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Amazing Photo Montage of Famous Places by Pep Ventosa

Pin It Montage is a technique wherein a series of shots sequenced to condense space and time. Photographer Pep Ventosa takes this technique to a whole new level with his passion for capturing a series of photos of landmarks from his travel, depicting them almost as the way they would seem to a person with […]

Cinema 4D Photography by Ayaka Ito & Randy Church

Pin It She likes photography and he likes programming. Students Ayaka Ito and Randy Church combined their talents and came up with these breathtaking photographs distorted and reconstructed in 3D. The themes of their  “Cinema Flash Showdown” project are The Influence of Occupations, and Man vs. Nature brought to life by ingeniously using scribble lines inserted into photography.

Cheers To Your Colors By Mia

Pin It Life is full of color. Such statement has been made alive by photographer and artist Mia with her stunning and emotive close-ups of lips, crayons, colas, fruits, eyes, paperclips and other dreamy features that will not cease to amaze the viewers and make them feel life should be colored beautifully with love.

Happy Feet Go Around The World

Pin It Nothing else saves beautiful memories like photos. Tom Robinson thought of the idea to freeze the moments he traveled with his girlfriend using photos of their feet. Every place had a story to tell, and two sets of feet weren’t enough to finish it.

Amazing Light Painting by Trevor Williams

Pin It Trevor Williams is an expert at light painting and night photography. Armed with a palette of custom light painting gadgets and tools he fabricated himself, Trevor creates incredible works of photographic art that have to be seen to believe.

Dancers In Motion by Bill Wadman

Pin It American artist Bill Wadman has captured dancers in flowing motion with long exposure photography in a project titled “Motion”. The first words that came to my mind were beautiful, graceful and fluid.

Face Photomosaics – MosaicYourself

Pin It MosaicYourself – Be part of the picture MosaicYourself makes photomosaics from the faces found in your picture library using facial recognition. So the tiles of the resulting mosaic are the faces of the people on your pictures!! Isn’t that amazing? Visit us at Visit our image gallery at