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The Moment of Impact by Martin Klimas

Pin It Martin Klimas is a noted German photographer whose works are noted for capturing unconventional snapshots of everyday objects in motion. He loves to capture the moment of impact. Martin works by trail and error and keeps on tossing objects to the floor until he finds an image that is truly showing him something […]

A Closer Look at a World Unseen with Macrophotography

Pin It Simply put, macrophotography is the art of taking a close-up picture of very small objects. Although any object will do, the usual subjects are usually insects, flowers, and water droplets since they give the best results. Photography at this scale has its own difficulties. A steady hand and a great lens aren’t the […]

Dissembled Flowers by Qi Wei

Pin It Photography has always been Qi Wei’s passion. This Singapore-based artist was inspired by Todd McLellan’s Dissembled Objects series, but instead of using objects as her subjects, she used flowers. The basic idea of taking the subject apart is the same, but she does it in such a way that the radial symmetry and […]

Still Paintings by Jeff Ramirez

Pin It Candid shots of people and common daily objects are most of the models in the paintings of Jeff Ramirez of Los Angeles, California. There is a wide range of possible still artworks that could be made from millions of the things we see everyday, and the artist takes the brush to give it […]