Catch A Tiger by Its Toe – Sculptures by Gábor Miklós Szőke

By on November 23, 2012, in Sculpture

Sculptures Gabor Miklos Szoke7 Catch A Tiger by Its Toe – Sculptures by Gábor Miklós Szőke

Gábor Miklós Szőke is a Hungarian artist whose massive wooden sculptures are as well built as they are aesthetically pleasing. His installation “The Rocking Horse” is an actual rocking horse which weighed 3.5tons and could accommodate 70 riders. Other equally humongous sculptures include a the 51-foot long dinosaur he created for the Hungarian Wood Festival in 2010 and the 78-foot wooden whale he made for the CET Culture Centre.

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Absolution in Death – Paintings by Danny Malboeuf

By on November 22, 2012, in Paintings

danny malboeuf kolaboy part2 14 Absolution in Death – Paintings by Danny Malboeuf

Literature and music are Danny Malboeuf’s greatest inspirations. He works mainly with acrylics. Danny’s style may be described as a combination of surrealistic and Pre-Raphaelite sensibilities. He has had numerous one-man exhibitions in the past two decades. His work can be found in various private collection around the world.  Some might be offended  by the quasi-religious references in his work, but most will simply give a shrug and take a closer look at the big picture itself.

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Blurred – Street Art by Borondo

By on November 21, 2012, in Illustrations

Street Art by Borondo from Spain 3 Blurred – Street Art by Borondo

Borondo is a young and promising street artist from Spain. Unlike most artists of today, he doesn’t strive for realism in his work. As a matter of fact, his characters all seem oddly blurred around the edges. Their features seemingly melt together, and at times, even altogether missing. He also has also done some large-scale work in his trademarked blurry fashion which has probably caused many a passer-by to pause and squint to try and make it out.

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Critters and Things – 3D Drawings by Ramon Bruin

By on November 20, 2012, in Illustrations

Ramon Bruin4 600x450 Critters and Things – 3D Drawings by Ramon Bruin

Ramon Bruin is a mostly self-taught artist who works with oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints. He also dabbles with charcoal, pencils and graphite. He has recently dabbled with eerily realistic 3D drawings. His drawings usually feature a critter or two, some of which you wish were real, some you fervently pray don’t exist.

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Future Memories by Catherine Nelson

By on November 19, 2012, in Graphic Design

Catherine Nelson3 Future Memories by Catherine Nelson

Catherine Nelson has had extensive experience in both film and television. She was one of those who created the impressive visual effects for films such as Moulin Rouge, Australia, 300, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Shefelt that taking ordinary pictures limited her expression of self and started taking her photos to another level through digital manipulation. Her series Future Memories is composed of thousands of meticulously assembled details taken from hundreds of shots. She is currently based in Sydney, Australia.

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A Close Shave – Illustrations by Derby Blue

By on November 18, 2012, in Illustrations

Derby Blue51 A Close Shave – Illustrations by Derby Blue

Derby blue, according to Merriam-Webster, is a  dark violet that is bluer, lighter, and stronger than plum purple and bluer and stronger than average blue plum. The creator of the wince-inducing illustration above is also Derby Blue. He is an Italian illustrator who describes himself as “male and taken”. He hails from João Pessoa and currently works out of Firenze, Italy.

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Oil Painting by Wlodzimierz Kuklinski

By on November 17, 2012, in Paintings

Wlodzimierz Kuklinski11 Oil Painting by Wlodzimierz Kuklinski

Wlodzimierz Kuklinski is a self-taught Polish painter and illustrator. His work is found on more than a hundred books. He also designs posters, book covers, trademarks, wrappings and CD covers. He works primarily with oils and his paintings often depict young women in thoughtful contemplation. Wlodzimierz loves illustrating fairy tales, historical books, and detective stories.

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The Many Faces of Trotter – Dog Portraits by Sonya Yu

By on November 16, 2012, in Photography

Photographer Sonya Yu dog portraits 13 The Many Faces of Trotter – Dog Portraits by Sonya Yu

Trotter, is a one-year old pug whose portrait is fast becoming viral on the net. Sonya Yu, her human, is a full-time food photographer based in San Francisco, California. Sonya’s exquisitely delicious food photos might earn her a living, but Trotter’s meteoric rise to fame is really putting Sonya on the map.

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Fire and Ice – Photographs by Andre Ermolaev

By on November 15, 2012, in Photography

andre 3 Fire and Ice – Photographs by Andre Ermolaev

A glance at these photos and you’ll be screaming FAAAKE! Well, just because they look impossible, doesn’t mean they’re Photoshopped. These are actually nothing more than aerial photos of rivers flowing through beds of volcanic ash with a couple of volcanic craters thrown in. Photographer Andre Ermolaev has made it his life’s work to document these fleeting glimpses of natural beauty.

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Brains and Beheadings – Silhouettes by David A. Reeves

By on November 14, 2012, in Design

paper 2 Brains and Beheadings –  Silhouettes by David A. Reeves

David A. Reeves is a native of Rhode Island and is currently studying photography at NSCAD University. He has won the Student Award in the Nov/Dec issue of Canada’s Applied Arts for his series “My Limbo”. He carefully photographed cardboard silhouettes of zombie invasions, ninja face-off, Batman rescues, and scenes from the video game Limbo. The shots are not at all two-dimensional, as a matter of fact, they all have amazing depth. David has successfully given a macabre twist to a child’s past-time. When not shooting photos of creepy dioramas, David writes music.

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