DSLR Archive

Dewdrops – Macrophotography by Amit Vakil

Pin It Macrophotography has always been a challenge for both professional and amateur photographers alike. You have to reconcile the blurry background with zoomed-in subject. To capture the images for his Dewdrops series, Amit Vakil used a tripod, a Canon 550d DSLR camera in conjunction with a Canon 100 mm f/2.8 macro lens. He also […]

Flying Jellyfish – Underwater Photography by Alexander Semenov

Pin It Jellyfish are some of the last things you would want to see in the beach. They’re icky, they’re slimy, and they sting. The only way they could possibly get worse was if they could fly. Well, Russian photographer Alexander Semenov has apparently photographed a few specimens doing just that. He has spent the […]

Airborne Liquids – Photography by Manon Wethly

Pin It Manon Wethly is a Belgium-based designer and photographer who keeps an updated Instagram account filled with traditional shots of European landscapes as well as airborne drinks. At first, Manon used her iPhone to take pictures of the flying drinks, but she has recently started using a DSLR to get better images. She has […]

Beautiful Close-up Photographs by Viktoria Stutz

Pin It Viktoria Stutz is a young German based photographer who specializes in fashion and beauty photography. She has always been into photography but things really took off when she got her first DSLR camera. When asked why she likes this particular genre she said: “I’m in love with the change makeup can do with […]