Fun with Food Art by Vanessa Dualib

By on March 2, 2012, in Concept Art

vdualib16 Fun with Food Art by Vanessa Dualib

When one is both hungry and bored, sometimes it can result to more than an ounce of high-end imagination. Vanessa Dualib takes humor into food art and uses creativity to pose a story or a scene. Combined with believable expressions marked on the subjects is her perfect timing with the capture of each shot, imposing that it was as if these lifeless objects are actually animated.
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Giuseppe Salerno’s Arcano

By on March 1, 2012, in Graphic Design

1297543679 4936 dcv3detail1 Giuseppe Salerno’s Arcano

After four months of careful calligraphy, Italian graphic designer Giuseppe Salerno finally unveils his new typeface. Arcano is perhaps the most detailed typeface out there today. Each letter is composed of symbols, icons, and jewels delicately hand-drawn on Japanese calligraphy paper with a quill pen and Chinese ink. Giuseppe, a.k.a. Resistenza is already planning on a new typeface using the same technique.

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Made Like Manhattan by Yutaka Sone

By on March 1, 2012, in Sculpture

Island by Yutaka Sone Made Like Manhattan by Yutaka Sone

If you happen to think the photo looks like some random blocks carved out and then called art, think again! This well-thought idea of carving such masterpiece was already mindblowing, more so knowing it’s the map of no other than the city of Manhattan. On this marble, you can see just how much time, effort, money and most of all, patience this Japanese artist known as Yutaka Sone has given, which of course, will never go to waste.

Andrew Atroshenko’s Awesome Art

By on February 29, 2012, in Paintings

1 Andrew Atroshenko’s Awesome Art

Andrew Atroshenko’s work  is distinguished by the movement, color, and passion. He poses his subjects in such a way that draws the eye and emphasizes the grace of the human form, whether in movement or in stillness. The sureness of his strokes lend his canvases a certain boldness that makes one want to linger. Atroshenko’s talent was nurtured and came into full bloom in the prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Art. These days, most of his work are snatched up almost as soon as they are made by art enthusiasts the world over.

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Icons’ Portraits by Krzysztof Lucasiewicz

By on February 28, 2012, in Illustrations

whitney houston by krzysztof20d d4ptxrx Icons’ Portraits by Krzysztof Lucasiewicz

His name may be a mouthful but the pencil portraits he makes are definitely worth a second look. With bold strokes and subtle shadings, Krzysztof Lucasiewicz brings to life today’s most-talked about celebrities. He doesn’t limit his subjects to pop icons either, he also makes portraits of ordinary people. Now, there are many pencil and paper portrait artists out there, but this Polish artist captures the vitality and character of his subjects. It is this quality that makes Krzysztof Lucasiewicz’s work stand out above the rest.

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Dark-Surrealistic Paintings by Davide Martini (Hero-Parasite)

By on February 28, 2012, in Paintings

Synthesis I.Ijpg  600x782 Dark Surrealistic Paintings by Davide Martini (Hero Parasite)

Hero-parasite (Davide Martini) was born in a remote Italian province, always nurtured a passion for art and aesthetics. At first, the passion for hip hop culture and graffiti and then begin to have confidence in the self-taught airbrush, producing customized for each media type: cars, bikes, helmets, mobile phones, clothes and everything. Graduated as a graphic designer for advertising enters the world of fashion,specializing in graphics and printing on the product. Always attracted by dark and biomechanics finally finds the inspiration as a result of some experiences that lead him to create this dark world. With the establishment of Hardcore Familia with Rugeboy and Sten, finds a way to vent all his creativity. Drum’n'bass nights, video production and VJ sets, flyers, t-shirts and ending with competitions and exhibitions of art, always sponsoring our underground culture and accompanied and supported by their group that over the years has widened.
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Octavio Ocampo’s Metamorphic Paintings

By on February 27, 2012, in Paintings

127 ocampo friendship of don quixote 030321 Octavio Ocampo’s Metamorphic Paintings

Octavio Ocampo is  one of Mexico’s most prolific artists. He grew up in an artistically gifted family, and he took in the arts with his mother’s milk. This multi-talented artist not only paints, he also sculpts, acts, and dances. It was only in the mid-’70s that he devoted himself solely to painting and sculpture. Ocampo calls his painting style ‘metamorphic’, and indeed it is. Seen from afar, his painting might seem like a simple image, but a closer look reveals it to be made up of dozens, if not hundreds of smaller images. Their arrangement is so delightfully mind-boggling that one can’t help but wonder how he conceptualizes his pieces.

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The Eye Behind the Lens

By on February 26, 2012, in Photography

behind photographs2 550x794 The Eye Behind the Lens

A picture is a moment in time, eternally captured, yet forever lost. It is, in essence, proof of the past. Iconic images are taken when the camera clicks just at the right moment. But what of the people behind the photographs? For the past five years, Tim Mantoani has made it his job to capture these photographers holding their most iconic image. As a personal touch he made each photographer write a short story about the image. According to Tim “Cameras did not make these photographs, the photographers did. . . . history would not have been recorded through their eyes and these moments they hold would not exist for our observation.

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Weightless Underwater Photography by Howard Schatz

By on February 25, 2012, in Photography

howard schatz7 550x769 Weightless Underwater Photography by Howard Schatz

Underwater, even lumbering hippos become ballerinas, it is the closest thing we humans could come to being weightless without leaving Earth. In this amazing series of photographs, Howard Schatz takes full advantage of the all the properties of water and pull off the most amazing shots. He loves capturing the optical illusions created by the refraction of light off the water’s surface. Being underwater also lends his models a certain grace that is heightened by the gauze-like material they wear. Howard Schatz is a prolific photographer who has received international acclaim for his work. He rose to stardom in the 1990s with his two collections of underwater photography, Water Dance and Pool Light. Click here for more »

Creative Word Images by Ji Lee

By on February 25, 2012, in Graphic Design

Ji Lee Word as Image071 Creative Word Images by Ji Lee

Ji Lee from New York gives a creative touch to typography with witty representations of the letters in a word, giving meaning to itself. Simple ideas, yet very intelligent concepts, make it a tease to the eyes of the viewers.
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