Grumpy Bears and Skinny Chefs – Imaginative 3D Characters by Leticia Reinaldo

By on December 21, 2013, in Illustrations

Leticia Reinaldo is an imaginative 3D artist who is currently based in Los Angeles. Originally from Brazil, she moved to California to attend the prestigious Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Her formal studies enhanced her already considerable artistic and technical skills which in turn resulted into incredibly detailed 3D illustrations. Most of her work involved the creation and development of characters and background in commercials. Leticia specialized in character modeling and background texturing.  She also taught at the School of Art, Game and Animation where she created a program which focuses on architectural visualization. The program is currently in place and is still used until this day.

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Shadow Worlds – Installations by Herbert Baglione

By on October 22, 2013, in Concept Art

Herbert Baglione is a street artist who loves creeping people out. While visiting an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Italy, Baglione grabbed the opportunity to paint his signature shadow people on the walls and floors of the facility as part of his 1000 Shadows project. Similar silhouettes can be found the world over and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to make them come alive. Baglione is currently based in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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Dramatic Black and White Photography by Felipe Vellasco

By on June 22, 2013, in Photography

Felipe Vellasco was born in Rio de Jeneiro in 1982. He worked at local advertising agencies immediately upon graduation from Mackenzie University. After a few years, he lost his taste for ad-oriented work and shifted to films. As a film director, he is currently being represented by Sentimental Films. Photography is one of his more  recent addictions which, according to him, he’d be hard-pressed to stop without medical intervention. Felipe uses an old-school 35mm film and slide camera (he abhors digital media).

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To Each, His Own – Amazing Ads by Felipe Luchi

By on June 4, 2013, in Design

Felipe Luchi is an award-winning creative director whose clients include big names such as Nissan, Nokia, Visa, Experia, Akatu, and Go Outside Magazine. Each of his ads are as brilliantly conceptualized as they are well-executed. One of my favorites is his ad campaign for Go Outside Magazine where an iPhone, a mouse, and an alarm clock were turned into prisons. It is a perfect illustration of how technology has imprisoned us, each in his own little world. Felipe lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Into the Maw of a Monster – Artwork by Davi De Melo Santos

By on April 22, 2013, in Concept Art

Walls, tunnels, and mounds of trash are all fair game for Davi De Melo Santos. This Brazilian street has peppered the streets with comic murals. Far from the common perception of street art as hateful vandalism. His subjects are most often a bit monstrous in origin, yet Davi manages to portray in them in an amusing way. David turns potential eyesores into a thing of beauty. In the art circles, he is known by his initials DMS. He currently lives and works in Brazil.

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Antiheroes – Surreal Portraits by Alexandre Salles

By on April 19, 2013, in Illustrations

Alexandre Salles is an illustrator who specializes in airbrushing, animation, digital paintings, scientific illustration, and sculpture. He has a Bachelor in Arts degree with specialization in design and has worked as a professional illustrator since 1991. He is also known as “axlsalles” on the web. Alexandre is a big fan of comic and video games and it shows in his work. He has made a lot of impressive caricatures and portraits of Batman, Wolverine, and The Joker. He works and lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Faceless – Illustrations by Juliano Lopes

By on December 25, 2012, in Illustrations

Juliano Lopes is a visual artist currently based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at the local Federal University in California. His work toes the fine line between contemporary graphics and painting. The human form, while superbly depicted, are all incomplete. His subjects are faceless, sometimes lacking an upper body altogether. A person, after all, is not merely a set of limbs, torso, trunk and head. The humanism in Juliano’s work is highly moving through its Renaissance-like honesty and love for man.

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Unique Paper Sculptures by Carlos Meira

By on January 3, 2012, in Sculpture

Carlos Meira is a designer who was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He cuts paper and creates original characters and places. He developed his unique style when he went to Portugal. He also uses his talent to illustrate books.

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Realistic Oil Painting by Marta Penter

By on September 23, 2011, in Paintings

Marta Penter was born in Porto Alegre, in Brazil. Her usually large watercolor and oil paintings feature the highlighting of light and shadow effects, thus creating a unique intimate atmosphere.
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Digital Artwork by Fernando Faria

By on May 30, 2011, in Illustrations

Fernando Faria, also known as Airaf, is a digital illustrator and character creation specialist from Brazil.  His works is so beautiful and mind blowing, and he is really so talented.
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