Compelling Black and White Shots by Tom Hoops

Tom Hoops is a self-taught British photographer who has been shooting professionally since 2008. He has worked with prestigious names such as Vogue Italia talents, Readers Digest, Vaseline, DT menswear, and many more. Tom’s photos are akin to psychological thrillers. Deep, dark, and compelling, he has an almost instinctive talent in using black and white […]

Aqua Building in Chicago

image courtesy of Steve Hall © Heidrich Blessing The Aqua building in Chicago is a stunning example of exquisite architecture.  Since it was completed in 2010, Aqua has become a signature piece in the iconic Chicago skyline.  Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architects has received numerous awards and accolades for her work involved with the design of the […]

A Forest of Trees – Photographs by Tomas Morkes

In our increasingly urbanized world, nature is fast becoming an abstract concept instead of being an all-pervading presence. Tomas Morkes is a Czech photographer who captures moving images of trees for the benefit of posterity. His images exude a sense of serenity and peace, something urbanites are hard-pressed to find. The foggy atmosphere gives his shots […]

The Feminine Side – Portraits by Pavel Lepeshev

Pavel Lepeshev is a Russian-based photographer who prefers his shots to do the talking. He doesn’t have a biography, and from other than the fact that he’s from Russia, we know next to nothing about him. What we do know, is that he takes great portraits of women. The kind that showcases their femininity without […]

Men and Mustaches – Expressionist Paintings by Aaron Smith

If there’s anything that distinguishes men from the Victorian era, it’s their mustaches. For Aaron Smith, a mustachioed gentlemen himself, these men represent a masculine ideal. Their serious expressions, stiff poses, and spectacularly bearded faces does a great deal to mask an inner vulnerability. The extremely colorful palette which he uses to portray these gentlemen […]

Designer Fashion by Ignasi Monreal

Ignasi Monreal was born in Barcelona, Spain. He studied Comic and Illustration at Escola Joso and graduated from Fashion Creative Direction at Instituto Europeo di Design. He is currently a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. His work has been published in magazines such as Vogue Spain, V Magazine Spain, and Harper’s Bazaar Spain.

Life’s Questions – Photographs by Beata Rydén

Beata Rydén is a 26 year old photographer from Sweden. She uses her photography to visualize inner worlds. Beata is devoured by existential questions: Why are we here? How are we supposed to live our lives? What dos it mean to be alive? We can see through her surreal and dreamlike shots that she’s still […]