Cinematic Paintings by Joe Simpson

July and After’ is a series of paintings that demonstrate Joe’s increasing interest in creating ‘cinematic’ paintings, with the consistent use of the ‘widescreen’ format and strong theatrical lighting.

Book Carvings by Brian Dettmer

Brian Dettmer is an American contemporary artist. He is noted for his alteration of preexisting media—such as old books, maps, record albums, and cassette tapes—to create new, transformed works of visual fine art. He currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

Artwork by Ken Wong

Ken Wong is an artist/illustrator/designer from Adelaide, Australia. He currently works as an Art Director at a computer game studio called Spicy Horse, in Shanghai.


Office workers. In an office. Wearing clothing made entirely of office supplies. By Ted Sabarese, a new york based photographer.

Back To The Future

Irina Werning, a Buenos Aires Photographer asked friends and family to “re-enact” old photos of themselves for an ongoing project, which she christened “Back to the Future.”

On the way

A joint project by Uta Schönknecht & Ralph Gräf focused around a nostalgically appearing couple, who find themselves in unusual, sometimes bizarre scenarious. The protagonists of the series are the two artists themselves. The lomographic appearance of some photos is due to the use of Diana+ plastic lenses.