Cool Photography – Sintesis Aditiva Photography Project

By on August 14, 2012, in Photography

17012012 DSC 1407 Cool Photography   Sintesis Aditiva Photography Project

Space is space on it´s own, human is human on it´s own, and the sum of this two elements gives us a manipulated environment in which functionality steps away from meaning and where besides of motion you can still perceive life, because far from and anthropocentric view, a being is the essence of space, that once interpreted and modified, looses its selfness and transforms into and appendix longing energy to accomplish it function and mean something.
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Paintings of Flamenco Dancers by BrushDancing

By on August 13, 2012, in Paintings

flame soldx3 600x930 Paintings of Flamenco Dancers by BrushDancing

Let me introduce myself with a few examples of my recent work………

These flamenco dancing paintings are produced using oil on high quality stretched canvas…. Also available as high quality limited edition prints on textured paper…….

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Wacky Critter Close-Ups by Shikhei Goh

By on August 13, 2012, in Photography

Shikhei Goh14 Wacky Critter Close Ups by Shikhei Goh

Shikhei Goh is a self-confessed macro addict who lives and works in Singapore. Unlike other addictions,  his has won him an award from National Geographic. He started taking Macro photographs in 2011 and hasn’t taken a break since. “I have always said to myself that I must and I can make great photos. After countless of trials and errors, explorations, and criticisms I can say that I am happy enough for what I have achieved now.” – Shikhei Goh

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Fascinatingly Fanciful Art by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo

By on August 12, 2012, in Illustrations

them birds final Fascinatingly Fanciful Art by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo

Dan Elijah G. Fajardo is a full-time, Filipino graphic artist currently based in Manila. He has a child-like attitude towards art that spurs him to create simple, yet moving pieces centered around fantasy and science fiction. Dreams, childhood memories, space, stars, and fantasy fascinate him. Dan pencils a sketch before making his ideas come alive on Adobe Photoshop. Juan Luna, a Philippine National artist, is an inspiration of his. Andy Warhol and Banksy are also a major influence in his art.

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Smart and Savvy Street Signs by Clet Abraham

By on August 11, 2012, in Concept Art

Clet Abraham12 Smart and Savvy Street Signs by Clet Abraham

Clet Abraham turns the ordinary into a statement. He lives and works in Florence, Italy where he has his own studio. According to him, his inspiration from his street signs art stem from a reflection upon our ‘common visual space’. Street signs are everywhere in Italy and he feels that some of them simply ‘verge on the absurd’. What’s an artist to do? Clet improves the signs by placing adhesive stickers that will make every motorist and pedestrian take a second look.

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Gardens of Blooms by André Feliciano

By on August 10, 2012, in Concept Art

7423034014 b7d6e7680b b Gardens of Blooms by André Feliciano

André Felicianois a gardener of art. His colorful installations can be mistaken for a real flower garden, at least from afar. The flowers are faithfully recreated using miniature, plastic cameras. This Brazilian artist proclaims that as a gardener of art, it is his duty to cultivate ideas.

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Eye-Catching Digital Art by Joerg Litschko

By on August 9, 2012, in Graphic Design

thumbs Joerg Litschko 01 Eye Catching Digital Art by Joerg Litschko

Joerg Litschko is a digital artist based in Germany whose trademark is variety. As a child, he started drawing with pen and paper and worked his way up to digital media. His work may at times be subtle, the colors dull and muted. There are also times when the explosion of color is enough to take your breath away. Joerg’s skill in capturing the viewer’s eye has led him to design numerous ads for gadgets, anti-alcohol campaigns, perfumes, and many more.

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A Summary of Sumo by Paolo Patrizi

By on August 8, 2012, in Photography

Paolo Patrizi Sumo16 A Summary of Sumo by Paolo Patrizi

Paolo Patrizi started as an assistant to other photographers in London. Freelance work started to trickle in and rose to a flood after he won several international awards.  Paolo specializes in documentary photography and most of his series explore the underlying conflict between rapid economic growth and ancient culture. In his series “Sumo”, he explores the ancient art of sumo wrestling and the scandal erupting in the sport in recent years.

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One Hot Aternoon in July – Paintings by Laura Sanders

By on August 7, 2012, in Paintings

Laura Sanders16 One Hot Aternoon in July – Paintings by Laura Sanders

Water is a recurring setting in most of Laura Sander’ paintings. She describes it as  “at once mystical and mundane”.  Sandra began her obsession with water when she saw a  photograph of young girls trying to do normal things like go shopping in a big flood. Her imagination started to run away and she just went with it. Her subjects are usually her then 11-year-old daughter and her friends. Her paintings are a piece of everyone’s childhood we wish we could hang on to. That one magical day in the middle of summer when we didn’t have a care in the world.

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Digital Paintings by Alice Newberry

By on August 6, 2012, in Concept Art

Alice Newberry part2 9 Digital Paintings by Alice Newberry

Art is Alice Newberry’s passion. She is a freelance graphic designer with fifteen years worth of work under her belt. She is one of those infinitely lucky people whose love their job. Her work is usually described as digital paintings. The term is a bit misleading as there is no actual paint involved in the process, nor is canvas used. Yet the end result is, at times, even better than the real thing.

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