The Secret Life of Insects – Illustrations by Paula Duță

By on April 16, 2014, in Illustrations

Paula Duță is an exceptional illustrator who specializes in insect etymology.Her passion for drawing is obvious in the pains she took to highlight each detail of her subject. Wings, antennae, compound eyes, legs, thorax, – none escaped her scrutiny. Paula is actually an interior designer who describes herself as an ‘altogether happy person, dedicated to her work and enjoying life’. I’m looking forwards to seeing more of her awesome insect illustrations in the future. Paula currently lives and works in Romania.

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Just Doodles – Impressive Ink Illustrations by Kerby Rosanes

By on March 30, 2014, in Illustrations

While we mere mortals doodle with stick figures and bug-like animals, Kerby Rosanes doodles has put him in the international spotlight. Doodling started out as a hobby for this talented Filipino artist which soon turned into a full-time occupation.  The rich detail and composition of his work has made online art communities and international art blogs sit up and take notice. Kerby is currently based in the Philippines where he works as a graphic designer in a local company by day and doodles at night for various clients.

graphic designer in a local company by day

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Antsy – Hand Painted Porcelain Design by Evelyn Bracklow

By on March 12, 2014, in Design

Evelyn Bracklow is the artist responsible for the army of ants crawling all over this delicate porcelain tea set. She hand-painted them herself. She calls it “Chitins Gloss”. Evelyn summed it up pretty well when she said: “Fear, disgust, fascination and admiration: this very interplay of feelings constitutes the charm of the work. Furthermore, to me, the ants symbolize all the stories that any formerly discarded piece of porcelain carries with it. Where one once dined and drank, today ants bustle in ever new formations, every single one applied with a great love for detail.”

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Awesome Realistic 3D Characters by Pawel Rebisz

By on December 7, 2013, in Illustrations

Pawel Rebisz is a web designer, illustrator, and digital artist who specializes in 3D rendering. What makes him stand out from the mainstream crowd is the amazing amount of detail he puts into each and everyone of his characters. Zoom in close and you’ll see the character’s wrinkles, freckles,  and even individual pores. That’s a lot of detail for just one character. This artist is definitely not the slapdash sort when it comes to his art. Pawel currently lives and works in Rzeszow, Poland.

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Dog Fights – Digital Creations by Ink

By on November 16, 2013, in Graphic Design

INK is a UK-based, multi-award winning digital production studio that combines imagination and cutting edge digital technology to create beautifully crafted images for advertisements, production companies, and designers. They said: “Our idea is to deliver work that feels hand-crafted, made for a particular client, with the same attention to detail and sophistication expected of the leading brands we love to work with.” In their latest series, they integrated canine adorableness with WWII fighter planes. The result is a trio of planes that look vaguely like a beagle, a golden retriever, and a schnauzer. I sure hope they don’t spot a squirrel while in mid-air.
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Paper Scenes by People Too

By on September 25, 2013, in Sculpture

These miniature office scenes are creations of People Too. Every little detail is painstakingly cut-out from sheets of colored paper. Even the people in the scenes are made of paper. While one might reasonably expect them to be two-dimensional, the artists took great pains to give them substance and volume. I love the fact that they faithfully recreated calendars, computers, memos, post-its, and even overflowing trash bins to give their scenes an authentic feel. The artistic duo behind People Too are Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich.

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Living Canvas – Tattoos by Den Yakovlev

By on September 12, 2013, in Design

Human skin is a difficult medium as it tends to stretch and sag over time. Tattoo artists have come a long way since the art started several thousand years ago. These days, tattoos are colored, shaded, and some are even life-like. TAttoo artist Den Yakovlevhas been making waves in his native Russia with his life-like tattoos. He doesn’t just ink a design onto your skin, he creates a masterpiece. Believe it or not, some of his work (like the pizza slice below) are even in 3D. Den is known for his unusual designs as well as the incredible amount of detail he puts into his work.

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Underwater River – Underwater Photography by Anatoly Beloshchin

By on September 9, 2013, in Photography

Cenote Angelita or “Little Angel” is a hidden underwater river in in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The ‘river’ is due to a phenomenon called a halocline. Water with different salinity form layers underwater. Cenote Angelita is actually made of fresh water until about 29 meters when it switches to a 1-meter layer of hydrogen sulfide, after which the entire cave bottom is filled with saltwater from 30 to 60 meters deep. Diver and underwater photographer Anatoly Beloshchin has documented this phenomenon in great detail. He never dives without his trusty camera, some lights, and a fishing pole – just in case.

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Fantastic Pencil Portraits by J. leigh

By on August 9, 2013, in Illustrations

J. Leigh is a 29-year-old American artist who draws fantastic portraits in pencil. According to her deviantART account, she likes interesting or moving music, hates wallpaper (she prefers paint, but this option usually leads to problems seeing the screen), and is NOT a resident of this dimension. Her personal quote is: “Rocking the boat would NOT be such a problem if everyone in it knew how to swim….”. Oh, and her skin of choice is one that isn’t judged at first glance. Clever answers to otherwise boring questions, but it is the level of detail in her work that makes her stand out from all the other pencil artists out there. I love the way she uses primary colors to highlight certain aspects of her subjects.

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Celebrities in Pencil – Realistic Drawings by A-D-I–N-U-G-R-O-H-O

By on July 4, 2013, in Illustrations

Yet another talented artist joins the ranks of the unnamed. This gifted artist goes by the name A-D-I–N-U-G-R-O-H-O on his deviantART page. Not much else is known about the artist except for the fact that he’s from Indonesia. The meagerness of the artist’s personal details is more than made up for by the incredible amount of detail to be found in his work. The body of A-D-I–N-U-G-R-O-H-O’s work is made up of celebrities but an odd portrait is found here and there.

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