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Exceptional Landscape and Animal Photography by Lee Bothma

Pin It Lee Bothma describes himself as an adventurous person who love to travel and explore the remote areas of South Africa. He hopes to find the few remaining untouched places in South Africa. Known for its sweeping vistas and wildlife, there’s no better place for a promising landscape and wildlife photographer. Lee said: “I […]

Lines – Sculptures by Gavin Worth

Pin It Gavin Worth was born in Zimbabwe, Africa but grew up in Cruces, New Mexico. He is a self-taught artist who discovered his lifelong passion when he saw Michelangelo’s “Head of Leda” in a library book. His sculptures, made of metal wires, look like line paintings. Gavin worked as a musician and actor for […]

The Unfolding African Drama – Wildlife Portraits by Nick Brandt

Pin It Nick Brandt didn’t start out as a nature photographer, it was when he was filmingĀ Michael Jackson’s music video “Earth Song” in Africa that he first began his love affair with Africa. He swore he would treat his subjects as no other nature photographer ever did. This resulted in his very own style which […]