The Order of X – Re-imagined Comic Book Characters by Nate Hallinan

By on February 11, 2014, in Illustrations

003 hot concept art nate hallinan The Order of X – Re imagined Comic Book Characters by Nate Hallinan

Nate Hallinan is an American concept artist who thought it would be a fun exercise to re-imagine the X-Men characters in an alternate medieval reality. Thus emerged The Order of the X, a group of ‘gifted’ individuals in the service of Lord Charles Xavier. “The Order provides sanctuary and protection to individuals outcast by society due to their innate abnormalities. These people are often misidentified as monsters, demons, warlocks and witches.”. Nate currently works freelance but will be more than happy to work in-house when available.

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Nicked Nickels – Hobo Nickel Art by Paolo Curcio

By on February 10, 2014, in Sculpture

mrthe 7 Nicked Nickels – Hobo Nickel Art by Paolo Curcio

Hobo nickel art is a broad term that refers to miniature bas relief sculptures carved into coins, often nickels. Nickels became the go-to medium of choice for their cheapness and malleability. Paolo Curcio is one of the savants in this particular genre, carving out skulls, E.T., Frankenstein’s monster, a deranged clown, and even Moby Dick onto the surface of a variety of coins. This Barcelona-based artist has the amazing knack for utilizing ‘clad coins’ (coins made from multiple layers of metal) to create background patterns and flourishes. You can check out his eBay account for these miniature masterpieces in case you’re interested.

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Exceptional Landscape and Animal Photography by Lee Bothma

By on February 9, 2014, in Photography

lioness stare portrait Exceptional Landscape and Animal Photography by Lee Bothma

Lee Bothma describes himself as an adventurous person who love to travel and explore the remote areas of South Africa. He hopes to find the few remaining untouched places in South Africa. Known for its sweeping vistas and wildlife, there’s no better place for a promising landscape and wildlife photographer. Lee said: “I have a great love for the African bush and all its small curiosities that most overlook, from the little guys crossing the roads to the towering elephants that sculpt our landscape, and this love for the wild has transformed an interest in photography into a love and deep passion for me.”

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A Dream Deterred – Impressive Landscape Photography by Michael J. Quinn

By on February 8, 2014, in Photography

rainbow winds A Dream Deterred – Impressive Landscape Photography by Michael J. Quinn


Michael J. Quinn is a self-taught photographer whose goal is to capture awe-inspiring landscapes. His passion for photography blossomed in his teens when his mother gave him an SLR camera as a birthday gift. A family trip to Colorado affected him deeply and he vowed one day to return and capture its beauty on film. Life put his dream on hold as he pursued a career in Engineering and had started a family. Another trip to Colorado sparked his dream back to life and he hasn’t stopped looking through the lens ever since.

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Hand-Crafted Tamari Balls – Photography by NanaAkua

By on February 7, 2014, in Photography

grandmother embroidered temari balls japan 5 600x402 Hand Crafted Tamari Balls – Photography by NanaAkua

Temari, also known as ‘gotenmari’, are traditional New Year’s gifts for children in Japan. It takes a lot of patience, dexterity, and precision to make one of these colorful handballs. Qualities which the 92-year-old grandmother of photographer NanaAkua apparently doesn’t lack. NanaAkua’s grandmother learned the technique in the 60′s and she has been making one ever since. She currently has a selection of over 500 intricately designed handballs with absolutely no pattern repeating itself.
You can check out more of her work at NanaAkua’s Flickr account.

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In Daryl We Trust – Awesome Fan Art by Michael Rogers

By on February 6, 2014, in Illustrations

tumblr mvljzykzdo1s74l29o1 500 In Daryl We Trust – Awesome Fan Art by Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers, also known as BigBadRobot is a huge fan of The Walking Dead. While most fans limit their fanhood to likes on Facebook, Michael expresses his through his awesome fan art. His artwork puts the official posters to shame. Michael’s work often incorporates the silhouette of a main character set against an utterly recognizable scene from the movie/TV show. He’s also a fan of Breaking Bad, Wolverine, Batman, Sherlock, and the Game of Thrones.

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Fun and Interactive Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

By on February 5, 2014, in Concept Art

street 2 640x640 Fun and Interactive Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic is a street artist whose photo-based murals have been cropping up all over Europe, Malaysia, and Singapore. Most, if not all, of his work is site-specific. The first thing he does when making a new piece is to take lots of photographs of the place before choosing the angles with which to paint his subject. He said: “Working with children allows more anonymity, I don’t consider my artworks to be portraits of a specific person, rather a universal experience.” His subjects can be seen interacting with real objects like bikes, motorcycles, chairs, shopping carts, and even roofs.

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Each One Unique – Snowflake Macrophotography by Andrew Osokin

By on February 4, 2014, in Photography

Macro Ice Photography 10 Each One Unique – Snowflake Macrophotography by Andrew Osokin

Andrew Osokin is a Russian photographer who loves capturing close-up shots of snowflakes. With all that snow in Moscow, it’s easy enough for him to pick and choose a subject. His camera of choice is a Nikon D80 and a Nikon D90 DSLR fitted with a 60mm or 90mm macro lens. Some of the snowflakes he’s captured are in the process of melting which gives them even weirder shapes. Each of Andrew’s shots are so amazingly detailed one might almost mistake them for computer generated images.

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Awesomely Accurate Celebrity Portraits by Piotr Lesniak

By on February 3, 2014, in Illustrations

Piotr Lesniak  8600 673 Awesomely Accurate Celebrity Portraits by Piotr Lesniak

Piotr Lesniak is the artist behind these awesome celebrity portraits. What’s unique about his work is that he doesn’t focus solely on Hollywood celebrities. Also, his portraits have a distinctly woodcut feel about them, and yet each one is utterly recognizable. Among the celebrities whose likeness he has captured are: Jude Law, Jeremy Irons, Haruki Murakami, and Angela Merkel. Piotr is currently based in Warsaw, Poland.

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Before It’s Gone – Photography by Justin Hofman

By on February 2, 2014, in Photography

Ant2012 DJH3420 copy Before It’s Gone – Photography by Justin Hofman

Justin Hofman is an underwater photographer, videographer, and naturalist who loves to document the fast-vanishing landscapes of Antartica. He said: “The planet’s polar regions are warming at incredible rates. Who knows what these areas will look like in 50-100 years? Abstract shapes. Brilliant blues. Who doesn’t like getting lost in a chaos of crystals?” His incredible half-submerged underwater shots of whales, penguins on ice floes, and icebergs set him apart form other nature photographers. If you ever want to give him words of wisdom or encouragement, suggestions, or a million-dollar donation, please feel free to contact him on his site linked at the bottom of the page.

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