Nick Is Not Bansky – Photographs by Nick Stern

Nick Stern is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose specialty is covering subjects that including people trafficking, child prostitution, natural disasters, immigration, and civil unrest. Recently, he has taken it into his head to photograph re-enactments of Bansky‘s work. He faithfully replicated every detail of the murals with fantastic results. Predictably enough, the title of this […]

Classic Street Art by Andrea Michaelsson and Ilia Mayer

Andrea Michaelsson & Ilia Mayer is the pair behind the street artist BTOY. This Barcelona-based duo has been inflicting their art on several walls, buildings, and vehicles. Both artists were born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. They started their project back in 2002, and they haven’t looked back since. The quality of their art has […]

Daring Designs by Marcela Gutiérrez

Marcela Gutiérrez is a fashion designer as well as an artist. She originally studied architecture but deviated to graphic design after a few years. It was then that she realized that fashion and illustration are her true and consistent passion. She graduated as a fashion designer from the prestigious  Central Saint Martins in London. She […]

City Youth – Paintings by Michele Del Campo

Michele Del Campo is a London-based painter whose work has earned numerous accolades from critics, among which is the “Premio BMW”  awarded by Her Majesty the Queen Sofía of Spain. Most of his work feature youthful subjects casually posed against an urban backdrop like graffiti-strewn walls, railroad tracks and street gutters. These days, the prestigious […]

Classic Beauties – Paintings by Christiane Vleugels

As the best steel is created through fire and force, so are the best artists. Christiane Vleugels was forced to make a living making reproductions of someone else’s work. Looking back now, she realized that it was these these tedious and uninspired paintings that helped her perfect her technique. According to her: “The sole purpose […]

Death’s Captive – Digital Art by Michelle Monique

A self-taught photographer, Michelle Monique started her career in photography as a child. Her favorite subject then was her cat Kissy.A decade later, her art has turned a bit dark and brooding without losing an ounce of its vitality craftsmanship. She has been asked to shoot for several book covers. Michelle also does CD album […]

Women’s Portraits by Fan Xuexian

Fan Xuexian is a Chinese artist who makes portraits of women exceedingly well. As a child, he has always had an interest in painting which eventually  led him to make it his career. He graduated from the Hangzhou Normal University Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. As a painter, he has participated in China Oil […]

A Glimpse of Other Worlds by Margarita Sheshukova

Margarita Sheshukova art takes us to places we wish we could go. A place where fairies, nymphs, elves, and dragons abound. Her work catches not just the eye, but the child in us. It also helps that she uses a fantastically colored palette. Fanciful, dreamy, and imaginative, this young Russian artist is a rising star […]