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Hidden In Plain Site – Bodypaintings by Johannes Stötter

Pin It Johannes Stötter was born in south Tyrol, Italy. He is also a msician who plays the violin, guitar, and the bouzouki. Johannes won the Bodypainting World Championship last 2012. It’s not at all that surprising given his talent and the level of skill he has applied to his work. He usually paints his […]

Wierd and Wacky Sculptures by Ron Ulicny

Pin It Ron Ulicny is a Portland-based sculptor whose work awes and amuses in equal measure. His sculptures are thought provoking despite being amusing. He describes himself as a contemporary sculptor, fine artist, & craftsman that works for a living and has an inherent tendency to make “stuff “. This one-of-a-kind artist does not believe […]

Insane Photo Montages by Josh Summers

Pin It Worlds within worlds, within worlds. Every one of Josh Summer’s photo montages should carry a label – “WARNING! PROLONGED STARING MAY CAUSE HEAD TO EXPLODE”. His is the kind of art that begs to be figured out, although you know that it’s just an illusion and that there is really not beginning nor […]