A Trick of Memory – Artwork by Makoto Saito

Makoto Saitoused to be a graphic designer, and a very good one at that. Five years ago, he became a full-fledged artist when he held a solo exhibition at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan. Saito’s subjects are all dramatically distorted. The distortion depicts the imprecise way that images are stored […]

Delicious Divisions by Sakir Gokcebag

As much as you want to scream “Photoshop!”, you can’t. Those images are in no way digitally altered. They’re the work of Sakir Gokcebag. Each one teases the eye with the geometric improbability of his precision cutting. Sakir was born in Turkey, educated in the prestigious Marmara University in Istanbul, and currently lives and work in Hamburg.

Eclectis Art by Abbey Watkins

Abbey Watkins graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University with first class honors in Textile Design for Fashion. Abbey’s work is . . . eclectic, to say the least. She does a lot of digitally colored illustrations with pencil. Her inspiration comes from anywhere. A lot of her work is fashion-oriented but she loves to create […]

Animal Instinct – Pencil Illustrations by Franco Clun

Franco Clun is an Italian artist who’s slowly gaining hordes of geeky fans across the web. His photo-realistic illustrations of comic-book characters has captured the heart of fans. He’s equally good at drawing animals like dogs, cats, elephants, and lions. When you think about it, it isn’t at all different from drawing Wolverine.

A Portrait of Her – Photos by Julia Tsoona

Julia Tsoona has joined the ranks of the obviously talented yet relatively unknown artists. She hails from Izhevsk, Russia. That is all we know about her, yet a fleeting glance at her photos and you can see she’s bursting with talent. I won’t at all be surprised if I hear of her winning some prestigious […]

Dead Moon – An Epic Tale by Luis Royo

Dead Moon is an epic story of two clans set in an oriental atmosphere rich with violent and mystical undertones. It’s a 128-page series combining canvas painting, pencil illustration, and large-scale painting. It’s Luis Royo’s most ambitious work yet. Luis Royo is a Spanish artist who, as a young boy, discovered that prefers drawing the characters in […]

Go to the Woods – Film – Bestially Mysterious!

GENRE: macabre+fiaba TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/55340357 project page http://www.indiegogo.com/gotothewoods Everyone who is interested in the independent movies can join the project “Go to the woods” and get a lot of supercool stuff. Posters, screensavers, cool animal masks, wooden reed pipes, photo-shoot in a forest, invitation to a party in a dense forest and an opportunity to become […]

The Finger – Ditology by Dito Von Tease

Dito Von Tease is a derivation of Dita Von Teese, the famous icon of “burlesque” style and expert in disguises. Also, “il Dito” means “the Finger” in Italian. His Ditology is a series of index-finger portraits of famous personalities. According to him,the finger is the most apt symbol for our digital age (digitus is Latin […]

Hard Core Women – Illustrations by Marta Nael

Marta Nael had always known what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her extraordinary aptitude for drawing and painting manifested itself  quite early. She found her true love in matte painting and concept art after completing her Fine Arts degree. Her considerable talent allows her to create almost any kind of art using any multimedia […]