Body Painting by Alexa Meade

  Alexa Meade is a 24 year-old artist who incorporates photography, painting, installation and performance into her work. She has developed an approach to portraiture that involves painting directly on top of her human subjects in a style that optically compresses 3D space into a 2D plane.

Stunning Photography by Christophe Gilbert

Christophe Gilbert, is an amazing Belgian photographer from Bruxelles and one of the most quoted in the advertising world. This wonderful portfolio of really beautiful images centered on optical illusions is truly amazing.

Celebrity Trash Art by Jason Mecier

Jason Mecier, a San Francisco-based artist creates portraits of celebs using everything from bits of discarded jewellery to empty deodorant cans and bubble-gum wrappers. He has spent 15 years carefully collecting rubbish and using it for his masterful modern artwork. Artist Jason Mecier says that many celebrities have bought the work they inspired. Each one […]

The Invisible Man by Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin doesn’t need any fancy technology to produce the jaw-dropping illusion of invisibility. His urban camouflage photography is all paint and pure talent. Liu works on a single photo for up to 10 hours at a time and sometimes passers-by don’t even realize he is there until he moves.

Astonishing Miniature Masterpieces from Dalton Ghetti

Small is beautiful to artist Dalton Ghetti. He had always been interested with carving and decided to challenge himself by trying to make things as small as possible. At first he experimented with different kinds of medium like chalk, in the end he decided to decided to carve into the graphite of a pencil. All […]

Illusionistic Street Artist Kurt Wenner

These 3D chalk drawings on pavement have been featured in many newspapers and on several television shows. A painting may look ordinary from one angle, but view it with a curved lens and it becomes 3-dimensional.

No Kidding! Where Is Waldo?

The french duo of photographers Max & Charlotte (Maxence B. Cardon and Charlotte Moulard) created a project based in a recreation of the world of Waldo filled with imagination and detail into reality. Have fun!

Best Comic Artist Joe Jusko

Joe Jusko is a comic book artist who has worked for all the major comic book companies including Marvel, DC, Crusade, Innovation, Harris, Wildstorm, Top Cow, and Byron Preiss. What makes this artist so special is that it’s a safe assumption to say that the majority of people alive today have seen his artwork!

Andrew Myers Screws People In His Art

Andrew Myers is one most patient artist. The sculpter from Laguna Beach, California turns screws into three-dimensional portraits of his subjects. Once the screws are on the frame, he paints over each head individually to create the finished product,which looks more like a portrait than a sculpture.

Realistic Paintings by Andrew Grassie

Andrew Grassie (born 1966) is a Scottish artist. He was educated at St Martins School of Art and the Royal College of Art. His paintings have been praised for being “disorienting” and “melancholy”, and criticised for consisting of “bureaucratic ironies”. His works are held in the collection of the Tate and the United Kingdom Government […]

Chris Schultz Studio

Chris Schultz has an unrivaled instinct for naturally revealing the most flattering features from his subjects. He’s become so successful at it, that an array of clients have commissioned him to create compelling campaigns to promote their products. Magazines from around the world rely on him to make lasting images that entice the attention of […]

Hyperrealistic Paintings by Cesar Santander

“I make hyperrealist paintings of toys, tin boxes, crayons, and other still life objects. My goal is to show the objects in ways that they have never been seen before and to show the affection that I feel for these objects. I use color, scale, composition, and microscopic detail to try to acheive these results.” […]

The Photoshop Master – Justin Maller

Justin Maller is an Australian freelance illustrator and art director based in Brooklyn, New York. Enjoy this great combination of colors and line that merge to form a wonderful balance in every piece of his artwork!

The Alien Sand Artist – Jim Denevan

The huge complex designs he carves into sandy beaches are out of this world. Jim Denevan makes freehand drawings in sand. At low tide on wide beaches Jim searches the shore for a wave tossed stick. After finding a good stick and composing himself in the near and far environment Jim draws, laboring up to […]

Impressive retouching skills from Romain Laurent

This frenchman is a highly talented photographer. Fresh, original photos, interesting ideas and a deep sense – that’s what distinguishes photos of Romain Laurent. He has taken lots of brilliant pieces for some biggest advertising agencies and clients in the world.