the road less traveled by choosing to draw his portraits on the backs of old envelopes. These envelopes traversed the European postal system more than a century ago. Mark uses nothing more than a standard Bic Biro pen to create these delicately rendered portraits. Most of his portraits feature the […]

Beautiful Close-up Photographs by Viktoria Stutz

Viktoria Stutz is a young German based photographer who specializes in fashion and beauty photography. She has always been into photography but things really took off when she got her first DSLR camera. When asked why she likes this particular genre she said: “I’m in love with the change makeup can do with the face […]

Realistic Graphite Art by Ileana Hunter

Ileana Hunter is a Norwich-based graphite artist whose realistic drawings are inspired by the hidden lyricism of mundane objects and the fluidity of the human body. What’s amazing is that she has had no formal training whatsoever. She’s completely self-taught and yet her art speak volumes about her talent. She started whimsically, while she was studying Psychology, and […]

Digitally Manipulated Images by MichaelO

MichaelO is the self-proclaimed Stephen King of the digital art world. Both artists have certainly created wonderful fact-based fiction. MichaelO’s style is best described as “photo-manipulation on steroids”. He combines unique Photoshop techniques and digital painting. Michael takes an ordinary digital image, mostly of women, and turns them into fantastic creatures of the imagination. From […]

View from the Top – Urban Photos by Dennis Maitland

Dennis Maitland is a young, up-and-coming photographer currently based in Detroit, Michigan. He first gained local following with his “Year of the Rabbit” series where he wore a rabbit rubber mask with abandoned buildings of Detroit as his backdrop. His breathtaking new series, “Life on the Edge” is also a smash hit. It features him […]