Blooms – Photography by Paul Lange

By on March 27, 2014, in Photography

Paul Lange is a highly acclaimed New York City photographer whose work has graced the pages of prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, Mademoiselle, and Glamour. He specializes in editorial and celebrity portraits and is currently dipping his toes into the vast ocean of fine art photography. “Big Blooms” is but one of the four series that compose his “Fifty Acres” project. The project took eight years and thousands of photos to complete. It’s a catalogue of all the flora and fauna living on a farm owned by his close friend and renowned New York florist Zezé. Paul is currently based in Chatham, New York where he lives with his wife/business partner/creative partner Jennifer.

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Into the Briny Deep – Photographs by Hengki Koentjoro

By on August 26, 2013, in Photography

Underwater photographs have become commonplace ever since the introduction of waterproof cameras into the public market. Most of them feature the vividly colorful underwater seascape – complete with corals, fish, an an occasional shark. Indonesian photographer Hengki Koentjoro went against the grain with his heavily desaturated photos. With all the colors leached out, his underwater photos turn menacing. Oddly enough, it is this quality that makes his work more compelling. Hengki studied video production and fine art photography in the Brooks Institute of Photography in California. He currently lives and works in Java, Indonesia.

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Dystopic Thematization of the Post/Late Modern Youth Generation by Marie Wengler

By on May 29, 2012, in Photography

My name is Marie Wengler (born 1992). I have been interested in and working with photography and art since a young age, and at the age of only 20 years. Even though I’m still very young and completely self-taught (so far – I’m checking out different artistic educational options at this moment), I have been contacted by a recognized exhibition house in Copenhagen, Denmark, in order to establish my first solo exhibition from the 3rd of May – 5th of August 2012. The exhibition will also become a part of Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012. The images featured in the exhibition, which is called ‘Generation Y?’, thematizes the life issues of the post/late modern youth generation, which I belong to myself. I have experienced the issues of the post/late modern existence myself, I have learned to understand the new living condition for our new post/late modern era.

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