Light Paintings – Photographs by Nicolas Rivals

By on February 1, 2014, in Photography

light rorschach 05 Light Paintings – Photographs by Nicolas Rivals

While other artists use pigments to paint, Nicolas Rivals uses light. His work isn’t exactly a painting as it is an photo captured through long exposure then flipped to create a sort of Rorschach image made of light. Nicolas has another series of light paintings featuring a bright circle of light floating in the middle of an urban setting. He said: “There is always hope that even in the depths of night a glimmer will appear. Light is never as reassuring as the anguish of the shadow. A little light, a little sense, would for a moment, make the chaos disappear”. Nicolas lives and works in Paris, France.

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An Unlikely Friendship – Photographic Series by Torgeir Berge

By on January 31, 2014, in Photography

dog fox friendship tinni sniffer torgeir berge berit helberg 21 An Unlikely Friendship – Photographic Series by Torgeir Berge

Torgeir Berge is the devoted human of an uber friendly German shepherd named Tinni. As the two were taking their accustomed afternoon walk in the woods, they met an abandoned baby fox. Surprisingly, instead of having the baby fox for an afternoon snack, Tinni made friends with it. The incident inspired Torgeir to support the banning of hunting foxes for their fur. He is now working on a book together with writer Berit Helberg which will be called The Fox And The Dog. Torgeir, Tinni, and Sniffer all live in Norway where they continue to have afternoon walks in the woods.

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Upside-down Chinatown – Fashion Photography by Martin Tremblay

By on January 30, 2014, in Photography

81bd3d242d4687a285d9fcfa5924b4c9 Upside down Chinatown – Fashion Photography by Martin Tremblay

Martin Tremblay is a Canadian photographer who was recently commissioned by the fashion magazine Schön! to create a rather unusual series. The series entitled “Fortune Cookies” feature nattily dressed models in posing in Chinatown. What makes the whole series unusual is that these models are on their heads. I sure hope it’s simply a trick of photography, otherwise those models are in for a killer headache.

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Cheeky Illustrations by Waldemar von Kozak

By on January 29, 2014, in Illustrations

001 creative illustrations waldemar von kozak Cheeky Illustrations by Waldemar von Kozak

Waldemar von Kozak is an incredibly talented artist best known for his cheeky illustrations prominently featuring tough, sexy women. His work has an old-school flavor with a cartoonish feel that will make any viewer smile. Waldemar does freelance work and his work may be found in ads, corporate calendars, posters, postcards, and playing cards. He currently lives and works in Russia.

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Unusual Underwater Sea Creatures – Photography by Alexander Semenov

By on January 28, 2014, in Photography

animal earth photo 01 600x854 Unusual Underwater Sea Creatures – Photography by Alexander Semenov

Animal Earth is a book which explores the diverse life forms that can be found all over Earth. This coffee table treat makes it clear that each species is an essential part of the ecosystem and protecting animal diversity is protecting the delicate cycle of life that supports us all. Alexander Semenov is the man behind the glorious underwater shots in Animal Earth. He is the Head of the Scientific Divers team stationed at the White Sea Biological Station in Russia. As such, he has free reign to take as many shots as he wants of these shy underwater creatures. I’m glad he did, as I personally don’t want to get close to something with that many legs, no matter how rare or colorful it is.

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Cut and Fold – Aerial and Fashion Photography Mash-up by Joseph Ford

By on January 27, 2014, in Photography

joseph ford aerial fashion 1 Cut and Fold – Aerial and Fashion Photography Mash up by Joseph Ford

Joseph Ford is the artist behind these creative mash-ups that seamlessly combines aerial photography with textiles. The series was inspired by Joseph’s recent trip to Mauritius, Morocco, and Sicily where he spent his time flying around in a helicopter taking aerial shots of the terrain below. According to one website: “The combination of images creates a fascinating interaction, highlighting the appeal of each image, which would have been less remarkable on their own.” Joseph has a degree in French and Italian at the University of Cambridge. He got his first break as a photographer in 2004 with an advertising campaign for TBWA Paris. When not abroad for photo shoots, he lives in Brighton, UK.

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Doggy Distortions – High-Speed Photography by Carli Davidson

By on January 26, 2014, in Photography

shake 3 Doggy Distortions – High Speed Photography by Carli Davidson

“Shake” is Carli Davidson’s latest photo book featuring comical shots of dogs captured in mid-shake. It features a total of 130 high speed photos of 61 dogs in various stages of water-induced shaking. The series was inspired by the photographer’s own dog ‘Norbert’ who happens to be a generous drooler, and vigorous shaker.Carli has been known for her heartfelt portraits of pets and wildlife while working with the animal care team at the Oregon Zoo.

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Stunning Fashion Photography by Ransom Rockwood

By on January 25, 2014, in Photography

Ransom Rockwood 13600 799 Stunning Fashion Photography by Ransom Rockwood

Ransom Rockwood is a young and upcoming fashion photographer whose work has been gaining a lot of followers online. The bold colors and sharp images are fast becoming his trademark style. I love his minimalistic approach. No flashy clothes, heavily applied make-up, or noisy backgrounds. Ransom also dabbles in landscape, wedding, and portrait photography. Most websites on the internet tout him as the “one stop photography experience for all your commercial needs” for his “professional demeanor, ability to deliver, and skills both behind the camera and with post production”. Even without that oft-repeated praise, I’d hire him for his sheer talent alone.

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Celebrity Hedcuts by Noli Novak

By on January 24, 2014, in Illustrations

a09a329ed4b781ddbe9f6d3378e043dd Celebrity Hedcuts by Noli Novak

Hedcuts are a style of drawing associated with The Wall Street Journal. The stipple and hatching methods of drawing are used to create a portrait similar to that of medieval woodcuts and currency engravings. Noli Novak, an illustrator for The Wall Street Journal with over 26 years of experience under his belt, is one of the few artists who have been keeping this style of drawing alive. He said that capturing the likeness of the subject is of utmost importance when making hedcuts. Most of the portraits he’s done are spot illustrations that are incorporated into newspaper articles. While he may not be able to pick his subjects he is given legal permission to use the photographs as reference material to base his portraits on.

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Through the Eyes of a Rebel – Peaceful Landscape Photography by Takk Bulkington

By on January 23, 2014, in Photography

Hidden in autumn leaves by Takk Bulkington Through the Eyes of a Rebel – Peaceful Landscape Photography by Takk Bulkington

Until a few years ago, Takk Bulkingtonhad no interest whatsoever in photography. He described himself as a “man of letters”. His main occupation was literary in nature and he ignored the visual landscape around him most of the time. All that changed a few years ago when he ‘inherited’ his friend’s half-broken Canon Rebel DSLR. One look through the Rebel’s lens was all it took to hook him into photography. He became an outstanding amateur photographer with a keen eye for beautifully composed landscape shots. Takk is currently documenting the landscape of his hometown in Shiga and Kyoto, Japan.

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