Morning Dew – Macrophotography by Diens Silver

Not much is known about the elusive photographer Diens Silver. We know he’s from Indonesia but that’s about it. The photographs he takes, however, peak volumes about his talent. He has an ongoing fascination with macrophotography. His has a rather impressive collection of water droplets trapped on lichen tips. According to him: “I really love […]

Delightful Digits – Body Art by Annie Ralli

Annie Ralli started her career at BBS as a scenic artist. She painted backdrops in styles ranging from photorealistic to abstract, all this under time pressure too! She is now based in Bristol, UK where her ability to switch back and forth between styles to suit her client has served her well. She now freelances […]

Waiting – Drawings by Brian Boulton

Brian Boulton is a Vancouver-based artist who reverses the digital trend by turning digital images into drawings. He has a series of beautifully rendered drawings where the subjects all face away from the viewer. The original photos were taken without the subject’s knowledge, lending the drawing an element of spontaneity. Brian’s graphite renderings are finely […]

Waste Not, Want Not – Paintings by Till Rabus

Till Rabus is a Swiss artist who spends divides his time between Paris and Neuchatel. His hyper-realistic paintings of garbage like tires, condoms, and leftovers has shocked tender sensibilities. However bizarre his subject matter, his skill with the paintbrush is evident. One could only hope that people would take one look at his paintings and […]

Naked Truth – Paintings by Robin Eley

Born in London, grew up in Australia, and educated in America; Robin Eley is a man of three continents. According to him his paintings speak softly of messages both personal and profound. Messages only those who make the effort to listen can hear. Aspirations, failed ambition, and impermanence are the underlying themes of his work. […]

Kids Do the Darnest Things – Photos by John Wilhelm

John Wilhelm is NOT a professional photographer. Yet his work is head and shoulders above most mediocre professionals out there. There’s something to be said about doing something you are passionate about, it brings out dedication and work ethic you seldom apply to your regular job. John’s series of digitally enhanced images amuses the viewer […]

Fantasy and Fables – Art by Sasha Fantom

Sasha Fantom is a mysterious digital artist from Ukraine whose work has been loudly lauded on deviantART. He has been at his craft for only three years yet his level of mastery is amazing. According to him, his inspiration comes from his desire to escape the dullness of reality. This probably explains why the subjects […]