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Creepy Sculptures by Calluna De La Morte

Pin It Calluna De La Morte (roughly translated as Heather of the Dead) is the nom de guerre of American artist Heather Jean Skalwold. Her sculptures are not for the fainthearted. A baby cyclops, a reliquary heart, and a bone amulet are but a few of the things she crafts in her spare time. Heather’s […]

Pinnacle of Pleasure – Artwork by Diego Beyro

Pin It Diego Beyro studied Art Direction at the School of Creative Advertising (Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios). For two years he worked as creative advertiser in Fabrica, a Research and Communication Center of the Benetton Group (Italy). In his series “Orgasms”, Diego painted remarkably detailed faces of people while in the grip of ecstasy, and he painted it on striped, […]

The Human Condition – Old-School Photographs by Sabine Weiss

Pin It Sabine Weiss is fascinated by the individual. As a humanist photographer, she seeks to capture these emotions. She loves to snap pictures of people going about their daily lives. She said: “I take photographs to hold on to the ephemeral, capture chance, keep an image of something that will disappear: gestures, attitudes, objects […]

Eagle’s Eye View – Photographs by Vitaly “Skywalker” Raskalov

Pin It Vitaly “Skywalker” Raskalov is a Moscow-based photographer who has taken his craft to new heights. Literally. He loves climbing the tallest structures he can find and taking awesome shots from the top. This guy must’ve been a bird in his former life. No harnesses, no tethers, no ropes, just balls. People with vertigo […]

A Blow Job by Tadas Černiauskas

Pin It Trust me, that’s no photoshop. Bored with all the usual poses,  Tadas Černiauskas (a Lithuanian photographer), decided to do something completely different. What’s more surprising, is that a lot of people decided to go along with him. The exercise was simple enough, yet produced unique results. Each model was made to stand before […]

Personas by Scott Eyre

Pin It This project is by Scott Eyre about personas and how everyone has several different personalities, whether it be sub consciously or completely obvious. The personalities change around certain people or scenarios,  the obvious example would be the idea of how you act around your boss and then how you act around your friends/family. He’s spent the […]

Human Metamorphosis by Jonathan Ducruix

Pin It Jonathan Ducruix is a Lyon-based digital artist who goes by the pseudonym Me&Edward. For him, photography is not an end but merely a source, a potential for creation. He is fascinated by people’s existence and of their emotions captured in a snapshot. In his “Metamorphosis” series, people are grotesquely altered in such a […]

Fabulous Fashion Photography by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva

Pin It Fashion photography is tricky business. You have to make the clothes and look good on the model. Easy enough to say but one can’t simply snap a few pictures of a beautiful model wearing fashionable clothes and be done with it. For each shoot to be perfect, it has to have the right […]

Realistic Graphite Art by Ileana Hunter

Pin It Ileana Hunter is a Norwich-based graphite artist whose realistic drawings are inspired by the hidden lyricism of mundane objects and the fluidity of the human body. What’s amazing is that she has had no formal training whatsoever. She’s completely self-taught and yet her art speak volumes about her talent. She started whimsically, while she was studying […]

The Face in the Mirror – Realistic Drawings by Heikki Leis

Pin It No one wants to be caught in an awkward moment but Heikki Leis has so vividly captured the inconsequential moments of our everyday lives in his series “Everyday Reflections“. In this revealing series, people are caught making themselves presentable for the day. The whole gamut of early morning hygienic practices run from the […]

The Stars of 2011 Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade by Winnie Au

Pin It New York-based photographer Winnie Au went out and took pictures of more than 80 dogs in last year’s annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade. The dog’s costumes were only limited by their owner’s imagination. Dogs were dressed as pincushions, lions, bees, buses, bulls, Yoda, and even Lady Gaga. Each just as adorable […]

“The Hug Project” by Claudia Mozzillo

Pin It After studying advertising at IED in Rome, Claudia Mozzillo worked for 9 years as the art director of Publicis in Italy.  She felt a need to grow as an artist and pursued a Masters course in Photography. Recently, she started “The Hug Project”. It’s a series of photographs where she has her back […]

Disney Characters from Jirka Väätäinen’s Point of View

Pin It Cuteness is a prerequisite to being a cartoon character, ergo, they look nothing like real people. The eyes are always disproportionately big. Several other features may be exaggerated as well. Jirka Väätäinen, a Finnish artist, got tired of them looking too…well, cartoonish. So he went out and did what any self-respecting artist should do. […]

A Love Story by Elovich

Pin It It’s never easy being in love, harder still when you’re telling your story while lying on the floor. In this captivating and funny series by Ukrainian photographer Elovich, we see two people meet, fall in love, fall apart, and get on with their lives. The plot may be run-of-the mill, but it is […]

Hands-Free Paintings by Huang Guofu

Pin It Artistically gifted people can create beautiful art, no matter what. Chinese artist Huang Guofu proves the point. He lost both his arms at the age of four due to an electrical accident. Undeterred by his handicap, he started painting with his feet to support his sick father when he was twelve years old. […]

The Eye Behind the Lens

Pin It A picture is a moment in time, eternally captured, yet forever lost. It is, in essence, proof of the past. Iconic images are taken when the camera clicks just at the right moment. But what of the people behind the photographs? For the past five years, Tim Mantoani has made it his job […]

2011 Winners of National Geographic Contest

Pin It National Geographic held a photography contest last year and over 130 countries have joined, with over 20,000 submissions of various kinds of photos. After a mindblowing and sound judgment on the photos’ creativity and quality, these were the ones that stood out in the midst of everything else.

Emotive Black And White by Alfred Pleyer

Pin It Black and white — If this theme is used in a photo, the focus with be on the emotive power of the subject itself and not on how well-contrasted and eye-catching the colors are. Alfred Pleyer uses such method to emphasize on the beauty of his subjects, in their smiles and the sentiment […]

Still Paintings by Jeff Ramirez

Pin It Candid shots of people and common daily objects are most of the models in the paintings of Jeff Ramirez of Los Angeles, California. There is a wide range of possible still artworks that could be made from millions of the things we see everyday, and the artist takes the brush to give it […]