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Dewdrops – Macrophotography by Amit Vakil

Pin It Macrophotography has always been a challenge for both professional and amateur photographers alike. You have to reconcile the blurry background with zoomed-in subject. To capture the images for his Dewdrops series, Amit Vakil used a tripod, a Canon 550d DSLR camera in conjunction with a Canon 100 mm f/2.8 macro lens. He also […]

Drowning Memories – Photographs by Sleet613

Pin It At seventeen, Sleet 613 has captured moments even professional photographers are hard-put to replicate. This budding photographer almost instinctively knows how to capture the perfect shot. The interplay between the lighting, angle, and focus make the simplest of things into focal points. Who would’ve ever thought a bunch of shells, drops of water, […]

Cheers To Your Colors By Mia

Pin It Life is full of color. Such statement has been made alive by photographer and artist Mia with her stunning and emotive close-ups of lips, crayons, colas, fruits, eyes, paperclips and other dreamy features that will not cease to amaze the viewers and make them feel life should be colored beautifully with love.