Paintings Archive

Body Painting by Lennette Newell

Famous San Francisco photographer Lannette Newell created a daring exhibition called “Anti-Human” in which she featured body painted models with animals. The result is awesome and bizarre.

Sensual Painting by Pino Daeni

Pino Daeni’s paintings are often set on vibrantly sunny beaches on the Mediterranean where he grew up. He is noted for his exceptional ability to capture the movements and expressions of his subjects – a talent which has brought his artwork a worldwide following and private commissions to do portraits.

Totally Fresh Imagery from Karim Hetherington

The work of Karim Hetherington is unique, indeed it fuses diverse themes such as surrealism street art cubism, collage and typographic elements together with far eastern themes. The results are a train of thought mash up style with plenty of crazy compositions characters and huge explosions of colour and letters. So if your looking for […]

Watercolor Master Steve Hanks

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Steve Hanks is recognized as one of the best watercolor artists working today. The detail, color, and realism of Steve Hanks’ paintings are unheard of in this difficult medium. A softly worn patterned quilt, the play of […]

God Inspired Child Prodigy Artist Akiane

Akiane is a worldwide acclaimed child prodigy who began drawing at 4, and painting at 6, teaching herself and learning mostly from her own keen observation and study. At 4, she had a life-changing spiritual transformation, bringing her atheist family to God. The inspiration for her art and literature comes from her visions, dreams, observations […]

Hyper-Realistic Painting by Hubert de Lartigue

Hubert De Lartigue is a French artist who produced many illustration covers for science fiction books and board games. In the past decade, he started painting pin-ups. He is continuing the quest for the perfect beauty, painting exquisitely detailed portraits. He indeed defines himself as an addict of feminine beauty.

Women Painting by Vicente Romero Redondo

Spanish painter Vicente Romero studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid. He owes his technique in oil painting to his academic training. He has been living on the Costa Brava since 1987, choosing a luminous and peaceful setting on the Mediterranean for his studio. It is certainly this luminosity that […]

Prismatic and Surreal Paintings by Joseph Barbara

Joseph Barbara is from Malta. He has exhibited his work in various countries like England, Germany, Italy, Australia, China, Hong Kong, apart from numerous times in Malta. In 2006, he was awarded the qualifiers award in the International Poster Competition Greeting World Expo 2010 Shanghai.

Street Painting by David Walker

Working in portraiture, painting freehand, using only spray paint and without the aid of brushes London artist David Walker has developed a signature multi-layered style. Over recent years David has shown work in Berlin, Hong Kong, LA, Lisbon, London, New York and Paris amongst others and his paintings have been shown alongside the leading figures […]

Exquisite Hyper Realistic Paintings by Omar Ortiz

Mexican Omar Ortiz uses the human body as the main element in his work. His hyper realistic paintings are surprisingly exquisite, as is his command of light and skin tone. Most of his paintings are on large canvases, and many mistake his paintings for actual photographs. He was born in 1977 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where he still […]

4 Years Old Painter Aelita Andre

4 years old Australian artist Aelita Andre is described as an “up-and-coming master of abstract impressionism and surrealism” and has been compared to Picasso. Her art has been selling since she was a two-year-old for up to $24,000. Here is a selection of paintings she produced from age 1 to 4.

Colorful Paintings by Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov, was born in Vitebsk, Belarus. He was graduated in the Vitebsk Art School as an elite member. About his work, he said very painting is full of my inner world. Each of my paintings brings different moods, colors and emotions. I love to express the beauty, harmony and spirit of this world in […]

Painting on Old Devices by Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry is a British artist. He has exhibited in the USA and Europe. He creates floppy disk paintings and art from the obsolete technology of society while exposing waste culture, life cycles and identity.

Social Street Art by Michael Aaron Williams

Michael Aaron Williams is an American artist. Here is his vision of art : “My art is a narrative, visual poetry, making a social statement to move the viewer to action or realization. My goal in depicting street people is to show their beauty, fragility, and to bring their situation into the eyes of the […]

Lips + Lipstick = Amazing Painting !

Natalie Irish is an artist from Houston, Texas. She can draw, paint, sculpt… but her creativity leads her to painting with her lips and a lipstick. Look at the result and watch her painting through her videos !

The Dirty Car Artist : Scott Wade

Scott Wade is a surprising American artist. He masters the art of painting on a really unusual support : dirty car.  That is right! Instead of washing it like anyone would do, he paints on it and offers beautiful and funny scenes to admire.