Dalton Ghetti Archive

Snakes, Chains, and Hearts of Lead – Delicate Sculptures by Cerkahegyzo

Pin It Cerkahegyzo is a Hungarian artist whose delicate pencil sculptures have recently been making the rounds on the web. Time, patience, sandpaper, needles, and razor blades are all the tools he needs to make these seemingly impossible sculptures. He admits that his work was inspired by Dalton Ghetti, the original pencil carver. He has […]

Astonishing Miniature Masterpieces from Dalton Ghetti

Pin It Small is beautiful to artist Dalton Ghetti. He had always been interested with carving and decided to challenge himself by trying to make things as small as possible. At first he experimented with different kinds of medium like chalk, in the end he decided to decided to carve into the graphite of a […]