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Small Adventures – Photography by Kouichi Chiba

Pin It Using hand-drawn paper cut-outs and his imagination, Japanese artist Kouichi Chiba has managed to create fragile worlds teeming with adventure. His tiny paper people are doing all sorts of daring stunts, from hanging out in hammocks to nearly being blown away by the wind, to hanging off a skyscraper. Kouichi’s whimsical photo series […]

Layered – Earth Friendly Sculptures by Haroshi

Pin It Haroshi is a self taught sculptor and skateboarder currently based in Japan. One of his more recent series combine both of his passions: skateboards and sculptures.The unusual appearance of his sculptures are because of the composition of skateboards he uses. The layers of wood create a colorfully variegated design. Most of the skateboards […]

Clockwork Love – Intricate Jewelry by Frank Tjepkema

Pin It Frank Tjepkema a.k.a. Spent his youth in Geneva, Brussels and New-York. He finally settled in the Netherlands in 1989. After graduating as a Cum Laude from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 1996, he plunged into the creative world and created quite a stir with his graduation project based on artificial nature drew. […]