Michael Jackson Archive

The Beauty Within – Portraits by Henry Leutwyler

Pin It “This is the only thing I like to do and why I wake up in the morning.” said Henry Leutwyler, photographer of the stars. He was born in Switzerland in 1961. He moved to France to become an apprentice to Gilles Tapie, a distinguished photographer. After firmly establishing himself as a talented editorial […]

Spilled Portraits by Vivi Mac

Pin It Vivi Mac is an astoundingly creative portrait artist who loves capturing her subjects with whatever foodstuff happens to be handy. She has done President Barack Obama in brown sugar, Martin Luther King in coffee, Michael Jackson in milk, and Yoda in green chewing gum. She has also used caramel sauce, barbecue sauce, crushed […]

The Unfolding African Drama – Wildlife Portraits by Nick Brandt

Pin It Nick Brandt didn’t start out as a nature photographer, it was when he was filming Michael Jackson’s music video “Earth Song” in Africa that he first began his love affair with Africa. He swore he would treat his subjects as no other nature photographer ever did. This resulted in his very own style which […]