Seductive Photorealistic Paintings by Kim Sung Jin

By on May 11, 2012, in Paintings

A glance at the rest of his work and you’ll be sure of several things: 1) Kim Sung Jin is one of the best photorealistic painters out there and 2) He’s a bit obsessed with painting lips. Kim Sung Jin graduated from the Hongik University for Fine Art in 2003. This Korean artist works primarily with oils on canvas and his sensually stimulating subject sets him apart from the rest. Painting is easy, even elephants can do it. Painting something so well that it can routinely be mistaken as a photograph is painting on another level. Kim is one of the rare breed of painters that can capture the realism of an image and translate it into an oil and canvas creation without losing an ounce of the sensuality.

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Creative Lip Photography by Nikos Vasilakis

By on March 31, 2012, in Photography

Lips can actually have that enticing character apart from any other part of the face, which can offer either a paragraph of a story or a thousand words in each shot. This is probably being the reason Nikos Vasilakis chose it as a subject in one of his portfolios. With these models getting dolled up by make-up artists Regina Rengi and Eleni Vasilaki, the essence of lip photography is brought close to professional perfection.

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Boxers’ Before and After Pictures by Nicolai Howalt

By on March 21, 2012, in Photography

Boxing is undeniably a brutal and bloody sport. Nicolai Howalt sends the message home when he photographed teenaged boxers before and after the fight. The contrast were startling, to say the least. Clean and confident on the left, bruised and bloody on the right. The differences in the same boxer are even more pronounced because of the way Nicolai set them against a plain white background and posed them in the same way. It’s jarring to see split lips and bloody noses in a twelve year old even if you know he acquired it voluntarily.

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Cheers To Your Colors By Mia

By on February 7, 2012, in Photography

Life is full of color. Such statement has been made alive by photographer and artist Mia with her stunning and emotive close-ups of lips, crayons, colas, fruits, eyes, paperclips and other dreamy features that will not cease to amaze the viewers and make them feel life should be colored beautifully with love.
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