Excelentes Ilustraciones por Richard Davies

By on March 9, 2012, in Graphic Design

37efda1afbc2816c85a12dcbedd0e467 Excelentes Ilustraciones por Richard Davies

Richard Davies es un diseñador grafico que se caracteriza por sus trabajos en revistas y sitios web. Una de sus grandes pasiones aparte de diseñar, es la ilustración. Click here for more »

A Love Story by Elovich

By on March 8, 2012, in Photography

love story photography 7 A Love Story by Elovich

It’s never easy being in love, harder still when you’re telling your story while lying on the floor. In this captivating and funny series by Ukrainian photographer Elovich, we see two people meet, fall in love, fall apart, and get on with their lives. The plot may be run-of-the mill, but it is how Elovich tells it that sets it apart. Each image is so perfectly executed and well thought-out that it would take some time for a casual observer to tell that the couple is actually lying on the floor.

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Audrey Kawasaki’s One-of-a-Kind Wood Panel Paintings

By on March 7, 2012, in Paintings

whereirest lj1 Audrey Kawasaki’s One of a Kind Wood Panel Paintings

While most painters smear oil paint on canvas, Audrey Kawasaki chose a different medium. Almost all of her work are done on wood panels, giving her paintings a textured look. At times, the wood’s grain itself lends the painting a certain authenticity. Audrey also uses graphite along with oil paint to create her paintings. Her work is known for its erotically disturbing graphic imagery featuring prepubescent girls and boys. Art critics describe her style as “as a fusion of Art Nouveau and Japanese manga”.

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Cutting Edge Digital Art by Michael Oswald

By on March 6, 2012, in Graphic Design

Michael Oswald artist 5 Cutting Edge Digital Art by Michael Oswald

Canvas, oil paint, watercolor, paper, pen, and ink may never go out of style; but a new generation of artists raised in the digital age could certainly hold their own against the artists of old. Anybody with a PC can tinker with a digital image. On the other hand, digitally manipulating photos to such a degree that turns them into a piece of art is no easy task. For talented artists like Michael Oswald, creativity is limited only by the imagination. Michael is a California-based digital artist who specializes in photo manipulation, portraits, and ‘HotBots’. His works are simply perfect and will definitely look great on UPrinting canvas prints and posters. Click here for more »

Gijs & Van Vaerenbergh’s Reading Between the Lines

By on March 5, 2012, in Design

amazing church 106 Gijs & Van Vaerenbergh’s Reading Between the Lines

Last year, two up-and-coming Belgian architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh started their architectural collaboration that was to grace the countryside of Borgloon in Limburg, Belgium. The design of the church was based on the local church and consists of 30 tons of steel and 2000 columns. According to their website, the church they built does not fulfill its classical function, and can be read as a heritage-related reflection on the present vacancy of churches in the area and their potential artistic reuse.

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Bonsai Tree Houses by Takanori Aiba

By on March 5, 2012, in Sculpture

sculpture 1 1 600x824 Bonsai Tree Houses by Takanori Aiba

A tree doesn’t have to be a few meters tall before you could consider building a tree house in it. Takanori Aiba conquers the possibilities of how small a tree should be for putting a house with it. These bonsai tree houses have been sculpted and formed with such elegance and detail one must have at least once thought of what it might look like if it was built on the bigger trees.
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Hands-Free Paintings by Huang Guofu

By on March 4, 2012, in Paintings

armless painter3 Hands Free Paintings by Huang Guofu

Artistically gifted people can create beautiful art, no matter what. Chinese artist Huang Guofu proves the point. He lost both his arms at the age of four due to an electrical accident. Undeterred by his handicap, he started painting with his feet to support his sick father when he was twelve years old. Later he taught himself to paint with his mouth too (using a different brush, I hope). He sold his paintings on the street and at first, people bought them out of pity. These days, his paintings are considered collector’s items in China. ” I want to let the younger generation know that there are no real obstacles in life. The only obstacle is if you want to do it”. – Huang Guofu
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Negative Space and Famous Figures by Noma Bar

By on March 4, 2012, in Graphic Design

11 Negative Space and Famous Figures by Noma Bar

“Guess who?” That is the mini-game Noma Bar seemed to want to portray in his somehow themed designs on the concept of negative space. Famous figures have been minimalized into a few specks of relative objects here and there, thereby creating icons which prove to the viewer that yes, these people are actually prominent enough to be identified despite lack of detail. Can you actually guess who they are?
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National Flags With A Twist

By on March 3, 2012, in Design

foodflags9 National Flags With A Twist

The Crave Sydney International Food Festival is a much-anticipated annual event in Australia. Last year, they hired WHYBIN; a topnotch advertising agency. They came up with the idea of creating food flags. Since making a flag out of food was deemed too easy, they upped the ante by making food flags with specific types of food. Only food indigenous to the country were used in a food flag. Looking at their delectable work makes one feel patriotic and hungry at the same time.

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Vinyl Hookups by Voices of East Anglia

By on March 3, 2012, in Concept Art

5463517168 d311d96371 z1 Vinyl Hookups by Voices of East Anglia

Valentines’ Day might be over but it isn’t too late for some matchmaking! This time, it’s going to be done with the use of vintage album covers. Voices of East Anglia showed that creativity can be well-played through these records to actually provoke a subtle laugh or nudge that upward curve in the lips of the viewers.
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