At Pondly, we care about our readership. Therefore, submissions will be reviewed; not all will be accepted. Please note, your content may be edited before it is posted.

Please, Read Rules Carefully Before Posting!

If you don’t follow the rules, your post will be deleted :

  • Avoid duplicates – use site Search before you start to post.
  • Posts must have a description.
  • Posts must have at least one link to the source or to the artist’s website.
  • Posts must not contain spam or duplicated content.
  • All text submissions must be original and exclusive to this site. Please, do not plagiarize.
  • No swearing.
  • No suggestive nudity.
  • Spamming, flaming and other forms of user behavior, offensive to the site, its administration, or other site users, will result in account suspension and such content permanent deletion.

Structure of a Post

  • Write a catchy title.
  • The first image should be the best image of the post.
  • Include a short description/introduction to your article, which is usually the bio of the artist.
  • Add a < !–more — > tag. That way, only the image and description preceding the more tag will be displayed on the homepage.
  • Include the other images of the post. Please include a minimum of 5 images in total.
  • Add a link to the source/artist’s website. Make it relevant to the post itself!
  • Select one category that suits the topic of your article best. Only one category per post, please!


Image Requirements

  • Upload all your images. DO NOT LINK image src to OUTER SOURCES.
  • The size of the image should in .jpg format and be at least 500px wide and ideally 600px wide to fit the style of the site. If wider, we will crop it to 600px. It should not be too big, or your post will be slow to load.

Adding Image

  • Prepare image to upload – 600px image width is strongly recommended; maximum weight is 2Mb.
  • Go to ‘Add New’ post and click ‘Add an Image’ icon on the right of ‘Upload/Insert’.
  • Upload an image and follow the information below: choose Alignment ‘none‘; Link URL ‘none‘ (if appear); and ‘Large‘ Size.

Using Fast Insert

  • The best and quickest way to directly upload your images is with “Fast Insert”, located below the main post panel.
  • Select your files to upload.
  • After upload is complete, click on “Invert selection” to select them all.
  • Click on “Insert selected images” to batch insert them into the post.

Add a Video


If you need more help, please use the contact form.