Mind Boggling Anamorphic Art by Felice Varini

Felice Varini is a Swiss artist who is one of the undisputed specialists in anamorphosis. Anamorphosis is the art of creating the illusion of a flat geometrical shape superimposed over a three dimensional object. Viewed from the correct perspective, it will seem as if these shapes are floating in mid-air. Step away from the perfect […]

Female Digital Paintings by Marta Nael

Illustrator and matte painter Marta Nael creates fictional characters with a surreal touch and painting feel, complemented with the expression perfect for a template of an art exhibit of a fantasy game or movie. The women in her artworks show her passion in matte painting and concept art, beautiful and captivating as it is.

Mondo Curio – The Photography of Paul Cook

Cook photographs the architecture of bank buildings. He manipulates his images to create ornate, kaleidoscopic, and jewel-like compositions. These abstracted geometric icons of heritage buildings symbolize wealth, integrity, and endurance. Some of these photographs are being used to create luxury carpets by Modallion

5 California Surf Paintings by Kathleen M Robison

Impressionist painters are constantly drawn to the mystical beauty of the sea. Something about the earth meeting the water creates ideal subject matter for paintings, and this is ever so apparent in the Southern California coast. Kathleen M Robison is a Southern California plein air painter that paints the ocean and the sea. She realized […]

Headism – Celebrating Baldness

Philip Levine enjoys being bald. So much so that instead of hiding it, he turned it into art. These days his closely-shaved heal is his canvas. This Headism movement of his was created when he teamed up with Daniel Regan, a photographer and Kat Sinclair, a body artist. Together, the three of them created a […]

Part of You by Maria Zarazua

Spanish photographer Maria Zarazua is yet another of the many photographers who have fallen under the spell of twins. In her “Parte de ti” series, she took two different pictures of a pair of twins within the same setting. In the first shot, the pose is usually more formal, with the twins standing side by […]

Insane Photo Montages by Josh Summers

Worlds within worlds, within worlds. Every one of Josh Summer’s photo montages should carry a label – “WARNING! PROLONGED STARING MAY CAUSE HEAD TO EXPLODE”. His is the kind of art that begs to be figured out, although you know that it’s just an illusion and that there is really not beginning nor end. When […]

Tragic Masterpieces by Thomas Doyle

Thomas Doyle’s cunningly crafted miniatures evoke a sense of omnipotence as you look through the glass and down at a ravaged scene complete with debris and people. One feels like a usurper peering down at tragedy and yet when you look closely at the tiny inhabitants, they’re going about their everyday lives as if everything’s […]

Hair Sculpture by Jenine Shereos

Jenine Shereos is one of the few artists who’ve made delicate works of art with the ubiquitous human hair. A closer look at her work reveals that hundreds of individual strands are carefully woven to form a delicate lace-like leaf. The leaves were made by stitching individual strands of hair by hand into a water- […]