A Graceful Pause by Anton Surkov

Movement, grace, sensuality – words that come to mind when looking at Anton Surkov’s yet untitled series featuring dancers perfectly captured while in motion. The liberal use of chalk dust accentuates the outline of the dancers. Well-toned bodies are shown to their best advantage with the contrasting use of light and dark. Judging from this […]

Portraits of Oneself by Arno Rafaesl Minkkinen

Arno Rafaesl Minkkinen is a performance artist and a photographer. He started making self-portraits in the early seventies and hasn’t stopped making them since. Most of his shots are difficult and dangerous enough that a lot of photographers wouldn’t attempt them even when fully clothed. Arno, on the other hand, does it naked as the […]

Digital Art by Marcela Bolivar

Marcela Bolivar is a new, up-and coming graphic designer who lives and works in Cali, Colombia. She graduated as a cum laude from the Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes Cali. Marcela’s focus has been on digital art since 2004. The photographs that fall into her hands are transformed in to surrealistic images that somehow convey […]

Wild Imaginings – Photo Montages by Patrick Desmet

Patrick Desmet is anart photographer from Belgium, Kortrijk. He started messing around photographs in 1995 and found he couldn’t stop. Patrick’s trademark is his wacky and surreal montages of imaginary landscapes, with oddly proportioned people thrown in here and there. He said: “Creating a montage has always been one of my favorite creative outlets. I […]

Iconic Sports Collage by Jens Ullrich

Jens Ullrich is a Berlin-based artist. His large-scale, sports-oriented collages came out just in time for the 2012 London Olympics. They fuse together iconic moments in sports with elegant Grecian sculptures. The old-meets-new images are cunningly put together. They might not entirely be perfectly joined at times but the dramatic combination of motionless stone merged […]

Digital Flowers by Silvia Cordedda

Silvia GufoZucca Cordedda is a digital artist based in Italy. The digital flowers shown here are made entirely of digital lights.I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they turned out to be endemic in Pandora, something the Na’vi could wear in their hair. Don’t ask me how she found the time to faithfully re-create these […]

Faux Renaissance Portraits by Josef Fischnaller

Josef Fischnaller is a Berlin-based Austrian fashion and advertising photographer. He studied photography at the Academy of Graphic Design in Vienna and currently has his own studio in Berlin. A closer look at his renaissance-inspired portraits will give you some pleasant surprises. Mona Lisa didn’t sit in a swivel chair and had a lip ring. […]

Landscapes by Florian Ritter

Florian Ritter is a Shanghai-based photographer who hails from Frankfurt, Germany. Bored with the tedium that comes with an office job, he quit and went off to see the world through a camera lens. Nowadays, he’s known for his landscape & travel photography. He is also a freelance creative director and has worked with Ikea […]