A Noble Quest – Digital Art by Anndr

By on January 17, 2013, in Illustrations

45 A Noble Quest – Digital Art by Anndr

Anndr is one of the best digital artists in Ukraine. He has worked with some of the biggest international names in gaming; designing characters and background for a multitude of games. Photoshop CS5 is one of his main tools. Some of Anndr’s characters are androgynous while others are unmistakably female. Even the males are a bit on the feminine side, then again, they’re elves. Attention to detail are one of the things that makes Anndr stand out. His character’s costume, pose, and expression are all taken into account. I’m looking forward to more of his spectacular work in the future.

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Paintings and Portraits by David Stooke

By on January 16, 2013, in Paintings

portrait of a child by newagetraveller d5e2ws8 Paintings and Portraits by David Stooke

David Stooke calls himself the NewAgeTraveller on deviantART. Relocation had him busy for a while, when he came back, it was a pleasant surprise for him to find his 2500+ visits to his account.  He had been selected as one of the daily deviations, which increased the traffic to his account. The quality of his paintings helped as well. They could be described as a cross between photorealistic and classic.

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Through Her Eyes – Traditional Art by Isaiah Stephens

By on January 15, 2013, in Illustrations

Isaiah Stephens5 600x755 Through Her Eyes – Traditional Art by Isaiah Stephens

Isaiah Stephens had a troubled childhood and used drawing and writing as a means of expressing himself. A traditional artist, his drawings have a sketchy, and at the same time, realistic feel to them. Most of his subjects are women and his portraits does them justice. He currently lives in his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts where he divides his time between being a freelance artist and writer.

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Tree + House = Pete Nelson, The Treehouse Guy

By on January 14, 2013, in Concept Art

Pete Nelson tree house 12600 387 Tree + House = Pete Nelson, The Treehouse Guy

Treehouses are something you and your kid brother built in your backyard with little help from Dad, maybe. It’s usually made with a few discarded pieces of lumber and plywood. Pete Nelson’s tree houses on the other hand, are neither shoddily built, nor are they made with scraps of wood. These are first-class tree homes. Pete is the founder of Treehouse Workshop, Inc. He has designed and built treehouses in 26 States and 9 countries over the last 15 years.

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Touched by Fire – Glass Sculptures by Ivan12

By on January 13, 2013, in Sculpture

fragile metamorphic by ivan12 d5ll8qq Touched by Fire – Glass Sculptures by Ivan12

Flameworking is the art of heating and manipulating glass into delicate shapes. Ivan12, an artist from Jogia, Indonesia, uses recycled glass as his medium. It became his way to express his thoughts and emotions. He uses an open flame and his imagination to transform waste into beautiful artwork.He may be new to flameworking but his work certainly shows a lot of promise.

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Pixel-Palooza – Digital Art by eBoy

By on January 12, 2013, in Illustrations

rag folioupdate600 791 Pixel Palooza – Digital Art by eBoy

You may think recycling is something that happens in the ‘real’ world, but apparently, it happens in the digital one too. eBoy Arts is an outfit that creates re-usable pixel objects and uses them to build complex and extensible artwork. This new form of creative expression is called pixel art. Pixel art is a form of digital art, which uses raster graphics software. Images done with pixel art are edited on the pixel level. Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig, and Svend Smital are the artists behind eBoy Arts.

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Running Out of Time – Digital Images by Peppermill

By on January 11, 2013, in Concept Art

badd725c510ad5249e3a42f382d9aede Running Out of Time – Digital Images by Peppermill

5 to 12 is an award winning series of images produced by Peppermill for B.U.N.D. eV, one of Germany’s biggest environmental organizations.  They’re aiming to raise awareness of the fact that time is fast running out for endangered species.Peppermill easily gets the point across. The hands of the clock are inexorably squeezing the, silverback gorilla, the Grizzly bear, and the seal to death. Unless we act NOW, Earth will be a few hundred species poorer.

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A Splash of Color – Digital Art by Ruslan Khasanov

By on January 10, 2013, in Graphic Design

Ruslan Khasanov 31600 600 A Splash of Color – Digital Art by Ruslan Khasanov

Ruslan Khasanovis a relative novice in the art world having graduated from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts just in 2008. This Russian-based artist loves to experiment with various techniques and styles. He specializes in illustration, photography, and graphic design. He also likes working with typography and his colorful, splashy, liquid series is by far my favorite.

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Goblins, Starcraft, and More – Fan Art by Veli Nyström

By on January 9, 2013, in Illustrations

goblin plaguemaster by vablo d5g2zok Goblins, Starcraft, and More – Fan Art by Veli Nyström

Vablo is Veli Nyström when he’s at home. He has a most unusual take on popular characters. Veli’s fan art is first class. Dark, futuristic, and extremely detailed, most of them can be found all over the web. This 25-year-old Finnish artist is definitely one of the ne generation of brilliant artists.

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Caught On Digital Canvas – Pokémons by Gavin Mackey

By on January 8, 2013, in Game Art

charmander by gavin mackey600 600 Caught On Digital Canvas – Pokémons by Gavin Mackey

Halfway from the original manga and current fantasy re-imaginings lies Gavin Mackey’s interpretation of the adorable Pokémon characters. Some of the supper-powered critters became even more adorable while the some turned into the stuff of nightmares. Gastly, Bulbasaur, and Charmander are but a few of the Pokémons he has re-drawn to the delight of fans everywhere.

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