Paintings Archive

Great Hand Painting by Guido Daniele

Guido Daniele is an Italian artist. He was born in Soverato but lives in Milan now. The artist did a lot of advertisements and exhibitions. He uses his talent to paint on hands and make us see it differently.

Touching Watercolors by Ben Tour

Ben Tour is a Canadian artist. He now lives in British Columbia with his family. His work is full of humanity and he has exhibited in galleries in big citues like Los Angeles, Miami, Hamburg or New York.

Surrealist Universe by Vladimir Kush

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Vladimir Kush was born in Russia and he is well-known in America and in the world now. He is a surrealist artist and his paintings invite us in a charming and strange universe. He even has a […]

New Pop Realism by Sebastian Krüger

In the quarter-century of his creative career, Sebastian Krüger, as a promoter of New Pop Art, has established himself as a popular artist whose objective is committed to the conundrum of identity and portraiture, the authenticity of the fictional. His works attract large numbers of visitors to the galleries and museums.

Fun Insects by Mateusz Szulik

Mateusz is an amazing artist from Poland. His illustrations and paintings have beautiful detailing that gives a perfect depth to make it look so real. Check out his alphabet!

Impressive Oil Painting by Alyssa Monks

Born 1977 in Ridgewood, New Jersey, Alyssa Monks began oil painting as a child. Monks’ paintings explore the tension between abstraction and realism, using different filters to visually distort and disintegrate the body.

Body Painting by Craig Tracy

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Body painting is form of art in which Craig Tracy excels. Shapes of models’ bodies are an inspiration for this artist who was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Check out his works and be amazed! […]

Body Painting by Alexa Meade

  Alexa Meade is a 24 year-old artist who incorporates photography, painting, installation and performance into her work. She has developed an approach to portraiture that involves painting directly on top of her human subjects in a style that optically compresses 3D space into a 2D plane.

The Invisible Man by Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin doesn’t need any fancy technology to produce the jaw-dropping illusion of invisibility. His urban camouflage photography is all paint and pure talent. Liu works on a single photo for up to 10 hours at a time and sometimes passers-by don’t even realize he is there until he moves.

Andrew Myers Screws People In His Art

Andrew Myers is one most patient artist. The sculpter from Laguna Beach, California turns screws into three-dimensional portraits of his subjects. Once the screws are on the frame, he paints over each head individually to create the finished product,which looks more like a portrait than a sculpture.

Realistic Paintings by Andrew Grassie

Andrew Grassie (born 1966) is a Scottish artist. He was educated at St Martins School of Art and the Royal College of Art. His paintings have been praised for being “disorienting” and “melancholy”, and criticised for consisting of “bureaucratic ironies”. His works are held in the collection of the Tate and the United Kingdom Government […]

Hyperrealistic Paintings by Cesar Santander

“I make hyperrealist paintings of toys, tin boxes, crayons, and other still life objects. My goal is to show the objects in ways that they have never been seen before and to show the affection that I feel for these objects. I use color, scale, composition, and microscopic detail to try to acheive these results.” […]

New Paintings by David MacDowell

David MacDowell is a self-taught artist living in Virginia. He incorporates media culture, and social themes into brilliant and controversial satirical paintings. Working primarily with acrylics on canvas, David is not afraid of tapping into the dark side of American media worship.

Incredible Photo Realistic Painters

Photorealism is the genre of painting based on using photographs to gather information and then from this information, creating a painting that appears to be very realistic like a photograph. Here are a few artists whose work embody that definition.

Still Life Paintings by Luciano Ventrone

Luciano Ventrone was born in Rome in 1942 and moved to Denmark at the age of four, where he hosted by Lady Metha Petersen – a wealthy and most of all a lovely woman who lavished him with gifts. Among them was a box of colored pencils…and from that time colors have shaped his life. […]

Portrait paintings by Nikolai Shuryguin

Nikolai Shurygin was born in 1957 in Kimry. In 1979 he graduated from Moscow School of applied arts (design). During 10 years the painter has been studying multilayered painting which secrets were lost in the beginning of XIX. This unique technique was used by flemish painters as well as russian painters such Kiprensky, Levitsky, Borovikovsky […]

Cinematic Paintings by Joe Simpson

July and After’ is a series of paintings that demonstrate Joe’s increasing interest in creating ‘cinematic’ paintings, with the consistent use of the ‘widescreen’ format and strong theatrical lighting.

Paintings by Seth Armstrong

Seth Armstrong was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After studying painting in Northern Holland, he recieved a BFA from the California College of the Arts. He lives and works in Oakland, CA.