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Goblins, Starcraft, and More – Fan Art by Veli Nyström

Pin It Vablo is Veli Nyström when he’s at home. He has a most unusual take on popular characters. Veli’s fan art is first class. Dark, futuristic, and extremely detailed, most of them can be found all over the web. This 25-year-old Finnish artist is definitely one of the ne generation of brilliant artists.

Eclectis Art by Abbey Watkins

Pin It Abbey Watkins graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University with first class honors in Textile Design for Fashion. Abbey’s work is . . . eclectic, to say the least. She does a lot of digitally colored illustrations with pencil. Her inspiration comes from anywhere. A lot of her work is fashion-oriented but she loves […]

Dead Moon – An Epic Tale by Luis Royo

Pin It Dead Moon is an epic story of two clans set in an oriental atmosphere rich with violent and mystical undertones. It’s a 128-page series combining canvas painting, pencil illustration, and large-scale painting. It’s Luis Royo’s most ambitious work yet. Luis Royo is a Spanish artist who, as a young boy, discovered that prefers drawing the […]

Double Exposure – Unusual Photography by Christoffer Relander

Pin It Christoffer Relander is a self-taught photographer and graphic designer currently based in Finland. He is a former Finnish Marine and first became interested in photography back in 2008. His work with multiple exposures is by far his most popular images. He now freelances with notable newspapers, magazines and websites around the globe. According […]

Part of You by Maria Zarazua

Pin It Pin It Spanish photographer Maria Zarazua is yet another of the many photographers who have fallen under the spell of twins. In her “Parte de ti” series, she took two different pictures of a pair of twins within the same setting. In the first shot, the pose is usually more formal, with the […]

Pixel People by Various Artists

Pin It Using people as medium to portray a larger image is nothing new. In the latter part of the 1900s, photographers Arthur S. Mole and John D. Thomas took photographs of meaningful symbols and insignia made up of meticulously arranged military personnel. It was their contribution to the war effort during the first world […]

Seeing Double – Twin Portraits by Martin Schoeller

Pin It Twins have always fascinated the human race. Just last month, the National geographic published the article  “A Thing or Two About Twins” by Peter Miller with images by Martin Schoeller. Martin is a photographer based in New York. The similarity with which he treats his subjects, whether famous or unknown, makes his work […]

Surrealistic Images by Giuseppe Mastromatteo

Pin It Giuseppe Mastromatteo is an artist, teacher, and art director. Justlast year, he launched his exhibition entitled “Indepensense” for the first time. Indepensense features digitally manipulated images that will make anyone give a double-take. Some of the models seem to have various sense organs growing out of the most unlikely places, while some of […]

FC Barcelona 2012 Vintage Style Cards by Diver & Aguilar

Pin It In most countries around the world, football equals passion. Savvy businessmen know this and in the mid-1870s, cigarette companies began producing a series of cards that the smoker could collect. The idea was a hit and trebled their sales. The practice continues to this day. British photographer Mike Diver and Spanish designer Pedro […]

Hands-Free Paintings by Huang Guofu

Pin It Artistically gifted people can create beautiful art, no matter what. Chinese artist Huang Guofu proves the point. He lost both his arms at the age of four due to an electrical accident. Undeterred by his handicap, he started painting with his feet to support his sick father when he was twelve years old. […]

Neo’s Graphic Designs

Pin It Florian Nicolle a.k.a. Neo, is a freelance graphic artist who has worked for big names like the Los Angeles Times, ESPN classic, NIKE, and Warner Bros. He tries to create an image that retains the freshness of the first paint stroke with lines that are free and spontaneous. This French artist uses a […]

Sensuous Superheroes by JKB Fletcher

Pin It JKB Fletcher is an Australia-based painter and photographer whose work in photorealism is fast becoming a sensation. These captivating paintings each take about a hundred hours to make. Fletcher first selects a photograph from the numerous one he’s taken and begins the long and tedious process of applying less than a millimeter thick […]

The Bone Yard Project by Eric Firestone

Pin It More than 30 talented graffiti artists hooked up at a bone yard – a large space hosting several non-functioning WWII american military airplanes – and embellished the fiecfeull war machines with extraordinary art.  The Bone Yard Project is curated by Eric Firestone, Carlo McCormick, Leslie Oliver and Med Sobio and this is the […]

Happy Feet Go Around The World

Pin It Nothing else saves beautiful memories like photos. Tom Robinson thought of the idea to freeze the moments he traveled with his girlfriend using photos of their feet. Every place had a story to tell, and two sets of feet weren’t enough to finish it.