Curiously Shaped Sculptures by Adam Martinakis

Some artists can take expressive art to an almost surreal level. Adam Martinakis is one of them. With 3d digital renders of sculptures with a somewhat disturbing yet subtle feel. Each piece definitely creates a mysterious story that is left to the viewer’s level of creativity in imagination. There is such an odd force of […]

The Moment of Impact by Martin Klimas

Martin Klimas is a noted German photographer whose works are noted for capturing unconventional snapshots of everyday objects in motion. He loves to capture the moment of impact. Martin works by trail and error and keeps on tossing objects to the floor until he finds an image that is truly showing him something new. He […]

Seeing Double – Twin Portraits by Martin Schoeller

Twins have always fascinated the human race. Just last month, the National geographic published the article¬† “A Thing or Two About Twins” by Peter Miller with images by Martin Schoeller. Martin is a photographer based in New York. The similarity with which he treats his subjects, whether famous or unknown, makes his work stand out […]

Boxers’ Before and After Pictures by Nicolai Howalt

Boxing is undeniably a brutal and bloody sport. Nicolai Howalt sends the message home when he photographed teenaged boxers before and after the fight. The contrast were startling, to say the least. Clean and confident on the left, bruised and bloody on the right. The differences in the same boxer are even more pronounced because […]

Photorealistic Minimalism by Nigel Cox

Nigel Cox grew up on the edge of Dundalk, a small market town in County Louth. He went to the Riversdale College in Liverpool and joined the Transglobe Expedition right after graduation. His exposure to “the staggering beauty of vast and often barren spaces” has affected his art. Nigel’s stye of Photorealistic Minimalism came about […]

Surrealistic Images by Giuseppe Mastromatteo

Giuseppe Mastromatteo is an artist, teacher, and art director. Justlast year, he launched his exhibition entitled “Indepensense” for the first time. Indepensense features digitally manipulated images that will make anyone give a double-take. Some of the models seem to have various sense organs growing out of the most unlikely places, while some of them could […]

Peter Linderbergh’s Portraits of Julian Moore

Peter Linderbergh has perfectly captured the timeless beauty of Julian Moore in this series of pictures that he took for Harper’s Bazaar. If you didn’t know better, you’d think that Julian was the inspiration for the famous works of art instead of the other way around. It’s not just that she’s wearing the same clothes […]

Cute Pups To Beastly Canines by Seth Casteel

Some dog owners just love playing fetch with their dogs, but what happens if the ball happens to fall into the water? Are the dogs happy about that? Seth Casteel, with his high-speed camera, reveals the hideous answer to this question by taking photos of them underwater while they go for that ball which their […]

Trees by Myoung Ho Lee

Myoung Ho Lee is a young, South Korean artist who has produced an elaborate series of photographs that is simple in concept, nut complex in execution. It poses unusual questions about perception of reality, art, and the environment. Lee simply picks out a likely tree, sets up a white canvas backdrop (with the help of […]