Iconic Pictures in Full Color by Sanna Dullaway

It may be difficult for today’s generation to imagine a world where all the photographs are in black and white, but until recently, this was so. Freelance artist Sanna Dullaway went out of her way to fix that. She took iconic photos in black and white and with the help of digital technology, restored them […]

2011 Winners of National Geographic Contest

National Geographic held a photography contest last year and over 130 countries have joined, with over 20,000 submissions of various kinds of photos. After a mindblowing and sound judgment on the photos’ creativity and quality, these were the ones that stood out in the midst of everything else.

Sacha Goldberger’s Before and After

No one wants to have bad pictures of themselves taken, but French artist Sacha Goldberger did just that. He managed to convince passers-by to pose for a picture after taking a full-out sprint ’round the corner. He also asked them to drop by his studio after a week wearing their Sunday best. In the latter […]

Literally The Ice Kingdom Of China

Want to walk through more than just snow? Enjoy going around these castles made with blocks of ice as the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival invites you to this beautiful wonder of Harbin, Heilongjiang province in northeastern China. Your eyes will definitely feast on the illuminated ice structures as the night passes on, and […]

Neo’s Graphic Designs

Florian Nicolle a.k.a. Neo, is a freelance graphic artist who has worked for big names like the Los Angeles Times, ESPN classic, NIKE, and Warner Bros. He tries to create an image that retains the freshness of the first paint stroke with lines that are free and spontaneous. This French artist uses a fast techniques, […]

Steampunk Accessories by Rob Smith

It takes more than just bits of wood and old watch parts to make a statement with your accessories. Rob Smith took these easy-to-find materials and by dint of sheer talent and creativity, hand-made these rare items. Each one is unique and is made with recycled wood and parts of old pocket watches. Rob doesn’t […]

Water Droplets by Paul Quinn

There are thousands, maybe even millions, of images of running waters, steady waters, rivers, oceans, falls and such but only a select few choose to give their time to this one part that makes all those up–water droplets. Paul Quinn is one of them, adding a creative touch to it with different colorful objects, giving […]

Dissembled Flowers by Qi Wei

Photography has always been Qi Wei’s passion. This Singapore-based artist was inspired by Todd McLellan’s Dissembled Objects series, but instead of using objects as her subjects, she used flowers. The basic idea of taking the subject apart is the same, but she does it in such a way that the radial symmetry and floral components […]

Emotive Black And White by Alfred Pleyer

Black and white — If this theme is used in a photo, the focus with be on the emotive power of the subject itself and not on how well-contrasted and eye-catching the colors are. Alfred Pleyer uses such method to emphasize on the beauty of his subjects, in their smiles and the sentiment captured in […]