Pucker Up – Dramatic Black and White Animal Photography by Wolf Ademeit

By on March 29, 2014, in Photography

Wolf Ademeit is a German photographer whose dramatic black and white series “Animals” is a far cry from most wildlife photography which focuses on capurting shots of the animals in their natural habitat. Instead, Wolf focused on the facial expressions and poses of his furred and feathered subjects. He said: “Only a few photographers use the photography of animals in zoos as an art form. I think this is a missed opportunity…With my pictures I would like to move the photography of these animals in the focus of the art photography and show photos which are not only purely documentary.”

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Shooting Animals Point Blank – Wildlife Photography by Edwin Kats

By on February 22, 2014, in Photography

Edwin Kats loves to shoot small, furry animals – with his Nikon D4 DSLR camera. He lives the deep in the middle of a wooded area in the Netherlands where all he needs to do to take a wildlife photo is lean out of his kitchen window. To take the amzing shots featured here, Edwin did more than just lean out of a window. He learned that the best way to get great results is by sticking to just one subject for a long time. He said: “Try to get to know your subject and follow it through the seasons. Try to get them in the snow, against autumn colors and with a nice back-light on a sunny summer morning. Another advantage is that the animals, even the very shy ones, will get to know and trust you. The best possible feeling I can get is to be accepted and trusted by a wild animal.”. Edwin has been a wildlife photographer since 1992 and his work has been featured in prestigious magazines such as National Geographic and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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Serene Landscapes by Alexandre Deschaumes

By on June 9, 2012, in Photography

Unlike most big-shot photographers out there, Alexandre Deschaumes is self-taught. It’s not enough for him to just climb a mountain, set up his equipment and take the shot. A true artist, he tries to get a ‘feel’ of the landscape he’s capturing on film before actually taking aim with the lens. The results as you can see, are nothing short of breathtaking.

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Wacky Political Music Video from “Le Peuple de l’Herbe”

By on June 5, 2012, in Videos

Famous french band “Le Peuple de l’Herbe” release his new political involved wacky video for the song “Parler le fracas” (“talking the crash”). Directed by Wasaru, discover this animated music video, melting of photography and drawings in the video below:
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Gods and Beasts Series by Rémi Chapeaublanc

By on May 14, 2012, in Photography

While on a solitary voyage through Europe and Asia, renowned photographer Rémi Chapeaublanc stumbled upon Mongolia. This wild and sparsely inhabited place where men and animals are mutually dependent on each other for survival inspired him to create the series “Gods and Beasts”. The implication being: on the most basic level, man is still an animal. On the other hand, animals have no concept of right or wrong and can therefore do no wrong. These raw portraits made outside the studio leaves the viewer to judge the animal and the divine.

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Equus – A Tribute to Horses by Tim Flach

By on May 7, 2012, in Photography

Tim Flach is a London-based photographer best known for his highly conceptual portraits of animals, particularly horses. A lot of hard work went into his series-turned-book “Equus”. Unlike humans, you can’t just flat out ask an animal to pose for you and the best pictures are often taken after a long period of waiting for just the right moment. The images in Equus fall into three sections. The first contains a range of close-up studio portraits. The second explores how location has played a part in shaping the horse and features different horse breeds, including the only remaining undomesticated horse in the world, the Przewalski’s Horse from Mongolia, shown in their natural environment. The third examines the myriad ways humanity has shaped the horse, including photographs of cross-bred horses such as the Zonkey, a collection of images of horses wearing headgear ranging from armour to respiratory masks, and a series of photographs shot at Cambridge University showing the development of a horse from embryo to fetus.

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I Dare the Sky and Brighter Doom – Pensive Animal Art by Scott Belcastro

By on April 30, 2012, in Paintings

Scott Belcastro is a Los Angeles based painter who grew up in upstate New York. Perhaps because of this, most of his acrylic paintings have nature inspired themes. The subjects of his work (mostly animals) express a certain feeling of loneliness and hope. They are set against a dramatic backdrop of oppressing skies. His most recent series “Brighter Doom“, explores “the vivacity and chaos pulsating through all entities” as one gallery put it. According to Scott, “I wanted to capture an imaginary essence or spirit that moves with things, whether it be a gun, an animal, or a building. The depiction of guns and animals together have nothing to do with any sort of violence or harm. Brighter Doom delves into my internal reactions to beauty and what it would look like as energy….motion ….and a bit of chaos.”

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Cute Pups To Beastly Canines by Seth Casteel

By on March 18, 2012, in Photography

Some dog owners just love playing fetch with their dogs, but what happens if the ball happens to fall into the water? Are the dogs happy about that? Seth Casteel, with his high-speed camera, reveals the hideous answer to this question by taking photos of them underwater while they go for that ball which their master threw away. Just when you think dogs are such lovable creatures, better think again as getting them into rage will never be a joke, much like these sharp edges prove seemingly fatal to the viewer’s eye.
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Animal Portraits With A Bic Pen by Sarah Esteje

By on March 17, 2012, in Illustrations

Animals are on the list of most preferred subjects in any type of medium. Most likely because apart from humans, animals can also be used to express emotion, whether of the artist or of the subject in the art itself. Sarah Esteje, with the skillful use of a standard Bic Pen, draws them with fine detail and shading, as if it was taken with a camera like a candid shot.
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2011 Winners of National Geographic Contest

By on February 24, 2012, in Photography

National Geographic held a photography contest last year and over 130 countries have joined, with over 20,000 submissions of various kinds of photos. After a mindblowing and sound judgment on the photos’ creativity and quality, these were the ones that stood out in the midst of everything else.
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