Life At A Glance – Photos by Adrian Sommeling

Dutch photographer Adrian Sommeling can tell a story with one click. He started mucking around with a camera just February of last year and hasn’t looked back since. According to him, photography opens your eyes to stuff around you. It has certainly made a big impact on his life. His main inspiration comes from life, […]

Manic Manipulations by Christophe Huet

  Christophe Huet’d masterful digital manipulations make him a favorite among advertising companies. His work is a perfect fusion between old-school photography and digital created composites. Somehow, he melts the thin barrier between reality and his own tortured imagination resulting in viscerally surreal images.

Graffiti Girls by Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson’s series “Graffiti Girls” highlights the contrast between the innocent and the jaded. The subject of his paintings are innocent young girls, some barely out of babyhood, posing against a backdrop of graffiti. He was quoted saying: ” Each (painting) contain the contrast of the untainted, young and innocent against a backdrop of a […]

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler – Illustrations by Veronika Kalacheva

  Veronika Kalacheva is a Moscow artist and illustrator whose specialty is watercolor. Her work appears in numerous magazines, editorials and books. Watercolor may be considered by some artists as a child’s medium, but in Veronica’s hands, the characters come alive. The illustration above is from a novel by E.L. Konigsburg: “From the Mixed-Up Files […]

A Few Simple Truths – Oil On Canvas by Justyna Kopania

Justyna Kopania is an artist through and through. She can’t imagine existing without her art, her imagination, and her inspirations. Her work expresses a certain kind of truth with sincerity. It is because of this that most of those who patronize her work find themselves in her paintings. She prefers using oils on huge canvasses

String Theory – Art Installations by Gabriel Dawe

Gabriel Dawe challenges the long-held notions of machismo through his art. He grew up in Mexico and as a child, he was forbidden to explore the artistic elements of textiles and embroidery, areas which are usually reserved for women. He now lives in Texas and has made a name for himself with his colorful thread […]

Street Stone by Léo Caillard

Léo Caillard is the artist behind Street Stone. With a liberal application of modern clothes, he has a given new twist to ancient statues scattered all around the Louvre. Of course, he wasn’t actually allowed to dress up the statues themselves, so he did the next best thing. He took shots of his friends who […]