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Realistic Miniature Dioramas by Vesa Lehtimäki

Pin It Vesa Lehtimäki is a Finnish photographer with a fetish for fantastic dioramas. He utilizes LEGO mini figures, imagination, and  generous amounts of baking soda to recreates scenes based on Star Wars and Indiana Jones. His realistic dioramas aren’t found in the actual movies, they’re original pieces of art. Some of them even look […]

Less is More – Minimalist Lego Ad by Jung von Matt

Pin It Lego is a quite simply a child’s toy. In the course of its seventy-odd years, it has evolved into a world wide phenomenon with several Lego-themed amusement parks and competitions popping up. Recently they commissioned Jung von Matt, a Germany-based advertising company for one of their many minimalist ads. The results are indeed […]