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Light Paintings – Photographs by Nicolas Rivals

Pin It While other artists use pigments to paint, Nicolas Rivals uses light. His work isn’t exactly a painting as it is an photo captured through long exposure then flipped to create a sort of Rorschach image made of light. Nicolas has another series of light paintings featuring a bright circle of light floating in […]

A Look at the Stars – Nighttime Photography by Lincoln Harrison

Pin It Lincoln Harrison does more than just stargaze, he captures the sparkly heavenly bodies as they make their slow journey across the night sky. For someone who got into the hobby ‘accidentally’, he sure does spends a great deal of time and effort to get things right. Lincoln simply wanted to take some pictures […]

After Midnight – Light Paintings by Michael Bosanko

Pin It Michael Bosanko is a Cardiff-based artist who has made light painting his specialty. He stumbled upon light painting while taking a picture of the moon with a shaky camera. The long exposure he utilized left streaks in the final image. Curious, he disengaged the camera from the tripod and tried writing his partner’s […]

Bursting Bubbles, Visible Sound, Ferrofluids – Photographs by Fabian Oefner

Pin It Fabian Oefneris something of an anomaly. He has managed to combine art with science, and make the result look spectacular. All of his work demonstrates a sound scientific principle behind it. His subjects include: bursting soap bubbles, colored salt, bursting balloons, and ferrofluids. All of them expertly captured using high speed flash photography, […]