Split Second – Incredible High Speed Photograby by Daniel Nimmervoll

By on March 20, 2014, in Photography


Daniel Nimmervoll is an Austria-based photographer who managed to capture these incredible macro shots of water droplets using his high speed camera. If you look closely at that shot above, you can see the .22 caliber bullet that passed through the column of water produced by the drop of water as it hit the surface. Might I point out that capturing a bullet in flight (albeit a low caliber one) is no mean feat by itself, capturing one as it passes through a drop of water which exists for a millisecond is relatively unheard of. High tech equipment can only do so much, it is to the photographer that wields them to whom due credit should be given. Kudos to Daniel for having the patience and the talent to capture these incredible shots.

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What Do You See? – Experimental Typefaces by Marion Luttenberger

By on October 7, 2013, in Concept Art

Marion Luttenberger is an Australian designer and photographer. She recently launched a series where she used mundane, everyday objects to create letters, words, and even phrases. She describes her work as a ‘low-budget, handcrafted, conceptual and experimental typography combined with photography’. Marion uses the oddest things in her work. Bacon, for example, was used to spell out the phrase “Save in Meats”. Olive fruit and leaves were also creatively arranged to spell the word olive. She has even utilized an orderly grocery aisle to create individual letters.

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A Closer Look at a World Unseen with Macrophotography

By on March 13, 2012, in Photography

Simply put, macrophotography is the art of taking a close-up picture of very small objects. Although any object will do, the usual subjects are usually insects, flowers, and water droplets since they give the best results. Photography at this scale has its own difficulties. A steady hand and a great lens aren’t the only things you’ll need. In order to capture the perfect shot, you’ll have to go through a lot of trail and error with the angle, the lighting, and your timing.

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Water Droplets by Paul Quinn

By on February 21, 2012, in Photography

There are thousands, maybe even millions, of images of running waters, steady waters, rivers, oceans, falls and such but only a select few choose to give their time to this one part that makes all those up–water droplets. Paul Quinn is one of them, adding a creative touch to it with different colorful objects, giving a nice, subtle feeling while wondering how steady it had to be before it can be as perfect as it looks on the photo itself.
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