Paintings Archive

Surreal Painting by Joel Rea

“I have been excited by the art of technical painting since an early age, being such a fan of great paintings drives me to create my own work. I see painting as a unique way to entertain people and provoke thought. My concepts swim endlessly around my head as I strive to impress viewers with […]

Photo-Realistic Painting by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Ohio artist, Dennis Wojtkiewicz explores the sensitive nature of time in his oversized oil paintings of fruit and flowers. The transitory nature of his subject matter is encapsulated, transfixed and glorified with heightened photorealism. Light and translucence make these paintings glow. Nature’s perfect patterning allows each painting to take on a meditative quality.

Ultra-Realistic Portraits by Rubén Belloso

Rubén Belloso is a very talented young spanish classic painter who and has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville. His paintings are amazing through power of expressions and rich in details. He has won several awards and his work is shockingly realistic.

Hyperrealist Painting by Jacques Bodin

Jacques Bodin is a French hyperrealist painter who lives and works in Paris. Active actor of the new hyperrealist movement, he has been in numerous gallery shows and his work has been featured in many books.

Hyper Realistic Mural Art by David Jon Kassan

“My work is a way of meditation, a way of slowing down time though the careful observation of overlooked slices of my environment. It is the subtlety of emotion in my acquaintances that inhabit the aforementioned environment which intrigues me. My paintings strive for reality, a chance to mimic life in both scale and complexity. […]

Painting Music by Chloe Malmquist

Oil and Acrylic paintings ranging from iconic photos to landscapes all inspired by the discography of a particular musician (some more distinguishable than others) and painted with a palette of primary colors.

Australian First Nations Art by Danielle Burford

When someone is asking me why I paint I will answer because it is my pleasure and because I love it, in reality thou, many (if not all) artists are painting to send message or to show their attitude towards something. In my category as I am Aboriginal Australian, I am trying to keep many […]

Fantasticas Pinturas por Carlos Galvan

Pintor, dibujante extraordinario y arquitecto de lo imaginario. Gaván utiliza técnicas del oleo, acrílico, carboncillo y acuarela. Sus lienzos contienen la fantasía arquitectónica y urbanística con el objetivo de atrapar en sus espacios el pensamiento de los espectadores.

Serene Plein Air Oil Paintings by Kathleen M. Robison

Kathleen’s painting style can be described as Expressive Impressionism taking cues from the California impressionist masters, as well as traditional French Impressionists. Her main focus is on the California coast and the surrounding beauty in the landscapes of Southern California. With smooth, loose brushstrokes, and a radiant beautiful colors she seeks to convey the feeling of […]

A Blind Artist – Matthew Rhodes

In 1995, whilst serving in the British Army after completing a summer tour of Bosnia, I suffered from a serious accident. From this accident I received two blood clots to the center of my brain and from these blood clots I was in a coma for roughly ten weeks, and from this received a number of […]

Gary Miller-Youst Artwork

Born 1943 in Colorado. Studied at Colorado University and Canbourne in England. Grandfather Frederick E. Miller famous Photographer of the Crow Indians–1890’s. Owned the Galerie Miller Youst in Montreal in the 1970’s & 80’s. At present, also a Film Actor (IMDb) working in LA and San Francisco. Former Athlete.

Enter The Mystical Realm of Jeffrey Hull’s Dreamy Watercolors

No one captures the magic of the north Oregon coast quite like water colorist Jeffrey Hull.  He masterfully paints the misty shores where sky and water inevitably meet.  Hull has the ability to paint the elements with vivid clarity and realism.  After graduating highschool he moved out to the beach to surf, yet being immersed […]

“Art Mixtape” Made With Over 50,000 Thumbtacks

Harlem based artist, Andre Woolery, has released his art in the form of mixtape: This is my first collection of pieces made exclusively from over 50,000 thumbtacks.  Pieces range in size from 2 ft x 4 ft all the way to a piece that is 9 ft x 4 ft.  The mixtape experience will […]