A Matter of Taste – Fulvio Bonavia

A Matter of Taste is a collection of Fulvio Bonavia’s delectable creations. Among them are fruit and vegetable handbags, a cashew shoe, candy rings, pastry bracelet, eggplant shoes, pasta belt, rice boots, and my personal favorite: lettuce thongs. Fulvio’s innate brilliance with inventive imagery has led big names like Adidas, Sony, Montblanc, and Pirelli to […]

Cozy in a Tree – Outstanding Bird Photography by Sompob Sasismit

Sompob Sasismit is a nature photographer who’s lucky enough to live in Thailand with its thousands of acres of untouched forests. Sasismit specializes in bird photography and has captured hundreds of colorfully captivating portraits of birds in their natural environment.  He said:”I’m inspired and motivated by Thailand’s natural beauty and the charm of wild animals. […]

Crystal Jam by Sookoon Ang

For reasons known only to herself, Singaporean artist calls this series: “Your Love Is Like A Chunk of Gold”. She has somehow managed to turn an ordinary, everyday object into something alien. The sculptures are still recognizably pieces of bread, but the multicolored crystal growths on them will make anyone look twice. The second look […]

Underwater Bonsai by Makoto Azuma

Bonsai is one of the oldest artforms in Japan. Artist Makoto Azuma has taken it a step further by combining the elements of the bonsai with aquascaping. His latest work “Water and Bonsai” is a completely submerged bonsai made of waterlogged branches and creatively attached pieces of java moss. The whole thing is set-up in […]

Cubed – Sculptures by Michael Johansson

Michael Johansson’s art would appeal to those afflicted with OCD. Luggage of the same hue arranged in a perfect cube appeals to a disorganized traveler like me, but it’s not only luggage that falls prey to Michael’s symmetric prowess. He does kitchenware, electrical gadgets, garden tools, and appliances too. Clearly, he spent a lot of […]

Pencil Shavings – Sculptures by Jessica Drenk

Jessica Drenk is a South Carolina-based artist whose unique, nature-inspired sculptures are made from an altogether ubiquitous material. Wooden pencils. She stuck hundreds of pencils together using wood glue and artistically cut and shaped them to vaguely resemble driftwood, stalactites, stalagmites, and shells. She said: “By transforming familiar objects into nature-inspired forms and patterns, I examine […]