Moscow Cathedrals – Origami by Sergei Tarasov

Sergei Tarasov is an art teacher who spent the better part of a year origami replicas of Moscow’s cathedrals. Over ten thousand sheets of A4 paper were hand-folded to create these amazing replicas. Sergei is a perfectionist. He has disassembled his work several times when he was unhappy with the way it was going. Each […]

Anatomy and Photography – Photographs by Shay Armstrong

Shay Armstrong describes herself as “an artist working in the photographic arts and the world of body paint and body art”. She used to call herself a “bodypainting photographer” but found out that the label didn’t really cover the multi-faceted  media she works with. Her signature style are nude, body-painted figures photographed in the modernist effect. […]

A Natural Happening – Art Installations by Julian Jones-Pittman, Tisha Boonyawatana, Satsuki Atsumi and Hai Pham

A “happening” is a performance, event or situation that is intended to be an art piece. Natural Impression is a happening is a project by four promising students of California State University – Long Beach. Satsuki Atsumi, Tisha Boonyawatana, Hai Pham, and Julian Jones-Pittman put their heads together and came up with the novel concept behind Natural Impressions. […]

A Small World – Miniatures by David Edwards

David Edwards describes himself as a full-time miniaturist. He has been pursuing his craft since 1983 and now has an impressive collection of teeny, tiny, everyday household objects. Among them are: hairbrushes have real bristles in tufts, combs with teeth accurately scaled, a Victorian breadboard with the word “BREAD” carved in relief, a “cut-throat” razor, […]