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Steampunk Hybrids by Michihiro Matsuoka

Pin It Michihiro Matsuoka’s sculptures are made primarily of industrial resin and resin clay. The springs, nuts, bolts, and other bits and pieces of worn-out machinery give his hybrid animals their signature steampunk look. They’re given an acrylic finish which mimics a chipped and battered look. Some of Michihiro’s steampunk animals have movable parts. His […]

Ultrarealistic Wall paintings by David Jon Kassan

Pin It David’s wall paintings are so it’ll take more than just a second glance to figure out they’re paintings. David Jon Kassan is a well-known contemporary American painter whose life-sized realistic paintings combine figurative subjects with abstract backgrounds. According to him, “my effort to constantly learn to document reality with a naturalistic, representational painting technique […]

Asterisms – Installation by Gabriel Orozco

Pin It Gabriel Orozco’s “Asterisms” is a sculptural and photographic installation made up of nearly 1,200 objects the artist collected from a protected coastal biosphere in Baja California Sur, Mexico and a playing field near his home in New York. There’s also twelve, large-scale gridded photographs of the individual objects in a studio setting, organized […]

Type City – Sculpture from Scrap by Hong Seon Jang

Pin It One man’s trash is another man’s pearl. In a digital world, typewriters belong to the museum or the scrap heap. Some of these instruments from a bygone era were resurrected by Korean artist Hong Seon Jang. He works mainly with found objects and common products. Type city is made entirely with parts scavenged […]

Half a Frida by Kristiina Wilson

Pin It Kristiina Wilson is one of the more prolific New York based photographers. She works in both film and advertising, specifically in fashion and beauty. Photography isn’t her only vice, according to her website she’s into cats and books too. Her series ‘Los Fridos” is a hybrid of photography and painting featuring the portraits […]

The Stars of 2011 Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade by Winnie Au

Pin It New York-based photographer Winnie Au went out and took pictures of more than 80 dogs in last year’s annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade. The dog’s costumes were only limited by their owner’s imagination. Dogs were dressed as pincushions, lions, bees, buses, bulls, Yoda, and even Lady Gaga. Each just as adorable […]

Newspaper Sculptures by Nick Georgiou

Pin It Nick Georgiou’s newspaper sculptures are inspired by the death of the printed word. His sculptures are products of their environment —both literally and figuratively. As often as he can, he uses local newspapers to add authenticity, and the form the sculpture takes is a reflection of the personal connection he feels to that […]

Seeing Double – Twin Portraits by Martin Schoeller

Pin It Twins have always fascinated the human race. Just last month, the National geographic published the article  “A Thing or Two About Twins” by Peter Miller with images by Martin Schoeller. Martin is a photographer based in New York. The similarity with which he treats his subjects, whether famous or unknown, makes his work […]

Surrealistic Images by Giuseppe Mastromatteo

Pin It Giuseppe Mastromatteo is an artist, teacher, and art director. Justlast year, he launched his exhibition entitled “Indepensense” for the first time. Indepensense features digitally manipulated images that will make anyone give a double-take. Some of the models seem to have various sense organs growing out of the most unlikely places, while some of […]

City Painting by Robert Neffson

Pin It Robert Neffson was born in New York City in 1949. He began studying at the Arts Students League there when he was 12. He is known for his paintings of various cities throughout the world. There will be a solo exhibition of his work at Bernarducci.Meisel Gallery in NYC from April 5-28.

In Your Fridge by Stéphanie de Rougé

Pin It “After 30 years in Paris (France), I moved to New York where I love, live and work since 2006 My main interest in life is to observe humans in urban spaces. How they work, breathe, interact, How they walk, eat and mourn Where they find the soft, the poetic, the soothing Where they […]

Surprising Books by Robert The

Pin It Robert The was born and is currently living in New York. He studied philosophy and mathematics. His very special books have been showed in many exhibitions, most of them were in the US.

Creative Photography by Dale May

Pin It Dale May is a New York based photographer, renowned for his richly stylized, character driven, conceptual imagery. His personable demeanor and technically layered craft give Dale the ease to get up close and personal with any subject as well as create epic digital composites. Dale likes to work with the inspiration that the […]

Celebrity Portraits by Martin Schoeller

Pin It Martin Schoeller is a New York based photographer whose style is distinguished by similar treatment of all subjects whether they are celebrities or unknown. His most recognizable work are his portraits, shot with similar lighting, backdrop, and tone.

Street Painting by David Walker

Pin It Working in portraiture, painting freehand, using only spray paint and without the aid of brushes London artist David Walker has developed a signature multi-layered style. Over recent years David has shown work in Berlin, Hong Kong, LA, Lisbon, London, New York and Paris amongst others and his paintings have been shown alongside the […]

Dante’s Inferno by Master Ray Villafane

Pin It In November 2008, New York artist Ray Villafane traveled to Jesolo, Italy to take part in their yearly sand sculpting project. Though Ray had never sculpted in sand, he took the opportunity that was offered to create his first sand sculptures. He did so exceptional, that he was invited back the following summer […]

Incredibly Detailed Drawing by Joe Fenton

Pin It “Solitude” is the project which took Joe Fenton some 10 months of working 10 hours per day to produce. The Brit who lives in New York drew this amazing 5 metre wide work of art with only a 0.5 mechanical pen.

Beautiful Animated Photos By Jamie Beck

Pin It Jamie lives on New York’s Upper West Side and contributes to several online art and lifestyle publications. She also shoots editorial and commercial work for a variety of clients and is working to expand her published portfolio.

Touching Watercolors by Ben Tour

Pin It Ben Tour is a Canadian artist. He now lives in British Columbia with his family. His work is full of humanity and he has exhibited in galleries in big citues like Los Angeles, Miami, Hamburg or New York.

The Photoshop Master – Justin Maller

Pin It Justin Maller is an Australian freelance illustrator and art director based in Brooklyn, New York. Enjoy this great combination of colors and line that merge to form a wonderful balance in every piece of his artwork!

Incredible Photo Realistic Painters

Pin It Photorealism is the genre of painting based on using photographs to gather information and then from this information, creating a painting that appears to be very realistic like a photograph. Here are a few artists whose work embody that definition.