The Ultimate Close-up Shot – Photography by Fernan Federici

By on January 22, 2014, in Photography

Fernan Federici is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge who specializes in synthetic biology. He also happens to be an avid photographer. I guess he decided to mix work with leisure when he took dozens of pictures of plant and animal cells under a high-powered microscope in what is probably the ultimate macro shot. The images look a bit like aerial landscape, or alien creatures, or weird glow-in-the-dark designs.

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In Pursuit of Laughter – An Unusual Photographic Series by Bob Carey

By on January 18, 2014, in Photography

Cancer is no laughing matter. Which is why Bob Carey, a middle-aged photographer, puts on a pink tutu and gets himself photographed in landmarks all over the country. Bob’s wife, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer and in an effort to make her laugh, Bob threw his pants and dignity away in exchange for a ridiculously pink tutu. His undignified but endearing endeavor is not in vain as Linda has been known to say that the more she laughs, the better she feels. Apparently, Linda is not the only one who feels this way as The Tutu Project (as Bob likes to call it) evokes a lot of laughter in the breast cancer patient community.

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After the “Happily Ever After” – Illustrations by Dina Goldstein

By on September 23, 2013, in Illustrations

Dina Goldstein is a Canadian photographer and illustrator who has created a series of rather ironic illustrations of contemporary fairy tale endings. According to Dina, the project was inspired by her observation of three-year-old girls, who were developing an interest in Disney’s Fairy tales. She said: “The Disney versions almost always have sad beginning, with an overbearing female villain, and the end is predictably a happy one. The Prince usually saves the day and makes the victimized young beauty into a Princess.” Dina became intrigued by the origins of fairy tales and discovered the rather gruesome aspects of the tales of The Brothers Grimm. She began imagining Disney’s princesses juxtaposed with real issues that were affecting women, such as addiction, self-image issues, violence, and illness.

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A Glimpse Into the Imagination of Begemott

By on September 14, 2013, in Illustrations

Alx a.k.a. Begemott, is a New York-based artist whose work speaks of an imagination both broad in scope and depth. His art is at times wistful, childish, morbid, or playful. His work “Sweet Halloween Dreams” has recently come to the attention of Hollywood and a film loosely based on his work is already in the works. When asked about it, Begemott responded: “I think that the drawing implies a larger story, and it’s probably easy to relate to. The night is scary when you are a kid, and I’m sure many children have comforted themselves by imagining that something in the room protected them from all the imaginary dangers in the dark.” The film is to be produced by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in collaboration with New Line Cinema.

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Fashion Portraits by Helen Upton

By on August 27, 2013, in Paintings

Fashion Art

Girl with Gold Hair

I was born and grew up in the beautiful county of North Yorkshire. My interest in portraiture developed at an early age, during the seventies, when I used to draw my favorite pop idols such as David Bowie. My love of art led me to study Art and Design at the local college, and then later to specialise in Textile Design at Huddersfield Polytechnic.
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House Targaryen – Illustrations by Kirsi Salonen

By on May 30, 2013, in Illustrations

Kirsi Salonen is a 26-year old Finnish artist who creates fictional characters and creatures in a dark fantasy style. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from South-Carelia Polytechnic Art School. Kirsi was drawn into art from a young age. Even before her graduation, she has worked with  illustrations, comics, graphic design, and game art. She said: “I enjoy making dark fantasy and mystique art the most. I would describe my style as dark and kind of poetic in a semi-realistic way. I’m not really keen learning to make photo-realistic works, rather I want to stay authentic at all times and focus on the expression side.”

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Hell’s Gate – Awesome Volcano Photography by Liudmila and Andrey

By on May 29, 2013, in Photography

Plosky Tolbachik is an active volcano located in the eastern edge of Russia. A pair of thrill-seeking photographers, Andrey and Liudmila, braved the dangers of an active volcano and barely got away with these sensational pictures. They were calmly standing a safe distance away from the active lava flow when tragedy struck:  “at some point we realised that something was in the way of lava stream, and it was getting through every hole and crack it could find – or break through. It looks like that the crater, on the edge of which we were standing, actually saved our lives because at least lava started leaking inside it, instead of swelling up the slope.” One of the volcanologists lost his backpack to an errant lava flow, but the pair got away with bragging rights and scores of hard-core photos.

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Mushroom Lights by Yukio Takano

By on May 5, 2013, in Design

Yukio Takano’s miniature mushroom lights is definitely worth having on you desk. They’re pretty realistic, and in the dark, they glow like something enchanted. The mushrooms are made of synthetic material and embedded into pieces of driftwood, looking like they sprouted out overnight. Tiny LED lights are incorporated into the mushrooms which gives them their otherworldly glow. The batteries are located on the underside of the driftwood and the switch is placed somewhere unobtrusive to maintain the illusion of authenticity.

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Through Woods Dark and Deep – Photographs by Nelleke Pieters

By on February 3, 2013, in Photography

Photographer Nelleke Pieters has a thing for the mystery of the deep, dark woods. Most, if not all, of her shots are of seldom used paths amidst the trees. Tracks surrounded by so much greenery on both sides it’s basically a tunnel. Twilight, dusk, and dawn are her favorite time of the day to take pictures, capturing the mystic mood of the forest.

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Compelling Black and White Shots by Tom Hoops

By on December 3, 2012, in Photography

Tom Hoops is a self-taught British photographer who has been shooting professionally since 2008. He has worked with prestigious names such as Vogue Italia talents, Readers Digest, Vaseline, DT menswear, and many more. Tom’s photos are akin to psychological thrillers. Deep, dark, and compelling, he has an almost instinctive talent in using black and white photography.

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